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  1. Fire investigations have now moved on from cladding to fire doors. It seems corners have been cut in many buildings in order to save money. A fire door is the basic requirement in any large building and it's a door which is capable of holding back fire for 30 minutes. If you don't fit them or use cheap and cheerful domestic doors instead, which are often little more than cardboard, fire can spread through a building in minutes. Fire doors are far more important than fire extinguishers, which frankly can be a liability because they encourage people to fight a fire rather than get out and call the Fire Service. Anyone who hasn't used a fire extinguisher would be astonished at how short a time they last, we're talking seconds not minutes.
  2. They articulated their anger with New Labour by throwing a bucket of water at John Prescott if I remember rightly.
  3. Skrewdriver were racist arseholes and never had a prayer of playing Glastonbury. They were also a very crap band.
  4. This year's Glastonbury has shown that the desperation, or at least the motivation hasn't gone, that's why Jeremy Corbyn was there. For the first time in years the youth apathy has been turned around. You can't blame them for being apathetic in the past, what was there to motivate someone to vote when the only choice was between The Tories and The New Labour Tories with essentially the same policies? That has changed. Regarding Metallica, they were always more part of the rock and roll circus than about serious rebellion in my opinion. The people who articulated anger in the UK were the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, Tom Robinson Band and Billy Bragg.
  5. This is good, I mean you can't not like it surely. Sigrid, Don't Kill My Vibe.
  6. I made a straightforward post about polyethylene and what I got back was uncalled for abuse and being called a twat. Now I agree that if you give it out you expect to take it, but I didn't. Do I talk to people here like that? No I don't.
  7. We'll see you tomorrow as well.
  8. Very colourful. You are wrong though. There may be worse materials inside a building because they give off toxic chemicals, but in terms of flammability polyethylene is about as bad as it gets. When I say essentially the same chemically as candle wax other than having a longer hydrocarbon chain I mean just that, both are long-chain crystalline aliphatic hydrocarbons. I was involved in fire research for a number of years and I'm a fire evacuation warden. You seem to have become rather abusive of late so maybe you're overtired, so we'll pop you to bed and see you tomorrow.
  9. It seems highly likely that the cladding contained a layer of polyethylene. This is a disastrous material in a fire, not only is it extremely flammable being essentially the same chemically as candle wax other than having a longer hydrocarbon chain, but when it catches fire it drips molten burning plastic. Some of the footage of the fire appears to show exactly that happening.
  10. A nice set from Elbow. And Jeremy Corbyn.
  11. Well a good question. The English breakfast I suppose and Fish and Chips, but beyond that it's not so clear. I'm sure that the well off who had staff and servants to cook for them got good food, but an awful lot of what was on offer to ordinary people was tasteless, bland, overcooked shite often served in restaurants by patronising waiters who made their contempt for the ordinary punters clear. That's the reason why there are so many Indian, Chinese, Italian etc places - not because they've somehow taken over, but because so much "English" food was crap despite what the celebrity chefs with their "Great British food revival" say.
  12. The band shown is not the one that recorded Oh Well. Fleetwood Mac was a British blues band and the song was written by Peter Green, the band illustrated is the American version that came later and produced MOR crap, albeit very lucrative MOR crap.
  13. Terrorist attack, horrific incident, it's just semantics. How many words can you use to describe the actions of the kind of arseholes who do this stuff to innocent members of the public?
  14. I agree, FGM may be endemic in certain cultures, but it's not acceptable in the UK. Furthermore I would be astonished if your opinion is shared by Jeremy Corbyn. He has always been strong on Women's rights.
  15. No you weren't, but others have and not just here on CC.