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CC Rules.

This site contains adult language and adult concepts. If you are offended by such content, or feel you may be offended by such content, then leave now.

The content of posts and comments on cuntscorner represent the opinions of the original poster, and are not endorsed, approved, or otherwise representative of the opinions of the site's owner or its moderators

1. No nominations of private individuals that are not in the public eye. Do not make "revenge" nominations e.g. I hate my boss. I hate my ex.
2. No nominations of children or persons under the age of 18yrs
3. No libellous posts . Justification such as: I read it on Google or, someone told me, will not be accepted.
4. No nominations of fellow members
5. No multiple Identities or use proxies. Members discovered to be doing so will be removed from the site.
6. No alterations of other members postings.
7. No fomenting arguments or pursuing vendettas with other members. .
8. No abuse of the PM facility by using it to threaten or insult other members.
9. No posting of items promoting or depicting pornography, paedophilia , racism, or links to sites promoting such material.
10. Give time to for nominations to be discussed. Posts which attempt immediately to derail a thread either by attacking the poster or the nomination will be removed.
11. No posting or sharing your own personal information on the site, or, most especially, the information of other members.

12. Do not make sexual references about other members' family and relatives.

13. Do not make direct accusations, suggestions or inferences of paedophilia against other members.


The CC Moderating service will apply common sense in their duties. They will not enter into semantic arguments. Abusing, provoking or baiting of moderators will result in suspension/ deletion. Their word is final.

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Regrettably, I have added an additional rule, this time with regards to accusing members of paedophilia. Until now this has been an ongoing directive but people still don't seem to get the message. There is no wriggle room on this so protesting "it was just a light hearted comment and obviously not to be taken seriously" is not an acceptable defence.

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