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  1. "I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me."
  2. That's Catholics for you.
  3. Well, I ask you. You don't even know where it's been.
  4. Not me, I'm a fucking saint.
  5. Fuck me, it's only been a few days, don't get all gay for me or anything. I'll be largely incommunicado for another couple of weeks but you can suck my cock when I get back if you like.
  6. Just checking in briefly between exotic foreign destinations. My money's on cholera from ingesting shit from David Furnish's cock. I suspect this theory may have been proposed elsewhere already, but I doubt anyone went as far as suggesting it was baby shit.
  7. So was Uncle Ben.
  8. I just give them my best Franco Begbie dead-eyed psychopathic stare, and they tend to fuck off of their own accordion. I've goat the fuckin' cairds, Quincy, where the fuck ur ye?
  9. That's exactly the sort of comment I'd expect from someone whose labia resemble a pair of cream crackers left out for too long in the Atacama Desert.
  10. Gnasher Sturgeon. It's a thing.
  11. Oh dear, did you already search for "Little Miss Nude Pre-Teen"? Twat.
  12. Just so no-one can't say they weren't warned, it's rumoured that certain well known search engines automatically pass on the details of searches for "family naturism" and the like to the relevant law enforcement units.
  13. What sort of cunt could trump the inscrutable Japs at their own game? This sort of cunt, that's who. If he's not actually listening to Death Cab For Cutie, it'll be some similar sort of shit, guaranteed.
  14. Nothing new - this from 2+ years ago....
  15. I'd give this two likes if I could. Fuck 'em all.