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  2. Meaningless drivel. Or is it? Why don’t you say what you wanna say hard man? You know you want to say it don’t you? Go on hard man........time for you to be a hero. 😀
  3. No. It's your chicken. Chase it.
  4. The British election is over but the Presidential election is just beginning. Stand back and watch these intellectuals going at it. It’s time for a heated transatlantic debate! 💤💤💤🚾
  5. Pretty gay that you'd even notice such a thing. I'm imagining you swishing and lisping around comparing color swatches. Must've been a failed one, as England obviously still has more than its fair share of shit and trash. The two legged kind. I've read a bit about Salem. Don't remember ever reading about any medieval torture dungeons or about murdering high level govt officials by shoving red hot pokers up their rectums ala Edward ll. Doesn't sound like the hallmarks of civilization to me.
  6. I fucking love it when you meme-drop me.
  7. Despite your country declaring independence, you still adhere to the colour standard of England. More Co-dependent than Independent. 200 years does not a civilisation make. You do know that the Mayflower was an early English experiment in waste disposal? just read up on Salem if you're that keen to confirm your spastic lineage.
  8. Plenty of us Xmas celebratin' goyim 'round these h'yere parts, feller. Here's another one o' them thar fancy colored Xmas trees, and by far, the best and most beauty-ful.... I'm sure you fellers will agree.
  9. Jews don't really die. They can be reanimated with chicken soup.
  10. When she got on the bus she used to throw one up the stairs to see if there were any seats left on the top deck.
  11. A bit like your long neglected fanny. Take your lottery win and buy yourself that dildo. You know it makes sense.
  12. The Germans have always fucking loved Christmas, even when Germany was where all the Jews went to die.
  13. Considering that Florida is where Jews go to die. I wouldn't have thought Christmas advertising was particularly prevalent in your neck of the woods.
  14. Fake, fraud, bullshitter and liar. Oh.......and attention seeking wanker. Nearly forgot.
  15. Ooooooh. The R word. You don’t really think that’s going to work on me do you Professor? That’s a snowflake word that means “shut the fuck up.” In real life that shuts me up......I have to earn a living so I have to agree that poofs are normal, trannies are “so brave”, Jihadist murderers are “brainwashed and mentally ill” and and have nothing to do with the peaceful religion and the influx of cheap immigrant labour to make rich cunts even richer is really great for our economy.....blah blah fucking blah. But this ain’t real life Jethro. This is cyberspace and everyone can hear you scream in cyberspace so don’t tell me what I can say cunt, ok? Great story, by the way. Just shows you what a bunch of snobs you carrotcrunchers are. Being called a “dirty Hammer” would have been too much for me.....that’s way over the line in my world. But even an out of touch wanker like you must admit that the faux Cockney looks and dresses like a Booshka Booshka, as does his missus. Don’t worry mate, you’ll be getting the real thing, and much worse, sooner than you think. Enjoy. 😁
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  17. The website where these trees are sold is called Treetopia.com. They have several designs and colors, including this candy cane striped one... They advertise on TV a lot around here.
  18. MonsieurTwat to you, Goose Boy.
  19. She had a glass leg and a wooden eye.
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