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  1. Counselling is available .
  2. This is how it begins , today lemonade , next counterfeit car spares , money laundering , global slave trading. When I was her age the previous weeks Kerrang swap for a Bazooka Joe was my idea of economics . Lock up the little shit and be done with it.
  3. Saw some golfists stuff on the news and it looks a shite set up .. there's no sign of that windmill tunnel or zigzag road or hump back bridge over the river or that lighthouse thing .. nothing , absolutely nothing . So yes , it's definitely a bag of shite and for irons, and cunts as well and probably all the rage in Surrey [although I see the match is being played in Merseyside Lite]
  4. There's a bloke lives a few doors away who is taking two weeks of his annual leave to watch golfing .. fucking golfing ! He always seemed such a decent type . As of this morning he's started wearing pink v neck sweaters and dayglo green kecks . In my book he is now a gold plated top of the range CUNT.
  5. Cheapo B&Q twisted lavvy or off centre ringpiece .. or both !
  6. That's the trouble with todays criminal scum ... absolutely no grasp of basic economics.
  7. Sounds like the 21st century version of my dear departed Ma and her Tupperware years . The old mans " You'll be sorry " warnings of course went unheeded . Did she listen ? - did she fuck . Once the garage was fucking knee deep in the stuff we then moved on to the loft. Brilliant business idea [muuurican of course] . Just churn the stuff out and then get some schmuck to act as your warehouse , clog up their home with the shit and then also use said home as a sales room and distribution centre, and why not throw a fucking party to flog it off , providing your tea , coffee , and hob nobs Can still remember all the cries of "Ooh ! ... that'll come in handy" and " Aaw Brenda that's just what I've always needed " for all that shite that spent the rest of it's days stuffed in the back of that corner kitchen cupboard. Come to think of it I overhear much the same remarks these days when Mrs kurtz and her mates throw the "fun" parties they obviously enjoy so much.
  8. Triple whammy yesterday at christening service and aftermath. Service itself not too bad , with a reasonable amount of fanny and milfs here and there and a camp vicar to brighten up proceedings. Followed by "Go on - gerrup an 'ave a bop" - No , hope Mr DJ electrocutes himself. " Ain't my little grandson jus' wunnerful " - No , little Haribo or whatever he's called is just a shouty little shit. " Ooh , your uncle Eddie [no relation] , he's a right character isn't he " - No , Eddie [no relation] is a bigoted old gobshite.
  9. I miss the sight of his dad ... 35 deg C .. collar and tie ... sweaty bollocks no doubt .Yet always looking like he had either just squeezed one out or held one back in abeyance whilst maintaining the required SE1 decorum .
  10. ..... from Yorkshire.. end of.
  11. The last foreign film we watched was Trainspotting and I quite enjoyed it .. well I think I did.
  12. There are shops on Lime Street with compo claims against ship collisions at the Pier Head.
  13. Our Hyacinth Bucket neighbour rarely misses an opportunity to mention in passing the "procedure" she underwent at the local private hospital ... mind you ingrowing toenails can be nasty fuckers.