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  2. Fancy Smith. My mum loved him.
  3. I've seen a few blocked fallopians.
  4. I think he's 'god-curious'.
  5. And Dixon of Dock Green. Will always be remembered for Flash Gordon though, when he played an ugly, hairy cunt with wings (not Linda McCartney)
  6. I think as luvvies go he's about the only one ive time for ..he's able to take the piss out of himself.. like his appearances in the early blackadder series and flash gordon film from a bazillion years ago..also seen him give a readin of some ww1 poets stuff ..gave it the necessary gusto n gravitas..id say hes a decent enough fellah Panzermurphybaby
  7. Yesterday
  8. Nah. This cunt holds an altitude world record, has made it to the North Pole, talked judo with Putin, sparred with the Dalai Lamal, delivered a baby and bit through the umbilical cord.....I could go on. A cunt; yes. A cunt of a cunt; no. He was even in The Sweeney.
  9. What can I say? He’s a cunt. A massive, loudmouthed, bellowing cunt. Fuck off.
  10. King Billy

    Reach Out

    You’re not a practising Christian Stubbs are you? Lapsed, Id say at a rough guess.
  11. Fucking good job it wasn't the services near Rotherham,we'd never have seen the little cunt ever again.
  12. @Earl of Punkape good evening you splendid fellow - how are you?
  13. 8 posts in a row Stub. That's depression and possible suicide. But never mind all this shit, what in Wegener's cracks is Peter Crouch doing on tele? The mutant keeps cropping up everywhere. Cunt
  14. I'm guessing Mary was reaching out for help when Jesus was conceived. Either by gang rape at the hands of the local roman garrison or just standard rape by an uncle. Whatever, the son of god was a mongrel bastard child of a thousand fathers born in a squalid cow shit filled stable
  15. In my fucking dreams. I've watched frozen 2 today, been to dinky world (don't fucking ask) then some vile hungry horse style chicken in a basket flat roofed pub. All on a sunny day. My reward will come in hell
  16. @Eric Cuntman I'd like to ask Bruce Taylor but roops won't let me the mean spirited, double standard old witch
  17. You've got a point there drew. However, jumping on a plane isn't nearly as bad for Mother Earth as cutting down half our old growth forests in the last 100 or so years. We could easily solve the climate and extinction crisis by resorting these habitats and sustainably reducing the human population. I'd prefer culling for the latter but a two child policy would do it.
  18. He likes wearing wigs and gowns.
  19. Indeed, I play golf with a select few....
  20. I agree with you wholeheartedly. She is indeed a cunt
  21. You know any proud salopians?
  22. ApeTM and I DO NOT connect.
  23. Reach out for Jesus...Reach out...
  24. I’ve never hunted,largely because I play golf and have other pursuits in Cheshire. If people wish to pursue vermin in fancy dress on horseback...good luck to them. Harriet Harmon is a cunt.
  25. Ape™️

    Reach Out

    Are you mentally ill?
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