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  1. Posh birds are dirty, they only have a bath when there's a maid handy, lazy slags!
  2. Why's this bloke holding a turd in his hand, is he going to eat it, the copraphagic cunt?
  3. Davina McCall is a bloke, with tits !
  4. I never seen him appear in anything I've watched, I must be a fucking intellectual or have absolutely fucking great taste in televisual entertainment (or both)
  5. At least Gladstone had some talent.
  6. Where's that cunt jaws when you need it?
  7. re. I'd rather go to a cancer ward It could be arranged...
  8. Can't sing either, Scouse cunt!
  9. Fuck, Adrian's a cunts name. If my parents had named me 'Adrian' I'd probably want to stab someone, probably my parents!
  10. I read somewhere that a whinny MP was saying it wouldn't have happened if they'd kept the gate to the Palace of Westminter locked. Well, as long as you over-paid, EU refugee loving, windbags are ok, eh? Self-serving cunts!
  11. Coffee is for cunts, you only have to watch 'Friends' to see that. And while I'm at it, is it any fucking wonder that everyone's hyper-fucking-active and looking for a fight, if they're all chugging that shitty brown(gay, with a cinnamon sprinkle) liquid?
  12. Utter shite, I turn the channel when the adverts come on (obviously that's not too often as commercial television is for retards, students and dole wallahs) and I also turn the fucking sound off as well, recently all the comercial channels seem to be in sync with their ad breaks, cunts!
  13. Chance would be a fine thing...
  14. Try telling them that in Russia...
  15. What's with all these beardy cunts, has the price of razors become so prohibitive?