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  2. Dopey Pervs

    Geography and subjectivity play their parts in the top podium placements of fast food fries, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that the worst chips ever can consistently be found at KFC. Fucking awful. PS has anyone done a Spud-U-Like joke for Bill yet?
  3. Jude Law

    Sean Bean is a fuck up merchant. He fucked up the Sharpe series. I read all the books and Sharpe was a cockney from Wapping. Paul McGann, far better actor, started filming but broke his leg playing football so they brought in Bean to replace him. McGann would have played Sharpe as a Londoner. And in the film 'C$sh' Bean fucked up a scene by calling a character by his real name. Fucking useless
  4. Jude Law

    Sean Bean has made a name for himself in his later years because he's always killed before whatever show/movie he's in inevitably turns to shit in the later seasons/hours. He'll never be remembered for his many years as Sharpe to the youngsters today, but his last stands as Boromir and Ned Stark have made him legend. No one talks about Elijah Wood these days, do they?
  5. Cycle helmets

    The least you lycra wearing cunts could do is give us some entertainment as you belligerently pedal along in front of us on narrow streets at a snails pace. Being forced to dress up like Power Rangers is a light punishment for your kind in my book - I'd have you all get off your toys and dance on command to anyone who has a real license and the inclination to make you do so. Even apes can ride bikes if they're trained. Just because you can manage it without stabilisers doesn't impress me, and you don't have the strength to disembowel a man with your bare hands, so the only real way to prove yourself better than that shit throwing lot is through the medium of dance.
  6. Jude Law

    The only thing I liked him in was 'Love, Honour and Obey', and that thing about ram-raiders, I think it was called 'Shopping'. And Sean Pertwee stole the show in both of those. Sean Pertwee is a decent actor that never quite hit the big time. Like his contemporary, Sean Bean, who seems to be gaining momentum now that he's old and haggard.
  7. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    Isn't it nice without billy spackers dragging every thread down to his pointless level of jibes and and all round thickness?
  8. Cycle helmets

    Has she got "Right said Fred" down her top?
  9. Cycle helmets

    Never sold Scouse vermin. But I'll look into it.
  10. Jude Law

    He's called fucking Jude. Jude! What do you expect?
  11. Cycle helmets

    Ta. Got it now. Tits like those only look good mounted above a big arse and chunky thighs. That poor cow has chicken legs.
  12. Cycle helmets

    Over Sized, like these fuckers
  13. Jude Law

    A couple of his former lovers have revealed that he is woefully inadequate in the trouser department. Eh-oh Tinky Winky.
  14. Gender-neutral prefixes

    A good point, she seems to straddle both categories. God help whoever is straddled in the process.
  15. Today
  16. Gender-neutral prefixes

    ........or married to Tony Blair.
  17. Dopey Pervs

    Ape, as a friend, I feel it only right to point out that at this moment, you appear to be absolutely fucking hammered.
  18. Gender-neutral prefixes

    So Mx is the new fashion statement for confused cunts is it. It was so much simpler when stroppy slags used to insist on being called 'Ms', which meant that they were either married and shagging around, or pig ugly and unfuckable, but wished to project an air of ambiguous mystery.
  19. Cycle helmets

    I have to know, what are 'OS tits'?
  20. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    You're getting there..
  21. Gender-neutral prefixes

    Well I figure that on a site called cunts corner your avatar should be a top class cunt. Pancho was a mass murderer but, unlike your hero, he got down and dirty and thought nothing of personally shooting women and children in the head. That’s quite cuntish don’t you think? Of course he didn’t take the coward’s way out like your man. I note you have avoided my question.......big surprise.
  22. Gender-neutral prefixes

    The return of your nemesis could be the making of you ratus old bean, because frankly, you've been fucking shit of late. Der junge mag keine judin Give me a like you mean spirited tosser
  23. Yesterday
  24. Gender-neutral prefixes

    what's all this Pancho Villa bollocks Jewdy? Don't tell me you've actually started reading about history before giving your amateurish horse whipped loon opinion of things on here?
  25. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    I can’t just conjure up a good rant for some wanker’s entertainment. I have to be fucking angry about something. Fortunately for you I am angry all the time these days so hang in there. Oh....and fuck off yourself cunt.
  26. Cycle helmets

    His 2 great grandchildren look cute to, and his young granddaughter in this picture is a hottie
  27. Dopey Pervs

    Ha ha! Dirty dursley. I think it was voted the biggest dump in the shire but there must have been a lets-not-visit the forest rule. Have you ever been to cinderford, sorry cinerfud as the local trogs call it? If can find the energy I'll be swimming, washing down breakfast with chlorine flavoured child's piss. Then I might take the kids to see the beautiful city centre, rats and dog turds and the diverse former eastern block inhabitants who now make up 50% of the population
  28. Gender-neutral prefixes

    Ah there you are Herr Oberst. So nice of you to turn up. I’ve been wondering what your take is on the alleged anti semitism of the Labour Party. They do seem to be in a bit of a pickle.....these momentum wankers don’t seem to know if they’re coming or going. You know how highly I value your opinion......er......when it comes to Jewbaiting anyway. i
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