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  2. It's a disorder with sufferers being very tall, suffer from severe acne and having learning disorders. So I should imagine this cunt to be a cross between that fucker from Manhunter, Tory Boy and Joey Deacon. With a deaf aid
  3. Didn't old films be made of nitrate? Highly flammable I understand. I mean, what the fuck could go wrong?
  4. "I'd crawl naked over broken glass just to suck the cock of the last man who fucked her." -Jimmy Carr, talking to Clarkson about Rachel Riley. Applies to Jeri Ryan though.
  5. I've let my FAC lapse, but I've still got a smoothbore cert' and a black powder ticket, I used to work on reproduction noise makers for those re-enactment nutjobs. But to be fair to your earlier comment, the majority of what I've got these days are .22 air rifles. 3 Weirauch's (HW97, 95 and 35 in .177) a delightful little BSA lightning XL, and one of those awful plastic stocked Gamo things from your neck of the woods. The HW97 runs at 26 ft lbs. I told the local firearms officer about it when the FAC lapsed, he said 'don't worry about it'.
  6. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine!
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  8. Of course. You're also a sex magnet.
  9. Fucking hell, another shirt lifter trying to heckler me!
  10. I'm still trying to work out the significance of XYYs username. I think it might be a wish-list for chromosomes.
  11. Would you like to suck my koch?
  12. That's about how I see it, Killer. For Meghan Fox I'd probably do the same. Regarding the sausage fest and the silicon blonde, there'd have to be serious paper heading my way.
  13. Hey Southern, how’s it going over there in Lockdown land? How are you passing the time? And what’s a Seat Toledo?
  14. If Jeri was up for it, I'd leave her minge looking like a paste bucket for you but I'm not sure about the knackers part.
  15. The Sweeney, Professionals and Minder were Euston Films (I think) so that's why usual faces.
  16. .177 airguns do not count. Next.
  17. As long as I got to go first and didn't have to stick around afterwards. And only the bird was allowed to play with my bollocks when I was there. Unless it was Jeri Ryan. I'd wait at the back of the queue for some of that. I'd let every cunt on this website have a squeeze of my knackers too if it was a requirement for entry.
  18. If you had an invite for a pornstar gangbang - You know the ones where 20 random blokes smash one bird. Would you go?
  19. Your ability to turn any conversation into a conversation about guns is almost as good as your ability to make sub-par little wankers from foreign forums follow you home like lost ducklings.
  20. They were working their way up the greasy ladder of showbiz in that era, jobbing actors. The bloke who played Roy in Eastenders also plays a part in Gangster Number one with Malcolm McDowel.
  21. I can’t claim that honour, Baws. But everyone knows about the scenes at the 2016 Scottish Cup Final, don’t they? Bloody marvellous.
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