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  1. I've always loved the sub text with all of these product adverts .." Are you the dirty slut with the skanky house that everyone on the street talks about behind your back ? .. well worry not because we've got just the stuff to make you acceptable to all us nice normal people"
  2. Supreme Leader adored by all Emperor of Muurrica Trump is reported to have found the Vatican a bit bland and low key the other day and thought the place needed a touch of pazzazz here and there.
  3. If the photo is anything to go by Rhyl looks good now that they've done it up.
  4. You can bet she's on the producers wish list.
  5. Couldn't have put it better myself . Here's hoping one of the bridesmaid bratcunts pukes all over the place , slips in it and breaks her fucking leg.
  6. As expected the well known super soaraway sack of shit tabloid has to headline the cunt as "monster". The lazy bastards just can't resist , even with this cunt , in endowing him with some kind of twisted comic book quality. For a start , the report of the cunts death is only worth a couple of column inches on page 4 with maybe a picture of a nice skip in the waste disposal compound of Ashworth Hospital .
  7. "slovenly" .. now that's a word we don't see or hear enough of these days .. splendid work Pz
  8. They are the menu choice of bellends who have gone all sophisticated and upgraded from prawn fucking cocktail.
  9. Says it all that a jumped up estate agent is now the Supreme Leader Adored by All Emperor of Muurrica
  10. But you must have enjoyed the beach parties,barbecues,mixing with attractive cool types and all the endless assorted "fun" things that you get to do according to the tv adverts
  11. Lizard Woman May must be thinking " What's that bitch got that I haven't ?" .. a moist minge for a start dear.
  12. Let's not forget those that clog up on line sites with endless fucking drivel
  13. Articulate middle class professionals ,friends in high[ish] places,marginally photogenic ... go figure.
  14. That could be any or every pub in Aylesbury
  15. When shopping " Do you have an email address ?" ..." Yes thanks " , walks away