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  1. Does Niel run the Ministry of Silly Wanks?
  2. Yes looking at the back of you and your Nigerian rentboy Mnango's necks.
  3. Shit odds on that one then.
  4. So no denial then, gaylord.
  5. Bit parky outside today isn't it?
  6. Those are the conversations you hear before phrases such as "you there, stop playing with yourself, you cannot sleep here, get off my land".
  7. You only go into a "cottage" and it's always for more than a slash.
  8. Or perhaps oops I flidded again.
  9. Spackers favourite Britney Spears song?
  10. By spacs transfer?
  11. Jacko Total Cunt. That's all.
  12. 10. Thou shalt ridicule punkape regularly.
  13. There is nothing marginal about where I live. Unfortunately very blue rinse round here.
  14. No fucking way! British revolutionary communist anarchy all night party.