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  1. It's not something I would ever do, I suppose because I cook for other people and it wouldn't be right. I do know a chef though, who regularly drops food on the floor and slaps it on the punters plates. Whenever a customer complains about the way the steak is cooked and he has to re-do the order, he drops the steak on the floor, and stamps on it before serving it up. He also goes in the walk-in fridge to scratch his balls and apply talcum powder to his sweaty crotch. So maybe the 5 second floor drop rule isn't so bad after all.
  2. Strolling about on damp grass, eating way too much rich food, drinking. Sounds like a recipe for gout.
  3. Strange how these shit stabbing cunts are "out and proud" - proud of their crap covered cocks. Yet when they're get AIDS they're too ashamed to admit it.
  4. Those flabby arsed pants say he's been there a while.
  5. Awe, sorry to hear he's brown bread. Not getting an invite to the pissup is a bit of a cunt though. I'm claiming a refund.
  6. Never mind all that. When admin starts strolling around with his begging bowl then you'll have cause for concern.
  7. Only ever see him commentating these days.
  8. Yeah, like most people, he's at his best when challenged. He definitely throws a few frames to make it interesting for himself. I reckon he's already bored of it and will chuck it soon. Bored but never boring, Steve Davis is a cunt.
  9. He will. Lost my favourite boy Ken and I don't think Ronnie will go on much longer, unfortunately.
  10. I prefer watching the snooker.
  11. Even if. I'd rather play dirt on ps4 than encourage the daft cunts to pile their cars up for real, trying to beat the latest record by .000000001 of a second.
  12. Or the car. Bet it didn't even have a half decent radio.
  13. Anybody donating to this is a muggy cunt. That's what insurance is for!!!!
  14. My nearest post office has become entwined in one of these shitpits which has a fucking £1 shop in the back room. There must be 25 Patels living in the one bed flat above coz you never see the same one twice. All the cunts are interested in is what's in the parcel. Fuck that. Overnight carrier takes the good stuff, hermes takes the shite, while I put my feet up with a cuppa.
  15. Don't know what the figures are but it seems to me that a huge amount of people who work don't actually have a proper job. How can they possibly benefit from a public holiday when they're on a zero hour contract? What a thick dinosaur corbyn is. Render the cunt down, we could do with the oil.