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  2. He traumatised the entire RAF. He was a generous man.
  3. Look what you've just done! All this talk about bareback, will only bring Punkers back out of his closet. Think woman, Think! For crying out loud.
  4. Piggott, is a Cunt. So is everybody else in Leicester.
  5. Ditto some of my lot Authoritah. Not Beth Ditto of course
  6. her "Shoah Shower Shuffle" was a disco classic Owen
  7. Horses aren't neurotic. They are spooked when complete arseholes get near them. I've ridden them bareback and they are easy going animals.
  8. I don't know the date, just remember the story he told me. My other Grandad was in the navy on destroyers for the whole war, got through without a scratch, stayed on after the war and signed up for mine clearing duty, got blown up on his first week and spent most of 1946 in hospital. Unlucky or what?
  9. August 30th 1941
  10. All the ones they have to shoot on grand national day get served Bradley wiggins as a way to beat the drugs test
  11. He would love to. Just thinking about it makes him break his " 5 second rule". Just have to make to with the priests scabby bellend again punkers
  12. Is your husband elton john?
  13. He kisses that every night before he goes to bed.
  14. He was when the Luftwaffe dropped a bomb on a hangar at Biggin Hill and killed 39 of his colleagues.
  15. You're correct in your doubts on anyone else suggesting your latter hypothesis but it's out there now. I'm sticking with my caught it off the same bod seat as punkers theory
  16. Phew! A close shave there Eric. Was he traumatised surviving the holocaust?
  17. Pick axe made from franks thigh bones bound together with quincy's bango string
  18. I wonder if he's ever kissed the Popes ring.
  19. I thought it but didn't type it, you scamp
  20. Yes he does .. its inside his ring.
  21. Sheffield Wednesday is a Bank Holiday
  22. I don't s'pose punkers has a personal space.
  23. Muffin the mule is a sex offense.
  24. St Baws of Dunoon.
  25. Imagine if someone had thought this nom was "personal spice" and they had been told to fuck off by Emma Bunton.
  26. Well, I ask you. You don't even know where it's been.
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