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Juan Guaidó

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3 hours ago, Eric Cuntman said:

I've never seen it. But I've always been sceptical regarding reports that it resembles an axe wound in an orangutan's back.

More of a silverbacks back these days I'd wager. Collars and cuffs

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Hi my loyal followers! Those fucking arseholes in Russia, China and India have decided to back my opponent, but have they got the balls and greenback bribes to make it happen? They can twist and plot against me but they will never overturn the democratic will of the Venezuelan people as expressed by the CIA and our oily friends in Washington, London and Europe. 

PS   King Billy had a good knees up despite receiving hospital treatment after a bit of flying masonary caught him in the mush. He carries our best wishes (and an American timed explosive device) in the air ambulance as he flies back to his travellers camp off the coast of Europe called jokingly round the world as "Great" Britain. Hand on heart. 



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I President Juan have been personally welcomed into the gang of fresh faced good looking cunts playing at politics by Canada's leading man as reported below in the South Wales Argus. 

"Justin Trudeau has personally offered his support to Venezuela’s Juan Guaido ahead of a Lima Group meeting in Ottawa on the country’s political crisis. "

I wouldn't swap dear little Justin for all the Putins in the world. (Yes I would but he is on the side of my beast) 

Meanwhile my fellow Venezuelans keep crawling to the Colombian border for my food parcels and fists up everyone! Eh, I don't mean that. 




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