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  1. Fox Hunting

    That is what drones are for. They will replace helicopters.
  2. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Not quite. Noakesisstillveryknackered
  3. The Book Of The Dead

    Shame the proposed life sentence for a certain member(s) was a load of rubbish, too easy early parole conditions, glad they don't run punkape's favourite prison Broadmoor.
  4. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Way too early go back to sleep.
  5. Fox Hunting

    Foxes are cunts in towns and are part of the natural order in the countryside. Perhaps the country fox should be left alone and the hunts should come into town, it is after all about the eradication of vermin punkape, is it not?
  6. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    I reckon its proper with his stupid hat on.
  7. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Good afternoon, simpleton.
  8. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    But no bacon sandwiches or pork scratchings. No cuisine is outstanding without bacon.
  9. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Another gay reference, anyone would think it was catching. It is almost like you want that kind of response, you are a disgrace.
  10. Cromer on Lockdown

    I thought the webbed feet would help them in the wet.
  11. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    Love is all anise.
  12. Sunday Trading Laws

    Let shops open whenever they want, with a right for employees to take a weekly religious day off of their choice without fear of reprisals. Could be done, other companies run on religious days, the power companies do not stop generating, trains and busses run, factory production lines keep going at car plants, so why not retail?
  13. Sunday Trading Laws

    The only roast you have is a spit roast between you in the middle with Mr Mtembe tearing you a new arsehole, while you are sucking Joaquin's cock dry.
  14. People who rent vans to Arab types

    Only for his new job at deliveroo
  15. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Have you ever had a sense of hope? Cheer up man.