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  2. An egghead with AIDS.. Sounds like a sick yolk.
  3. I have long suspected that Decco bats for the other side.
  4. Looks like Israel was right. God does indeed punish the gays, next stop hell. Lol.
  5. If you do have a go, strap a board to your arse, or have a life line round your waist so rescuers can pull you to safety!
  6. Have you ever tried 'rodeo sex'? Next time you're on the job with Mrs Neil, shout out another woman's name and then see how long you can stay on for.
  7. Neil

    Womens football.

    They all look like 'wide receivers' to me
  8. Too many cunts here who live in glass houses. I bet that Punky always has the last laugh.
  9. I am retired Decco .. every weeked is a bank holiday weekend and I live by the sea .. are you feeling better?
  10. None in that lot, Neil. If the camera's wer to really zoom in on the regular wardrobe slips, I think we'd see CCTV feeds from channel tunnel broadcast.
  11. Wise words, though I'm not sure how applicable they are on this particular site. When a cunt like Punky crosses the line and makes a noncing reference at another punter, he goes away, but is never sorry for it later. I don't think anybody is ever truly apologetic for anything they say here because it is after all, a giant piss take. Cunts get coolered, they don't re-emerge rehabilitated and ready to contribute in a constructive manner, they're spiteful and out for blood.
  12. My guess would be he is travelling on his riksha bike with a modest set of tools repairing their broken panel vans.
  13. Today
  14. 'Is London the new Glastonbury?' Do you mean is it full of middle-class cunts with a shit taste in music? Most definitely.
  15. You may have thought that being an 'egghead' he would've realised that getting fucked up the arse and swallowing copious amounts of jizz on a regular basis would have serious consequences, just ask Deci...
  16. Yes, the promising student (went to school once). Talented footballer (FIFA on PS3), who had no gang affiliations (2 dozen selfies posing with guns and cash). I hope "his" moped was returned to whoever he stole it from at knifepoint. Poor little lad. I'm glad he's dead.
  17. Decs,Are you a little tetchy because your lot are fucking bottling it in true scouse fashion?.Ive not seen anyone struggle to get over line so much since Dorando Pietri(fucking look it up).Useless cunts
  18. Was Max Clifford his publicist? To be advised to tell the little story of throwing someone in a canal to boost his biography sales was akin to Gerald Ratners gaff.Im sorry to hear he has aids though,I was rather hoping the cunt was already dead
  19. It's clear that you have got neither family or friends, otherwise you wouldn't have made 80 posts this bank holiday weekend. You truly are a sad, pathetic excuse of a human being. I'd pity you if you weren't such a fucking cunt.
  20. Are you out enjoying yourself with family and friends again this afternoon?
  21. Fuck off you whining fucking idiot. If it was deemed inappropriate then Roops would have taken it down and bollocked me. She’s done neither so as I said - fuck off.
  22. Indeed. And if an individual were to consider any image of a child to be pornographic, then surely that individual would be predisposed to regard children in a sexual context. Iffy.
  23. Words of comfort .. its the thought that counts (and a good bedside manner).
  24. Quite. Anyone visiting my surgery ought to know what to expect. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  25. Pointing out whether something is legal or not does not mean that I agree with it .. in my opinion the law has become an ass and has been degraded. For instance religious unlike race belief is a choice, disliking Homos, lesbians tranies etc is not a phobia and within reason say so should not be an offence. There have always been pervy but in reality harmless old (and not so old) men and women. What you parent did was to warn you to avoid them. Commonsense no longer applies. Up to thirty years ag a fence with three strand of wire was all you needed beside a railway line .. if you forced you way through that fence and got injured or killed it was considered to be your own fault. These days cunts force themselves through railway fences or ignore warning signs at public crossings and stations and get injured or killed and Network rail gets prosecuted and fined. Medical staff do their jobs properly and do not always succeed in curing the patient and get sued or even prosecuted "before someone must be to blame". Oddly in legal terms it is never the stupid cunt who ignores basic commonsense rules and gets hurt or killed who gets the the blame.
  26. Is it a child? These Manga cartoon people all look the same to me. Just saying.
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