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  1. Today
  2. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Ah, of course.
  3. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    I think he's sound. Punkers has managed to win this one.
  4. Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine

    You're going to dip your "toilet steak" into him, and something about spunk?! Not up on the jail lingo but these sound like very bent threats indeed.
  5. Yesterday
  6. All This Halloween Bollocks

    The little bundle of cunts have evolved and don't care too much for sweets anymore, they want money and not coins. After all someone has to pay for their daddy chavs drugs, console games and alleyway hookers. The little fuckers will be lucky if they get a single blackjack after their scummy chav parents have gone through the loot of this festive begging wank yank diarrhea..
  7. Flat Earthers

    You've stayed at a Premiere Inn as well!
  8. Flat Earthers

    Is that Roops' fanny hair?
  9. Frank is back

    Attica Zoological Park is missing one of it's chimps.
  10. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I don't see the ashes all doom and gloom, sure England have some batting issues but Cook and Root are still world class players along with Broad and Anderson in the bowling department. Then we have the likes of Bairstow, Ali and Stokes (he will play) who on their day can hammer any attack. The Aussie cuntbundles are not that much better with the exception of Smith as their world class batsman, but i do see the Aussies edging it but only just, should be a good series.
  11. Flat Earthers

    Not me Spanky, i have seen the curve of the earth from the ground..a friend of mine has a house in Canada with a wide enough view of the atlantic and on a clear day you can clearly see the curve.
  12. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Wait, when did Gazza die?
  13. All This Halloween Bollocks

    At least you didn't wee yourself. Again!
  14. Frank is back

    Been released from the cooler, then Frank?
  15. Nosey NHS cunts.

    I'm rather shocked you disapprove of these measures, Punkers. You're full of surprises lately, which is a refreshing change from what you're usually full of. Please defenestrate yourself.
  16. Coarse fishing

    Smoke, no...chewing tobacco....well your teeth and the cancers fizzing on your gumline and cheeks say it all.
  17. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Fuckin BBC again: "Leech dies after short illness" mad fuckers
  18. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Fishy snapdragon
  19. Nosey NHS cunts.

    But Punker's has got fairy balls
  20. Nosey NHS cunts.

    No. I would simply get some new balls, and some clubs to go with them.
  21. All This Halloween Bollocks

    I got a skid mark in my knickers today if that helps.
  22. All This Halloween Bollocks

    You're not the real Penelope. The real Penelope was shit and we want her back
  23. All This Halloween Bollocks

    you should learn to show respect for your embers lupy
  24. Nosey NHS cunts.

    Surely if you were run over by a range rover that was being driven back to cheshire and you lost your cock and balls you would need some pissflaps.
  25. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Proper, you catheter cleaning, minimum wage, commode scrubbing cunt, give me back my fucking likes. Your site is on its fucking arse and you need me.
  26. All This Halloween Bollocks

    So the Argies are extinct.
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