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  1. It's a chastening experience though, when you deliver a stunning explanation of German 'Flottenpolitik on the Run Up To World War One' only for it to be graded a 'Fail' by their spotty little Herbert of a History teacher, who thinks a Dreadnought is something he finds in his khazi after a night on the tins and a Lamb Jalfrezi
  2. Insider trading?
  3. On the other hand... Study the form, cogitate for hours and place a well-crafted punt on the 3.30 at Haydock - and you're in the grip of an addiction and a no-good bum (You think I lie? Every article on gambling has the word 'Problem' inserted before it. You can almost hear the media outlet in question 'tut-tutting') However, go on the Stock Exchange, fuck up the Third World,' buy long - sell short' and hope Geneva bites on your latest hedge fund offer and you're a buccaneering hero on the high seas of Capitalism - and what's more if you fuck up, the Government will pass the hat round for you.
  4. I'd like someone to recreate the potting shed scene with him. Wake up Punkers - your country needs you!
  5. Indeed - and you don't hear much about 'AYDS' appetite suppressants and slimming foods these days do you? Funny thing that.
  6. Nice
  7. The ghost of Pol Pot has just defied biological laws and sported a stiffy! I think if you add in that you want to 'slaughter the middle classes' it'll cum.
  8. It's about having influence on the world stage Well that and ensuring nice holiday destinations for superannuated MP's, where the hottentots can still be made to chivvy for 'massa' and a young Arab boy called Raoul will do their every bidding. This posting has just made Punkape cum like Godzilla BTW.
  9. Body like a Hindenburg (after the disaster) and a face, spookily, also like a deflating balloon. Perfect for Eastenders where the 'suspension of disbelief' required of an audience when watching a dramatic performance, is taken well into Alzheimers Territory with the notion that this Barbapapa-alike is in anyway sexually alluring.
  10. We really are wedded to these digital shit-farms aren't we? On the train the other day and these two herberts are cracking on about their phones, talking about them like they were talking about the sex they had last night. 'Bluetooth' this and '4G' that. Honest to God, if someone had butted in and mentioned 'Android Curved Screen Technology' the carriage would have drowned in a tsunami of techno-geek cum
  11. Nearly right. These ruddy 'all-the-gear-no-idea' pencil necks would be wasting a good workout if they didn't post the fact they've set foot in a gym (with requisite picture of them rupturing themselves curling a pissy little 5 kg dumbbell) on Facebook with some asinine twattery about 'going for the burn'. The first rule of social media: The picture IS the event!
  12. I dunno. You're up a tree on a roundabout on a quiet Sunday afternoon, looking forward to a nice leisurely wank and then all of a sudden a fucking Qashquai, Rusty Lee -on-steroids at the helm, comes hurtling at you at 90 mph, going for a triple toe loop, Salchow and broken back axle. Nearly ripped my damned crank off with surprise! THE FUCKING THOUGHTLESS BITCH!!!!!
  13. A few Olympians but basically enthusiastic students, racing over a unique distance / conditions that are never replicated in any other, serious competition anywhere else in the world. Good Club crews would (and do) give them a decent race
  14. Bit specialist this, but he owns a fuckload (NB this is slightly more than a shedload, but less than a cuntload) of racehorses, most of which are pretty decent. However, this fucking cry-baby has refused to send any of them over for The Grand National, because he thinks the British don't appreciate them or want them to compete. Cunt likes playing with a rigged deck and takes his bat and ball home and stamps his rinky-dink size fives up and down if he doesn't get his own way, so fuck him sideways with a pricker bit and sheepskin noseband.
  15. Unlike the 'Fortress Europe' that existed before last week, when The EU's immigration policy was ceded to people smugglers, gang masters and ISIS sleeper cells, thank's to Frau Merkel's 'Teenager on Facebook when the parents are away for the weekend' approach to such matters.