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  1. And to think, with a little more childhood abuse you could have made a cracking serial killer. Instead all we get is some strung out hasbin with a pair of skinny chinos and a cum stained Michael Jackson wig. Such wasted potential...
  2. Time to make America great again:
  3. A story of your birth Eaven. On the day I was born The nurses all gathered 'round And they gazed in wide wonder At the horror they had found The head nurse spoke up And she said leave this one alone She could tell right away That I had aids to the bone Aids to the bone Aids to the bone A-A-A-A-Aids A-A-A-A-Aids Aids to the bone
  4. Manky's dick is like an Israeli missile. It only fucks Palestinians.
  5. Can you guess what it is yet?
  6. Of course he fucking is. Who else do you think is sucking him off in this picture?
  7. Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack loves sucking big black dick
  8. Speaking of repugnant, autistic virgins, I've found Gurts kamasutra tutorials to be highly enlightening...
  9. All you have to do now is envision the lyrics being gurgled through a mouthful of cum, and you've got a pretty spot on impersonation.
  10. You neglected to mention that romanic moment when I stuck a lukewarm turkey twizzler up the tarts fanny and said 'Bootiful', shortly before shooting my dead semen into her fat confused face.
  11. Loving the artwork RT. My own attemps at drawing look like someone smearing shit on a piece of paper. I really should start using pencils...