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  2. And so on and so forth et al. The NHS has always said that it should be managed and run by, the NHS. Everybody's a winner at the NHS, it's never been anymore powerful under its own direction, than it is right now, and look at all the publicity they are getting, on, The NHS.
  3. ...another 900+ dead, and not a celeb amongst them. The culling process has become too one-sided, particularly when you consider the amount of "I'm an actor" plebs other half-bit nobodies that should as dead as their lack-lustre careers.
  4. It's like a picture of a soup tin, with a picture of a soup tin, with... you get it.
  5. …. are caring for the frontline workers.
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  7. The NHS, as a system, can go fuck itself - wasteful, bureaucratic, and no matter how much money you'd throw at it, it would still want more. 'Clinical outcomes? Hum-titty-bum!' The frontline workers on the other hand.....
  8. You are 'eavensabove and I claim my kitkat easter egg.
  9. Makes a change a bloke being fucked by a sheep.
  10. He was “Up on top of the world, looking down on creation”
  11. He also had major prob's with his flock.
  12. His stepdad was a carpenter but there is no direct evidence that Jesus was a carpenter although I reckon that he was probably a bit of a tool. He was certainly a pervy bastard as the new testament does say that he was a "fisher of men".
  13. Who made the noughts then? Was that Jason and The Argon, or Astro?
  14. I have edited the original post. Fuck off.
  15. Surrounded or covered with. Thanks for your help.
  16. I thought Cornwall was surrounded by sea? Apart from the bit that borders Devon.
  17. The ironic thing is, being a carpenter he made a killing making crosses for the Romans.
  18. Ah, the mistakable firm swish o’the Cat teamed with the cold hard logic that made the Mensa Magazine problem page a huge hit with Savant virgins everywhere. Thanks for your invaluable contribution, but surely I’m keeping you from finishing that MBA dissertation cobbled together from overheard shit, sorry insider details, in a Paternoster Square coffee house. This Trucking Funt chancer clearly couldn’t find his arse with both hands and you know it.
  19. They lost interest in the exercise after Pilate's became all the rage.
  20. Quite, though donkeys are vertebrates and thus overqualified for Cabinet positions.
  21. @Trucking Funt has the entire Sex and the City DVD boxset
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