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  2. No dog eggs in my back garden edders Panzerknacker
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  4. I agree with the highlighted sentence. Problem is, our politicians are campaigning for election presently, and not one of them has said anything that would imply this is their policy, not even remotely near. It is obvious to me we need to sort out our own cunts first before we can sort out this vile barbaric religion. The longer we wait the more difficult the task.
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  6. Fuck Off back to your flid post. They all love you for that, you silly little wanker.
  7. Do you dig skiffle maan?
  8. There's a clue in the title of this thread - exchange. Not fucking flood fill deluge 'eavens, you prick. What the hell are you doing? Oooh they'll love this one. Oooh they'll love this one too. Oooh, and this one. You're a fucking maniac. Fuck off.
  9. Oh, you're simply building a Rabbi warren. So obvious really.
  10. I really, really hope this is some kind of joke, because if it isn't, you've revealed yourself as the complete wanker we all suspect you of being. Oh, and fuck off.
  11. Do you have heat stroke or something, Punky? That one was shite even for you...
  12. So where is it ? Is it the Hotel California ? Dire Straights sang that didn't they...... or was it Dire Gays ? Fuck off.
  13. Be gone, foul hag.
  14. Do realise this is twelve year old humour? Are you honestly expecting people to find this funny? Fucking wanker.
  15. No it's some condemned building in Tynemouth that's been slowly rotting away on the sea front for the past twenty years. They seem to be waiting for it to fall down on it's own so they don't have to put up with the protests of the locals if they demolish it themselves. Dire Straits mention it in a song of theirs:
  16. Were you disposing of a rent-boy ?
  17. I tire of this fuckery. I aim to dig more over the coming weeks, perhaps at the back this time.
  18. He was impersonating a cat.
  19. There's a synagogue about a mile away
  20. For what or for whom did you dig for?
  21. I don't think that we are getting the hole story here.
  22. Is that the Finsbury Park Mosque ?
  23. Why did you dig a large hole and then fill it back in again?
  24. Youranus. lol. Fuck off.
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