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  1. Oh is that where they keep the sex pest register these days?
  2. Has she set up a charity website yet?
  3. Funny how they all have a face you'd enjoy punching.
  4. I have just pissed my pants, you are one funny fucking individual.
  5. I despise these fucktards. After 15 minutes, when you've got through the "for appointments press 1, to cancel an appointment press 2, for test results press 3, for emergency press 4, if you have died while waiting, press 5, to hear these options again press or 0 or ring back later" debacle, you should tell the cunt you got your hand stuck down the waste disposal and when you pulled it out all your fingers were missing and blood was spurting out all over. So you tried to fish them out with your other hand and when you pulled it out all your other fingers on your other hand are now missing and even more blood is spurting all over. You have had to phone up using only your thumbs, and you have lost so much blood you are feeling rather faint. Ask her if it's anything to worry about or should you just carry on doing the washing up in which case apologise for wasting her valuable time. If you hear "greensleeves" the cunt has put you on hold.
  6. Eeee, tha can't beat a bit a yorksheeeurh.
  7. Nobody talks proper like wot you do punky. Go on, give us bit of Tim Nice But Dim.
  8. I'm working Scarborough big top this weekend if you wanna come along and support me. £6 on the door.
  9. You're getting into the realms of west yorkshire now. 80% of all wezzies own a caravan, 19% want one, 1% don't know.
  10. Does it say PLEASE WASH ME on the back by any chance?
  11. The only thing worse than that is when it happens when your car is 2 days old. I can only hope the cunt who did that has had a few sleepless nights worrying if they were on CCTV.
  12. Ann Robinson looks a bit miserable as usual.
  13. If you take the queer cunts out of the equation, the ratio of men to women employed by the beeb would probably be about even. Not just at the beeb, but most of the entertainment industry in general is run by benders, no wonder puppetry of the penis national tour is still running. The pervy poof weirdo cunts running the venues can't get enough of it. They're even promoting it at family venues amidst a flood of complaints which they blatantly ignore. As for the difference in pay, no matter what they get they're all overpaid. Claudia Wankaman's salary, although a great deal lower than what the blokes get, is way too high for this talentless cunt with zero personality. The amount of money these cunts get is obscene. Almost makes me look forward to being a pensioner and get me free licence, yeah that'll learn em.
  14. Sort of reminds me of withers and ding.
  15. You asking for bitty again Neil?