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  1. Malala Yousafzai

    Or not.
  2. Cunts Corner Software

    The software is up to date, which can be a mixed blessing.
  3. Moroccan cunts

    It depends. If they got treatment in time yes, once the symptoms of Rabies occur you've probably had it. Not a pleasant death apparently.
  4. G'day

    It wasn't, in fact no posts were deleted yesterday. The server was playing up and I suspect your post never arrived.
  5. Theresa May - Still alive, aah well.....

    Just what the country needs, another Eton educated ex-Bullingdon Club leader.
  6. Deleted posts

    Unless she was actually a horse.
  7. More liberal bollocks

    It wasn't helped though by the fact that the boy's equivalent was called Leader.
  8. Nonces being paid by the old bill

  9. The FlidSpack Game

    Well yes, I mean that's not unreasonable surely.
  10. Sir James Munby

    She's 17 and clearly a deeply disturbed person. Doubtless she has been difficult to handle, but doesn't deserve abuse from people who don't really know the full story.
  11. Jason Osamede Okundaye

    That's The Daily Mail, a "newspaper" renown for printing the truth.
  12. Cunts who won't pay their train fare

    Buffet cars are mostly a thing of the past now, the private rail companies are far too interested in shoehorning more and more punters into their nasty little plastic-lined units to provide onboard facilities such as catering and functioning toilets.
  13. I presume you are fine with all other fat little wankers who think they own the road. I'm impressed that you recognise obscenities in Polish though.
  14. The new design of CC

    As far as I can remember CC has always been blue, even the old posting board had a blue header.
  15. Residents of Gants Hill, London

    Mateus Rose, alcoholic Tizer for people who don't actually like wine. Perfect to go with your grey all the way through extra well done steak.