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  1. Who can forget his evocative "Artist's Impression" (subtitled "Cheap Council Cake Cunt") all done while a slave to problems with what he assumed to be his piles but which later turned out to be anal cancer, which then somehow spread to his brain.
  2. Reaper drones!
  3. Fuck me, and people had the temerity to slag off Rick's treatise on polyethylene?
  4. Cue another round of lame "Ashes" jokes too...
  5. That's probably taken out more potential Jihadis than all the drone strikes this year added together, That'll teach these cunts to beat England at cricket.
  6. I've just skimmed Piston's posts for the last month and I can't see anything else I'd class as abusive. (As insults go, "twat" itself hardly qualifies.) Do they give you an armband and a peaked cap?
  7. It would appear that my comment which you quoted here has been accidentally deleted. At least I presume it was accidental, because it hasn't been removed from your quote, and because I don't think it actually broke any rules.
  8. If you meant to juxtapose homophones then this is one of the most brilliant posts so far this year. If, however, you meant "imminent" then it's not very clever at all, sorry.
  9. I'm off for a gypsy's kiss.
  10. Fucking hell, and you slagged off my Arab semen joke? Anyway, back on topic... The filthy old Bishop of Birmingham Buggered two boys while confirming 'em. As they knelt before God He pulled out his rod And pumped his Episcopal sperm in 'em.
  11. Q: Why is the camel known as the ship of the desert? A: Because it is full of Arab semen.
  12. It's not that beautiful, being full of fucking Turks for one thing. I blame the Crusaders for doing a half-arsed job.
  13. Sometimes I just can't believe the same man gave us Powderfinger and Revolution Blues. And considerably better than Olly's "Adam Woodyat" nomination.