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  1. I went there in 1997. It had a couple of bars and one nightclub. I hear it's a chav infested shithole these days.
  2. Islam is becoming like Judaism in which any criticism, however mild is met with shouts of "Racist!" from a large number of people. I got his on FB yesterday when I mentioned that the Saudis fund British mosques in order to spread their fucked up views. A Muslim lady went apeshit at me, accusing me of spreading lies and hate, telling me to back up my lies and hate with evidence. So I did with various news articles from a broad range of newspapers. I also included a link to the East London Mosques history page, which states it was built with large chunks of Saudi money, and it's first distinguished speaker was some Saudi prince or other. She hasn't replied... The shouting down of any criticism of Islam is worrying.
  3. You live in a made up fantasy world punkers old bean. Pipe down, there's a good chap.
  4. No. What I am saying as is evidenced in the news today. The yanks and the Germans and our lot all knew about this cunt, and he still did what he did. Our so called 'Security services,' watch these cunts, and deliberately let them do what they do. They then let the Govt use the tragedy to their own ends. Manipulating the fuck out of all of us, mostly so they can continue their illegal and unjust warmongering in the Middle East. But also small things like curbing the net, free speech,bla bla bla... We were told who he was and where he lived within 24 hours. We've been told he was 'radicalised' online. By who? What blogs was he reading? What forums was he posting on? Who else posts on these forums? Why is it that if I try to log into The Pirate Bay or Kickass, I get a message saying these sites are banned? But these cunts seemingly spend their entire lives studying how to be a fucking Jihadist online. Why can I get ten years in prison for streaming a film from a kodi box, but these cunts can train to be fucking bomb makers? And buy the equipment. They are being allowed to do it. the terrorist threat has been created to manipulate you. And yes the fucking security services pretty much are/were/will be hand in hand with certain undesirables, such as that fucker Anjem Chaudry, old hook hand and various mates of his. It's well documented, these fuckers were invited to live here for their help in Yugoslavia. And on the other boot, Tommy Robinson and his little lot are also Mi5/6 pawns. Don't underestimate the depravity of the men in suits. After all they recently put one of their own into a sports bag, drowned him in the bath and left him there for the world to see. Then told everyone it was suicide. And the coroner says that's the truth...
  5. The only Bond actor that understood that it was tongue in cheek. I've been reading about Moores legendary drinking, shagging, fighting and being an all round bloody good bloke for years. Everyone seemed to have fucking loved him.
  6. Yep. The Tory controlled press have been rinsing Corbyn as a terorist sympathiser ever since he became leader of the Labour party. And that's not even true.
  7. Why not?
  8. More like "Lets see what this cunt does, and how can we use it to our own ends." Every single terrorist incident in this country since 9/11 has been pulled off by cunts who have previously been involved with the security services in some way. You might want to give that some thought...
  9. Sounds like you need a more manly job? Fucking emails, from who? The other Secretarys? The only emails I get are receipts for things.
  10. I use Gimp myself. When you say traced, how do you mean? With a pen/tablet thingy?
  11. Who?
  12. Cliff Richard famously attends Wimbledon every year. That should tell you all you need to know about tennis...
  13. RSPCA killed MissBoms nans cat, because it was skinny. It was 19 years old, of course it was fucking skinny. Inept cunts.
  14. I know where they live if anyone's interested?
  15. That is very good.