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  1. Just as well. It can't be easy sticking your arse in the air when you've got the shits.
  2. Sounds like the sort who has to stand on chair to climb into his strides.
  3. I'm trying to work out which one of the cunts nicked my beach bag.
  4. When you put it that way, they don't actually have to do any of it if they don't want to. Just fuck islam off, how hard can it be?
  5. Yes please. And none of that pumped full of water crap that boils in the pan. I want it dry cured, on white, with HP. And while you're at it I'll have a few sliced mushrooms on it as well. Thanks Alf you're the best.
  6. I didn't want to say it but this was on my mind when I asked the question "what would it take?" I agree with Stubby, even that wouldn't be enough. At least the scented candle makers would do well out of it, unless of course the mussies deem that offensive too. Rick's too tired to log in just now, I imagine he's been up all night sat by the light of a solitary candle studying his manual of excuses.
  7. I wonder what the monarchy think about this.
  8. I wish I could unsee that.
  9. I googled "ugly fat woman with christmas lights" to see if I could find a picture of wadders celebrating the season but nothing came up. Well, she did say she was a looker.
  10. Did he manage to drop in the occasional "I'll have a P please Bob"?
  11. Welcome to my world you wide awake cunts. 3am every fucking day. Whyyyyyyyyyy?
  12. Fire up the vox, don't suffer in silence.
  13. I'm stocking up with pork scratchings and catapults.
  14. ... and marching walking like John Cleese.
  15. Have you been speeding again punky?