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  1. I think I can see a 'gatso' speed camera at the end of that ramp.
  2. Did he live next to the old woman who lives in a shoe or next to the crooked man?
  3. Did he read you a bedtime story?
  4. Knobkerri? Does Kerri know about this?
  5. You say the nicest things to me
  6. No. Shan't
  7. Stop slagging off admin!
  8. Poly Styrene was a better singer. God rest her soul (cross myself).
  9. Ooh I bet you look good in them.
  10. Oh my god! I'm scared. Especially when she puts on her leather gloves
  11. Naturale eius debent
  12. What made me smile was when the TV reporter said that it was due to being uneducated. So let's recap: they were looting spilt oil because when they set the oil alight, it is a source of heat. Now I can tell you fuck all about sulphuric acid, but I know for a fact I wouldn't add it to my Singapore Sling.
  13. Was it "bang bang" by Nancy Sinatra?
  14. They're arrogant fuckers as well
  15. Help? What help with touching your ring piece? I'm sure there's someone on this site who'd be very happy to touch your ring piece