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  1. So, Blackmore's shit-out (or was asked to) so much for standing up to fucking terrorist cunts! Happy now, you camel shagging, knob jockey's? Oh yeah, it's ok having a tribute concert on tv, with a load of fucking cunt mediocrities like Blobby Williams and Coldsick, and more SAS on patrol than you get at the Queen's birthday bash, but what about a concert for the headbangers?
  2. Of course there's a Brexit plane, leave means leave, what more do you need you think cunts.
  3. You need to top the Curly Wurly or Mars bar with a Cadbury's creme egg, that way you'd get more bang for your buck (or fuck)
  4. This cunt looks well gay.
  5. I've booked her 'slot' many a time, but yet to fill the vacancy, the prick teasing tart. ;-(
  6. As I recall, it was that fat cunt who wanted us all to vote to stay in the EU, oh, and urged his fellow countrymen and women (of the USA) to vote to keep Trump out of office. It's easy being a smug, fat cunt, luvvie in Hollywood. Just keep spouting your inane drivel, and stay the fuck out of it.
  7. About twenty years ago I had a conversation with a bloke in a pub, he assured me he once went past the Manchester Arena on the number 8 bus from Bolton, on his way to Piccadilly Gardens, to do a bit of cottaging, I mean, how close was that? It really could have been him!
  8. These cunts laugh at the derisory wages paid to other NHS staff, whilst their own exorbitant remuneration, for pretending to be 'doctors' of some kind or other, affords them the luxury of dressing like utter cunts. Collar and tie is good enough for my own personal physician.
  9. I've got a ticket to see Blackmore's Rainbow next month at the Manc Arena, it really could have been me. Fuck, I hope he doesn't cancel, the ticket cost me £60, and as you know, I am a really tight, selfish cunt, and I can't afford to lose £60.
  10. Posh birds are dirty, they only have a bath when there's a maid handy, lazy slags!
  11. Why's this bloke holding a turd in his hand, is he going to eat it, the copraphagic cunt?
  12. Davina McCall is a bloke, with tits !
  13. I never seen him appear in anything I've watched, I must be a fucking intellectual or have absolutely fucking great taste in televisual entertainment (or both)
  14. At least Gladstone had some talent.
  15. Where's that cunt jaws when you need it?