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  2. Please tell me the furnace you had built from Auschwitz brick is fired and ready for Monday evening, and you will grow tired of Pen expeditiously???
  3. Today
  4. Please don't interpret the like as I'm pleased your back Frank, nothing personal mate. However the spear chucker and his French cunt of a sidekick, getting a few days in the cells is!
  5. Sorry about that Drew I'm the Major! Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  6. Lady P has duped everyone into thinking she's a hopeless loser, when in fact she has sucked out all our souls. I expect to marry her before Monday.
  7. Eric knows me! We employed his security firm for a rave, to celebrate 25 years of London's most successful pirate radio station. However due to the internet and streaming it's now 100% legal. We won't be hiring Eric again though! After confiscating Ecstasy from clubbers he then decided to pop a few to many himself. He then proceeded to tell the DJ it was his Set time and played a 2 hr Jungle set!
  8. Khiwa

    The End Of May

    She'll be off running through fields of wheat again before you know it.
  9. You say that as if it were something new.
  10. Not content with annoying every cunt on the site Pen has now taken to conversing with his alter ego
  11. Try not to wank yourself into too much of a frenzy when your Conservative Party leadership contenders list pops through your letterbox. All those gorgeous chinless cunts to drool over. Try not to be too sad. The dismal duo ‘Eddie and Smithers’ will be released to attend to your depravities before you can say ‘Harvey Proctor’ Fuck off
  12. Don’t bother logging back in. Fuck off
  13. No dear man!! I am new. I only meant you understood my Pussy Galore references. Never mind.☺
  14. Goodness King Billy not you too? I thought you liked cheeky banter...,
  15. Sorry to hear you have suffered the same thing too. Ive reported "Wizardsleeves" for nasty posts. So unnecessary.
  16. I'm off to buy lottery! Lucky fucking day, that!
  17. Good luck with that, you bland, dopey fuckwit.
  18. You are aggressive and wrong about who I am. I will no longer respond to your foulness and have reported you for your harrassment of me.
  19. Tertiary measles or mumps are more your line of departure... lol.
  20. Fucking Hell! David Duke's let himself go.
  21. A message to folk in general here. I do not use multis on this forum and I would like the person who accuse me of using multis to please desist. I do not wish to be drawn into this and will now log out.
  22. Please could you message me your full name and d.o.b. Also your address and postcode to forward your death certificate
  23. I twigged who you were on your previous id last year.
  24. Nobody has been aggressive or threatening towards you. You are receiving a typical Cunts Corner Welcome. Even REAL newbs are treated this way. Before I forget again, do fuck off! Just wanted to get that out of the way.
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