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  1. Paedos never entered my head to be honest, I don't live in a country that assumes that everyone's a potential paedophile. The threat is no more prevalent now than it was back in the day but some how the British media have managed to convince the British public that their children are in constant danger of peadophiles albeit that the offenders are more often than not 'trusted' family members.
  2. Conservative Christians are of the very same Ilk as conservative Muslims, I can't differentiate between the two of them, they both boil in their own piss when concerning themselves with issues that no one else gives a flying fuck about.
  3. It's a case of 'monkey see monkey do' as many in her generation are no longer capable of thinking for themselves feeling the need to conform and adhere to the latest social standard. Tattoos are a fashion accessory that's happening now, soon the fashion will change and she'll be stuck with something that's naff and old hat.
  4. I don't mind a bit of marge but only when I come across that some stupid fucking cunt has left the butter in fridge.
  5. I don't know who they are but that doesn't stop me from thinking that they are utter cunts that should skip the old people's home going straight onto the crematorium.
  6. Oh I like those too, I like it when they hang heavy duty padlocks and large cans of Dulux paint from them.
  7. I hope that I never have to find out. Fucking idiots, they make me sick.
  8. I've noticed that there's a lot of good looking women getting these large body embellishes sprawled all over them. I think that they're trying to be 'edgy', they're going to look fucking edgy when they're in their 60's when the tattoos have lost their detail and look like they're suffering from some nasty skin complaint, they're going to look like minging shit.
  9. Funnily enough he actually served in France, Belgium and the Netherlands chasing the Krauts into Germany after landing on Gold beach. Bombed and shot at over months and months he still thought he had it easier than my Nan did in London.
  10. Is gay sex a sin? He should have just said 'I dunno, my arse is a one way traffic zone. Do you take it up the Gary Glitter you nosy cunt? Fuck off.
  11. I wonder if Teresa May 'the vicar's daughter' thinks that bumming is a sin? Has anyone even asked her? Probably not, probably won't either.
  12. I've past even giving it a thought. I walked past it a couple off weeks ago with all these tourists cunts queuing up for hours to get in, and it was raining. Cunts.
  13. That's about it, most of it's a souvenir shop flogging memories of death, destruction and depravity, utterly depressing and something I avoid at all costs.
  14. The only people that have been fitted up is the McCann's themselves... by the media and a mass of cunts that claim that 'they would never have left their child in a alone in a holiday appartement' which highly disingenuous because most people have done exactly that. including myself.
  15. Fuck me is she done to fucking death here, excuse the pun. Fucking Anne Frank, like she was the one and only person to die in a Nazi concentration camp. I've never been to the Anne Frank museum, I refuse to go to the Anne Frank museum on the grounds that it's boring shit and I'd rather spend my time in Amsterdam getting pissed,stoned and shagged. Who goes to one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the world to get fucking depressed by dead Jews?