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  1. I'm quite partial to a slice or two of salami, it's very nice. Goes with all kinds of things too, salads, pizza, sarnies. You can fry it till it's crispeh, and crumble it on stuff. Have it with olives and cheese and tomatoes and things, it's very tasty, and I'm sure you all agree? What the fuck is Pepperami? Tiny sticks of dry crumbly shite, that also manage to be greasier than Punkape. And that slithery skin stuff they wrap it in, what is that shit? How have they taken a perfectly nice foodstuff, made it worse, more expensive and manage to sell so much of it? Fuck Pepperami. This nom can also be applied to Knorr Supernoodles.
  2. So, not content with owning all the banks,media and everyfuckingthing else. Secretly running the world and causing all the strife. You now want to spoil our fucking picnic? You cunt.
  3. 2. Thou shalt mind thine own fucking business.
  4. I'm wondering if Londonm is gonna turn up?
  5. Carol Vordaman scares me. How the fuck does she do it? She must be beholden to some strange gods.
  6. Worn by the same kind of cunts who think it's cool to have the tongues of their trainers hanging out...
  7. And you said I was a wrongun for Letitia Dean. You fucking despicable cunts.
  8. A cunt to the end...
  9. None of this means anything to me. Please explain you cunts.
  10. God you're a tedious little fellow aren't you Punkers? Up your game you urchin.
  11. I visualise all of the women on here as big titted 18 year olds who all fancy me. I don't give a shit what the men may or may not look like,
  12. I like Weetabix.
  13. Your problem started when you bought a Dyson. You must be an exceptionally thick cunt.
  14. Why doesn't the headline read 'Muslim racially abuses a (Most probably Catholic.) Polish man, and spits at a (Possibly CofE.) woman?