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  2. I think an adult body would need to be put in a big bag
  3. If I had to make a guess - the Beebs are downplaying the plague news with a highly irrelevant to most people helicopter crash story. They tend to do that a lot.
  4. Today
  5. Yeah. I would love this cunt turning up at a gypsy funeral. By the time the mourners had finished with him, whatevers left would be put in a Lidl bag and buried with the coffin.
  6. He had an uncle called Donald who was a musician. "Love has come around, feels so good to me. Love has come around, feels so good to me". YouTube it.
  7. I don’t know why they keep droning on about it.
  8. Has-bean comes a cropper in a chopper!
  9. Helicopter crash? Calling Ape!
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7920985/Coffin-Confessor-gets-paid-gatecrash-funerals-reveals-bizarre-turn-job-taken.html As a recently bereaved man, what’s your take on this MC? If this guy had turned up to tell the assembled mourners your wife thought you were a Cunt and had been knobbing about for years would it have distressed you? When’s your trip to Pattaya for some grief counselling?
  11. I'm glad you didn't wash your hands first. The taste of Opal Fruits on his cock helped me through it.
  12. I played basketball at school and quite enjoyed it. I've only seen a couple of proper games on telly and obviously the Harlem globetrotters, every school kid went to see them on a school trip. But it's a fairly good sport to watch. I remember an American player who came to England and developed the game here in the 80s. Alton Byrd. Not tall but a brilliant player.
  13. Yesterday
  14. The only basketball player I know is Meadowlark Lemon. But that was only because I watched the globetrotters cartoon on saturday mornings as a nipperooney.
  15. One that eats it for lunch.
  16. I’ve watched three series of SAS on channel 4..... does that make me a full blown special ops guy. I think so.
  17. The Yellow Plague is of no importance to most readers.
  18. YOU know waaaaaay too much about Gay Porn mate. Way too much.
  19. Under Breaking News - as if it was of some importance to anybody. Let’s hope no wildlife was harmed when the brownie crash landed.
  20. I met her once in Cockermouth in the Lake District. She was looking at houses up there and was touring around with some short arse guy who was annoying. I was stood outside the Bush pub with my mate on the high street in town and she walked past as a normal Hollywood A list couple does. Couldn’t believe my eyes. To be fair to the ginger Aussie, she was beautiful. He was a little cunt. Apparently they went to the Jennings brewery for a tour round just like any other bored cunt up their. Had their picture taken and was front page news to confirm to me and my mate were not too pissed and tripping. I must rebuke your cunting of Kidman as she is lovely and was made to wear flat shoes by the short arse fucking annoying one. He’s a mission impossible cunt.
  21. Please, please let it be Dennis Rodman.
  22. The sporting world is in mourning...... why has Robbie Savage died?
  23. Yes....BUT he was black and now he’s charred. So he fits the BBC profiling for news.
  24. Lol... can you fucking read you cunt. I said touching children by educating them. You sick fuck. Stop self reflecting your thoughts onto what other people say. Your fucking weirdo creep.
  25. "The sporting world is in mourning........" I thought 'who the fuck has bought it, Botham? Bobby Charlton? Pat Jennings? Dave Whitcombe? No some basketball player I've never, and probably 80% of the UK has never heard of. I mean what the fuck? This is more important than the Chinese lurgy? Lavrentiy Beria was a cunt
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