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  1. Cromer on Lockdown

    Tony Martin's problem was, that after being burgled numerous times before, he didn't have the money for another shotgun cartridge.
  2. Cunts with freckles

    Oh yes they fucking are!
  3. Hepatitis E U sausage munchers

    A UK supermarket may have unintentionally infected thousands of people with the Hepatitis E U virus transmitted through sausages and pork products from Europe, Public Health England have warned. Imported pork infects between 150,000 and 200,000 British people a year with the virus, the new research claims, and the products mainly come from Holland and Germany. The supermarket in question has not been named, and instead researchers are referring to it as Supermarket X. So the cunts won't tell us which shit-shower supermarket is responsible, boycott the lot of them, cunts !
  4. Exam results cunts

    Or they go to Glastonbury, with all the other tone deaf, poser, shit stains, cunts.
  5. Cunts who only have a Hotpoint, but are hard as fuck

    I toast my crusts over a candle, is that any good?
  6. People who rent vans to Arab types

    It's time all commercial white vans were fitted with speed limiters, say 4 mph. Failing that, just shoot on sight.
  7. Skid Marks

    'Skid Marks', are those his driving trousers?
  8. The Jam Rag Ad I've Just Watched

    I think you need to be more circumspect in your choice of viewing, commercial television is for plebs and cunts.
  9. Olivia Fane

    Who's the ginger in the black leather jacket? He looks like that growly, chisel chinned, Jock cunt who used to ponce about in The Skids
  10. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    How did those whales get beached so far inland?
  11. The Office for National Statistics

    I'm 99% certain they can't tell me how many cunts there are in this country, so how can they be certain of any other statistics?
  12. You can't always get what you want, especially if you're a cunt!

  13. Jason Osamede Okundaye

    At least Eric made some decent music !
  14. Jason Osamede Okundaye

    There is no misunderstanding about Bieber, he's a complete CUNT !
  15. Hywel Bennett RIP

    or Gareth, that's a Welsh cunt's name, isn't it?