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  1. Bobo the clown was thrown from his car and suffered a head injury in the circus last night. Trauma expert Prof Terence Shitpeas told reporters that Bobo was in a critical condition and was currently on "laugh support". Ithangyou
  2. *exaggerated under Artistic License You mean 'autistic license' surely?
  3. Hello anytime
  4. Well little Tabitha who was with me took her socks and she wasn't a gypsy. Her dad was doing 14 years for arm robbery granted. But she wasn't a gypsy.
  5. Stuff it
  6. I've never abandoned a gay in my life
  7. I was caught by the caretaker jumping over gravestones at a cemetery in Wiltshire. He was very angry. Obviously not a steeplechase man
  8. People who say "eaten by worms" are thick. How many types of worm in existence can eat through a fucking coffin?
  9. The gypsy likes that The Lady Penelope likes this?
  10. Trigonometry, calculus, logorythms.....those Greeks were cunts
  11. I'm divorced so I don't care what he does with his chocolate starfish (whatever that is)
  12. Lorry surfing was a hobby for us kids. We used to wait outside the dairy gates as a lorry pulled out and we would jump on the back (there was a foothold) and ride it. Some drivers would be wise to it and as you were chasing it, would slam the brakes on and if you were unlucky enough, you would plough straight into the back. That's how we lost little Laura. Lucky for me, because I swapped shoes with her when we were waiting for the ambulance. Always had better clothes than me did Laura.
  13. He can put me in handcuffs anytime
  14. What you got against this guy?
  15. Don't call me Al