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  1. Just watched the interview with his brother who no doubt will be used as a poster boy by Corbynistas in their "tory cuts caused this" campaign. The interview was closely followed by one with that odious little toad Ken Livingston who went into full "I told you so" mode despite doing absolutely fuck all about muslim slum landlords renting out death traps in Wembley and other districts in North London during his corrupt tenure. No doubt he was too busy swallowing Lee Jasper's spunk between Phone calls inviting terrorists to set up shop in London.
  2. Is it just me that finds the prospect of holding a candlelit vigil at Grenfell tower in rather poor taste?
  3. The BBC is a den of Marxist vermin and terrorist sympathisers. It should be immediately shut down and confined to the landfill of history. Not before all of it's lefty biased journos are executed for crimes against broadcasting of course.
  4. So would I.....With a steel girder, right up her fucking arse.
  5. This fucking slut is a serious contender for cunt of the year. Not only did she drug her kids with sedatives but it was done to make them more amiable to the fraudulent suggestion that their father had sexually abused them. When she realised that she had been rumbled she abducted the kids and disappeared with them. Thankfully, there was a sensible judge handling this who hasn't been corrupted by the feminazi bollocks that has reduced the courts of this country to a travesty that soviet Russia would be ashamed of. I hope somebody grips this vile cunt and slowly roasts her alive over an open fire.
  6. This fucking fruitcake just doesn't know when to stop digging.
  7. The fuckwittery amongst the pakistanis and the diaspora stems from the generations of inbreeding in extended families. Bradford, for example, is hotbed of genetic deformation, due to uncles raping nieces and cousins raping cousins. With this kind of debauchery going on, of course there will be bad seed. I say ban marriages of this kind and carry out forced sterilisations on the dirty bastards.
  8. I say show Assad how chemical weapons should really be used. Have the RAF saturation bomb the whole of Syria with our remaining stocks of VX nerve gas, Sarin and Tabun. Throw in an assortment of Anthrax, Botulinum and small pox followed a week later by low yield tactical nuclear strikes. You then have a win win situation in that Assad and ISIS are no more and the West has a wasteland as a buffer zone against the heathen savages of the middle east. Simples.
  9. O'Leary made an utter cunt of himself when flights were grounded during the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The prick was prepared to ignore all scientific advice from the very people who designed the engines on his aircraft and that of highly experienced pilots. O'Leary is a fucking crook who should be beaten to death with a baseball bat walking dead style.
  10. This cunt always used to pop up accusing the entire non black population of being racist whenever criminal scum like Mark Duggan were blown away en route to their next murder. I'm glad he's dead and he and the huge chip on his shoulder burn in hell.
  11. The moral of the story here is that if the lazy bitch had ironed his shirts properly then none of this would have happened.
  12. I got bored with back copies of Der Stürmer.
  13. Burn in hell!
  14. The talentless Geordie slag has pushed out a sprog. I'd wager that that the baby's screaming sounds better than it's mother singing. Even money junior will be gargling Simon Cowell's spunk on his 18th birthday in return for a recording contract.
  15. This bunch of failed politicians, Marxist fuckwits, assorted weirdos and Alistair Campbell decided to have a fucking March through the centre of London to whine about Brexit creating the need for a large scale policing operation only a few days after a serious terrorist incident. They held a minute's silence for those who died. Well, that makes pissing on their graves Ok then does it you selfish dog turds? Any organisation that begins with the word "unite" tends to be affiliated with that filthy treasonous uber cunt Len McCluskey and his greedy bumboys who still think it's 1973 when they could hold the entire country to ransom while at the same time worship the USSR who were pointing several thousand Nuclear warheads at us. Still these fucktards don't get democracy.