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  1. Bad Posture

    The Ian Brown / Liam Gallagherisation of British deportment I'm afraid. Throw in a Simian, 'feet-at-ten-to-two' gait and you have the whole sorry, shambling picture
  2. Olivia Fane

    Looks like what would result if The Pilsbury Dough Boy fucked Kerry Katona
  3. People on Facebook who like their own postings

    It's the online equivalent of sucking your own cock isn't it?
  4. More liberal bollocks

    Looks like 'Jeremy' from the Pearl Jam video. Maybe they meant to write 'I heart my moms.....impression of Ethel Merman' but were shit with apostrophe's and ran out of ink (or mascara and lipstick by the look of it). It's a possibility that has to be entertained
  5. People who buy a bockell of pop

    What, pacifically, is your problem?
  6. It's got nothing to do with quitting smoking and everything to do with being a corpulent cunt who funnels cheese into every orifice whenever possible. There's your discussion, Barbapapa!
  7. Upskirt photographer cunts

    Jesus Christ - the things we find to glop off over! (In my case, it is Jesus Christ)
  8. Nonces being paid by the old bill

    They could have just got him a job at the BBC. Okay, he'd still be getting paid from our taxes, but at least we'd be able to keep an eye on the child bender
  9. Sarah Barton

    Yes and none of this 'Demure Dyke', homage to Tipping The Velvet limpathon either. I want close ups of faces being rubbed in pissflaps!!!
  10. Only just 'Top Trumped' (ha!) by any kind of expertise on a subject being shown up as logical, empirically-consistent, well-founded bollocks by someone who 'has a feeling' about the issue in question. Viz: " I put it to the members of the Cunts Corner jury that my client could not have committed the crime in question because he was a) out of the country at the time the crime was committed, b ) Is a hamster and c ) is dead" "Bollocks! He looks a wrong 'un and is probably a poof! Kill him again!"
  11. Residents of Gants Hill, London

    Like fuck, you effete snob! Watneys Red Barrel, Harp Lager or if you took the party back to your gaff, 'Beer at Home Means Davenports!' .......Oh and a Babycham for the lay-deeeeez
  12. Pushy sales people

    You don't have to sit there and take it you know. You're not Punkers' rent boy on piece rate. Polite (for 10 seconds), bored indifference for another ten and then say "I really bet you worked harder at school" before walking out, vogueing as you go and using that app that displays your bank balance on the face of the moon.
  13. Trump bans perverts from the military

    Got this one wrong again hasn't he? Parachute a load of folk who don't know if they're Arthur or Martha into downtown Mosul and ISIS won't know what's hit them. They'll be surrendering like the craven little fucks they truly are, before you can scream 'Allah's Snackbar!'
  14. Shouty 'Morning' Radio DJs

    "..........AAAAAAAAANND that was 'Too Shy' by Kajagoogoo, here on Armpit Gold FM with the time just coming up to 7,45. HEY, are there any listeners out there who have been 'too shy' at any time who'd like to call in and tell us when they were 'too shy',....maybe to ask their boss for a pay rise, or to ask for a drink at the bar one time or to have first dabs at Davis' arse when recreating the Greenhouse Scene from Scum...er..it's 7.46 on Armpit Gold FM. News on the hour, but just to let you know there's a spillage of Nesquik on the roundabout on the A4132678 as you leave the Meat Past Factory but before you get to the Sugar Beet turning that's causing a bit of a roadblock....AAAAAAAAAAND we don't have a spillage of Nesquick here now, but we do have a Flock of Seagulls with 'I Ran' (At Krakatoa volume for all eternity)