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  1. Nothing could be worse than sleeping next to a French person, except sleeping next to punkape.
  2. Erm, how about watching something else? Just saying. News feeds are meant to be dropped in on once in a while, surely?
  3. Victimised, nope. Haven't even started yet, gaylord.
  4. Not sure whether to wear the rubber or leather crotchless panties and peephole bra.
  5. Watch it, she will make you clean frank's corpse and punkape's sex toys after washing Bill's dirty protest from every surface. She wants you in the cooler. The thigh length boots are going on over the fishnet stockings as I type this.
  6. Oh well, I could murder you then repent. Wanker!
  7. Fuck me and I thought I was the only one that acted his shoesize and not his age on here. Utter wank, punkdrivel.
  8. With you on stupid, illiterate, cum gargling, cock smoking, fucking wanker.
  9. They would be too quick for you, lingering death would give the rest of us a laugh.
  10. No, I have them gassed, just like I will happily arrange for you. How is your pen friend Charles Bronson these days? I bet you used to write to Jim'll fixit asking him to fix it for you to sit on his knee in his dressing room.
  11. You sympathise with them, so why would he not assume that you would like to give them a hug? I would like a polar bear to give you a big hug.
  12. Run punkape.exe Include#homophobicreferences.lib Include#stdindex.lib Include#twitchinglimbedautisticfuckwitmode.lib Include#gibberingbuffoon.lib Include#spasticfauxrichemode.lib start While: incooler=false printscrn "", drivel$ Wend. Finish.