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  1. I suppose it's a bit like people who say "Brexit means Brexit". Although of course that's Strong and Stable government.
  2. Example 4. Punkape. Meaning nothing at all. Now still meaning nothing at all, but suggestive of a tediously repetitive homophobe who is demonstrating increasingly dubious sexuality himself.
  3. Fair enough, but you could argue that getting rid of the gigantic white elephant that is Trident would buy an awful lot of doctors, nurses, social workers etc.
  4. ISIS Business Solutions have sponsored him for the past 14 years, well before the terrorist group used the name.
  5. I don't like horses, they're dangerous animals. I don't understand their mindset, why would such a fast and powerful animal be so neurotic and skittish. It takes almost nothing to spook them.
  6. Yes, just to be clear the ISIS badge refers to "Isis Business Solutions", his sponsor.
  7. The actual information about Lauren Harries is well documented, nevertheless given that one of the photographs is of a child and given the nature of some of the abusive personal comments made here, which relate to what she is not to what she has done, I agree that there could be a problem. Under the circumstances I think it would be prudent to draw this topic to a close.
  8. Margarine is not a word you'll see much on supermarket shelves in the UK now. What was once margarine tends to be called "spread", "dairy free spread" or just a marketing name like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". FYI I can believe it's not butter.
  9. Oh do piss off! Really? Forbidding the use of condoms helps stop the spread of HIV/AIDs does it? I sometimes wonder what planet you are on.
  10. Lauren Harries is not an albino.
  11. You haven't said what you're looking for, but it might be worth checking this place out.
  12. I also haven't used Windows at home since XP. In the last few years I've been using Linux Mint, before that Suse, Centos and Mandrake. Distros like Mint are easy to use, although it still helps if you know a bit about what's going on "under the bonnet". Earlier ones were hard work at times, I never did get sound to work properly on Mandrake 9.
  13. Stop voting for the Tories who caused it in the first place.
  14. I met her during the election campaign in 1997. She was almost unrecognisable from her actress days, red coat, blue slacks, a scuffed pair of shoes that looked like she had worn them for years and no makeup. I'm not sure if she drove down or came by train, but she turned up by herself, no minders or hangers on. We were supposed to chaperone her through town to Labour Party HQ but it was impossible, as soon as someone caught her eye she was off to talk to them.