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  1. If I was given a bottle of Stolichnaya, I'd probably fuck that urine-drinking cunt Caroline Lucas. It'd likely have to be up her crusty dung-hatch, so she could be at one with the soil, and all that save the hedgehog pish. Mind, she'd need to brush her fucking teeth first
  2. Klefto is a fucking gentleman and should be deified for his outstanding work in driving the astonishingly fucking thick as dogshit cuntwad into total fucking meltdown, with a little help from cuntybaws and my humble self. Many of you never witnessed his masterpieces. He is a man of genius.
  3. Has to be ratso for sure. Apart from me, Lady P, the fragrant Mrs R who effortlessly and tirelessly made me moist over the last six years and a couple of other cunts, he is the longest surviving cunt here.
  4. The facts : a - 300,000 middle-class nose-ringed, blue-haired eco-warrior, whale-felching cocksuckers pay up to £240 per ticket. b - Leave so much fucking non bio-degradable rubbish that the clean-up bill exceeds £785,000. c - Fuck off. d - Cunts. e - I want them dead.
  5. I didn't mind old Jugs. In fact, I quite liked the humourless Üntermensch cunt. We shared a passion for motorcycles - him for tasselled, leather man-bagged Harley fucking Davidson arse-butler chariots and I for Triumphs, like any self-respecting heterosexual Alpha male does. His apparently deep hatred for my and Ratso's Nazi narrative suggests that he might have been partial to Hitler's cock. Hope this helps.
  6. Thank you kindly, Ape. I certainly am. And don't fucking forget it. You cunts.
  7. Yeah. Can't be bothered looking after their kids, can't be arsed peeling their spuds. They should be fucking electrocuted. Then set on fire, the pair of cunts. I'm undecided if I'd back-scuttle Kate posthumously, or make her tea-bag me before I hook the wistful-looking cow up to a diesel locomotive's power source. I'm all about giving.
  8. If the Jewish-boxer-nosed sow wanted to be topical and have a bit of class, she could have double-barrelled the little bastard's name; for instance Geordie Whore Slapper-Cunt. I never found the bucket-fanny cunt attractive anyway and she'll have a clunge as slack as a ghillie's wader after fucking every continent dry by now. I'd have fucked the paraurethral ducts out of Kimberley Walsh though, if that helps.
  9. This pair of puddle-drinking bastards have probably made as much fucking money from their daughter as the Rowling cunt made out of her short-sighted wizard poof, Harvey Proctor. They must have sold more fucking T-shirts than Motörhead by now and their chips are still shite. Wankers. I want them dead.
  10. Is this wrong then?
  11. I don't mind the Vorderman cunt. She seems homely and wholesome enough, but it's a pity her fanny's shaped a Raleigh Chopper saddle. The thigh-gap's there, but she looks like she's participated in a prolonged fisting session with Kenny Everett's Brother Lee Love. Here's one for the ladies. Admit it,'re getting a bit moist, aren't you?
  12. After nearly seven minutes' deep research, I've found a picture of a young Mother Teresa that suggests she could have been quite fuckable for about five minutes in the mid 1930s, long before she became the parchment-faced and cross-eyed old piss-soaked sow we all knew. At some point, I'll wager she was a right dirty cow under the duvet, before God stole her shit.
  13. After much internal wrangling, I have had to have a re-think about this. I'm not sure I could maintain a storky on the old disco-stick if I was vigorously lowering and raising my yogurt-colonels for Mrs May to tea-bag. However, if it were Esther McVey, Caroline Flint, or even Jenny Marra at a pinch, I'd leave those lucky ladies panting and temporarily disabled from the waist down after a noisy and sweaty session with my beard-splitter. I have spoken.
  14. I suppose mounting horses develops that healthy and apparently all-important thigh gap for the ladies; although I suspect a few have completely misunderstood this concept and gone on to contract some pretty fucking serious doses of non-species-specific brucellosis while trying to wrap their ankles around the base of the tail after allowing the horse to mount them. Cunts.
  15. I fucking hate horses; never liked the cunts. They're one of the biggest arseholes of the animal world, just behind that fucking pot-ugly lesbian mandrill Nicola Commie Bastard Mutant Sturgeon cunt. Nobody who's not a screaming homosexualist really gives a flying shit about the bastards. The sooner the poofs' favourite four-legged wankers are marinaded in a piping hot gravy and wrapped in a tasty crispy pancake, the better. Fuck off. Peter Schaffer was a cunt.