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  2. The Minister for Loneliness

    Spewing liquid shit in your general direction.
  3. The Minister for Loneliness

    Nicely summarised, Wiz.
  4. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    U cannot fault your assessment there Ratters, but Salford lads are good people. Rough and ready bet straight as a die.
  5. The Minister for Loneliness

    Good Evening WizziPoos .. how are you?
  6. The Minister for Loneliness

    there was a time when Admin/mod bigwigs didn't join in with conversations at all. They were just silent, unseen killers lurking in the undergrowth. You wouldn't hear them coming, you'd just try to logon one day and find you couldn't. To be honest, I preferred it.
  7. The Minister for Loneliness

    Everybody wants you dead. Fuck off. The end.
  8. The Minister for Loneliness

    Roops is telling everyone else to calm down whilst posting paragraph after paragraph of passive, barbed, boring drivel.
  9. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    Manchester is indeed excellent Mangle. Salford on the other hand is a smudge of anal mucus, with vile pockets of earwigs
  10. Cunt Judges

    Always a hearty laugh when one of our beloved Admin uttered the words "take some time to evaluate your feelings..." or something similar...then he'd be ushered into an underground holding cell for indefinite periods of time. Good times. He always has been and always will be, a sad, pathetic, stupid fucking cunt. Pen is his toothless fucking lap dog that pisses itself everytime she hears a knock on the door.
  11. The Minister for Loneliness

    Could someone give me a rundown on today's events please?
  12. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    Charles de Gaulle – 'The better I get to know people, the more I find myself loving my dogs.' What a perfect example of this you represent.
  13. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    Wow! He would be older than Methuselah.
  14. The Minister for Loneliness

    Nothing screams killer comeback like quoting NGO profit margins and a smiley emoji. Roops, the only person buying your stubby-esque self-declarations of victory in this little duel are you, and two of the forum's most cretinous individuals: - a bloke who proudly describes himself as a white van man. Undoubtly the thickest type of cunt in the country, who is also biased because he's the typical clientele you rent your repulsive, hairy beaver out too. - the other is stubby, who has desperately been clawing at the door of the clique without success for months. If I'm the runt of the litter, Stubby was a semi-aborted foetus that flopped out of the dog's uterus covered in after birth unnoticed three weeks after the rest of the litter.
  15. Cunt Judges

    @Punkape is utter shit now he's on a leash. He was loads better when getting cooler once a month for being a cheeky twat who we could slag off mercilessly in between times. I blame rick for getting someone else to do his dirty work. Pen however, is just a shit as always.
  16. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    If King Harold had been wearing Raybans he would still be alive.
  17. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    Just how much of a cunt are you? A dog is loyal to whoever feeds it, that's the be all and end all of a fucking relationship with an animal, they're only interested in food and where and when it's coming from. Don't pretend that animals give a fuck about anything else in their miserable fucking lives. The stupid mutt looks at you with it's sad, pleading eyes, when are you going to give me some food, you cunt? End of! BTW, I read the Guardian (when I've finished eating me chips)
  18. The Minister for Loneliness

    WTF? Are you trying to groom me with likes now the clique is on it's knees coz I'm no ho Bills shot unless he's got a kryptonite toe capped boot to kick roops square in the fanny and cockfinger, well, the cunt vs cunt thread was a cry for help from a desperate man. Have you told bubba about this as I'm not sure he likes me, and I'd insist on out ranking him?
  19. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    Eat shit and die die, cunt face. Manchester is brilliant.
  20. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    The onions?
  21. The Minister for Loneliness

    I don't know Decs. He might need to consult the computer in the bat cave on this one. I won't even go into the Dick pole joke, it's too easy.
  22. Today
  23. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    I'm on e currency now Grotty. Ratbytes are doing well against bitcoins
  24. Cunt Judges

    I like them Drew. I can't see the corner surviving without them. Now, give me a clear shot at Punky and Pen, and you can consider them dead and fucking buried!
  25. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    You utterly thick mick bog rat: East anglia is flat, they grow lots of crops there, no hedges or walls just ditches. Plant a few spuds you'd be at home, but alas, not sheep for miles for you to fuck. Are you going to Ireland's inaugural test match vs Pakistan in the summer? I've got a few quid on it
  26. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    What’s all this about prairies and shit?
  27. The Minister for Loneliness

    She's holed Bill below the waterline, that much is undeniable. Although, if he is any sort of clique member, even a runt, all he needs to do is trawl the archives at our HQ to find ample material to land a TKO.
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