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  1. Be great if England can bring the Ashes back in 2018 but just can't see it.
  2. May I ask if you're in Australia
  3. Australia winning the Ashes is worse than England losing in a football World Cup final.
  4. Something happened last summer at work between me and someone else which wasn't my fault but I've let something happen which I should never have agreed to, I've really fucked up by doing it, I've been ducking and diving ever since but time is running out and my job will end on impact.
  5. My job and the Ashes to go in 2017, Australia are ripping into India in the cricket, we've just suffered a 4-0 loss there and they are winning easy. At least they won't both go at the same time as I'm not going to be at this current job much longer and the Ashes will go on December 16th on Day 3 of the third test.
  6. I have to go work in my pants if England win the Ashes in Australia ??
  7. I don't think that 11 will win us the Ashes, Australia will rip that team apart. If England do pull it off I have to go to work in my pants, will not go back on my word either but it's unlikely I'm going to be there then anyway.
  8. If England win the Ashes in Australia I have to go to work in my pants, need not worry though as England won win and even if they did I won't be working there then anyway.
  9. I do, more interesting than what's posted on here otherwise I wouldn't write it.
  10. I used to come to this site all the time, don't bother so much now, the stuff posted is crap so you ought to rethink that, wanker.
  11. I see Claudio Ranieri got his today, should never have had a second season there, it was always going to be the worst case of Second Season Syndrome ever. Classic example of getting shit on after working so hard, I've had it at every job I've been at. I'm closing in on the fourth anniversary of my current job, it's all I can hope for really.
  12. Comparing any woman to the one I want is like comparing Rolf Harris to Rembrandt. I met so many cunts in 2009. I miss my tradesman days. We've got the Ashes and that's all that matters. My job and the Ashes to go in 2017.
  13. Ashes and my job to go in 2017 as predicted.
  14. I need someone to cure mine.
  15. The job is going to go, I've had two massive changes to my job which is going to spell the end, it's just a case of when, it's deja vu from 5 years ago.