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  1. Ok , I concede she had her strengths ... it takes some bottle to give bernard ingham a daily blow job.
  2. Just force of habit Eric .. don't think the slag even merits a capitalised surname.
  3. Replace May Day with Let's all piss on thatchers grave day
  4. One of Supreme Leader Trumps lackeys goes by the name of Jeff Sessions which , fair do’s does sound reasonably normal. That is until you find the cunts real name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third . I mean , fucking hell , imagine having a pair of dickwad parents who looked at their liddle ole baby boy and thought “ Yep we’ll go with that name again .. for a third time .. for sure .. yee haaw ”
  5. Here comes David fucking Dimbleby , the BBC's resident smarmy cunt , who in addition to his condescending QT " You .. yes you at the back in the ghastly grey shirt " can once again come election night bore us shitless with his fucking bollocks of an excuse for a late night game show featuring teams representing the Head Girl & Netball Captain [aka woman at M&S] versus the 2CV driving Art & History teaching deputy head.
  6. Our resident political correspondent in here reckons she only did it because she's on the blob - or maybe not . Probably HRT or a hot flush then.
  7. That shadow on the ceiling could be from the clock radio light shining through the bedside lampshade - I know ours was. So a scientific explanation for everything you see. Praise the Lord and alleluia - you're not a bad person after all !
  8. Any place using the "Hi Guys" greeting deserves a well aimed size 9 to the bollocks.This is the UK not fucking Venice Beach.
  9. Bet you still get the horn watching that midwife and nuns tv show .. I know I do .. and anything with Jamie lee Curtis !
  10. Simon Bates ...pure fucking squirmsville who wouldn't have looked out of place in Royston Vasey
  11. Enduring the hell that is M6 traffic Friday homeward journey compounded by this twat on the car radio of a a colleague [ her car her radio ffs ] who thinks he is "dead good" and "always liked him". His cuntery extends amongst other things to cutting short Pinball Wizard to inflicting his inane fucking mid atlantic accented babble on us and never fails to subject us to the full fucking shitpile that apparently passes as his "wacky"humour. His fucked up mind is obviously lost in some 70's fantasy land where everyone is in their bedroom taping his fucking R1 sack of shit bastarding pish of a show. My closing rant .. don't you FUCKING DARE fuck about with the James Brown track you cunt.
  12. Chromosomeaphobia ... just a matter of time !
  13. How come this particular bunch of sky fairy believers always assume the eagerly awaited virgins are female ... just saying .
  14. I stand corrected . All this fake news that Supreme Leader Revered by All DTrump has been warning us about must be true then.
  15. No ... that was 1/2 time at Boundary Park