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  1. Pffft. You're just saying that.
  2. Fuck off stickers you cunt. Get your own shit drugs. I only do quality.
  3. Disabled toilet.
  4. Obviously a shit acrobat. I hope everyone got a refund.
  5. Anyone who says electric cars are shit obviously hasn't seen a Tesla. I don't see Tesla becoming a major player, but what that Musk cunt will do is establish the technology, show everyone how fucking incredible it is, then flog it to one of the big manufacturers.
  6. This nom is fucking shit. There's nothing in it that is a cunt as far as I can see.
  7. Yep. Cripples an all.
  8. This cunt doesn't even exist, and you lot are fucking spastics.
  9. Nah, they're all cunts who don't think properly. But it's true, you signing, so you're contracting to something. No one ever asks what that contract is.
  10. Most people are unaware that signing a birth certificate hands all power over your children to the Government. Signing a marriage certificate does the same thing. If you want kids and don't want interference, then don't sign either of these two contracts.
  11. I've got friends who live on that estate, none in that particular block thankfully. Have a read of this, it explains the whole sordid business. I'm hoping that cunts get jailed over this,
  12. Fuck me, what an insight. There was me thinking that jihad was all well and good. Fuck off and die you cunt.
  13. You fucking heartless ol crow Pen.
  14. Did you vote Tory or Labour you cunt?
  15. I bet it's not as a cuntish as cherry,