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  1. Had some good experiences with Citalopram.
  2. Definitely, the whole thing would have been totally impossible.
  3. I can assure you it isn't, this year was the best start I've ever had to a new year. Since March, it's turned into the worst year ever.
  4. More than half if the 1966 Paul is dead theory is true.
  5. Best band ever. 1967 was a good year for them apart from losing Brian Epstein, Sgt Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour are just works of art.
  6. Comparing The Stones to The Beatles is like comparing Rolf Harris to Rembrandt.
  7. As I said both my job and the Ashes will go in 2017, my job nearly has gone. If England did win the Ashes I was going to go to work in my pants but there is no way I will be there in January 2018 and England will lose the series 5-0.
  8. Happy Birthday Paul McCartney. 75, was only 21, coming up 22 when Hard Day's Night was filmed.
  9. Sgt Pepper was The Beatles answer to Pet Sounds, there's no contest. Anything Brian Wilson could do, Paul McCartney could do better.
  10. Must win game in Malta coming up.
  11. Sadly it will go into triple figures, it's sure getting a lot of showing on Sky News.
  12. That 3-0 Ashes win made that summer even better, often wonder where 2013 would have ended up had I never had that remarkable turnaround and England had lost the Ashes.
  13. Ones none existent and the other one isn't far behind. We let all that hard work go in the cricket and threw it all away in one bad innings. It hasn't been a good week for English sport with the cricket and dropping points in Scotland and unable to get at least a draw against a French side a man down for practically the whole of the second half. Wrong manager.
  14. A lot of incredible stupidity goes on where I work, how I'd love it be like it was 4 summers ago.
  15. 2017 was actually the best I've ever started a year as they all start shit for me, this is the worst I've had it since 2012 & 2013 but at least those two times I turned it round but unlikely to happen this time.