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  1. The Liberal Democrats change their leaders more often than I change my underpants.
  2. What batteries does he use?
  3. His spawn is a load of anal seepage to. Like father, like cunt
  4. She can't even be bothered to debate him. If Corbyn's the cunt she keeps saying he is then debate him. She's assumed that Brexit guarantees her getting elected, The illusive Mrs May has also said that she won't be divulging anything to the public before or during the Brexit negotiations, nothing, you'll have to wait until the negotiations are finished before you'll know what the fuck she's gawn and done. That's respect for you. you don't need to know anything they cook up, it seems that you don't deserve to know what you've ultimately voted for until it's too late. Very open and transparent. Not even the 'undemocratic' EU gangsters are that furtive when they've already published and put their Briexit manifesto on the table keeping us filthy foreigners informed at every step, at least we know what their stance is even at this point of the proceedings and it's all about defending our joint interests. Good luck there.
  5. I think I was referring to Mark Rutte's comments on Brexit in the Telegraaf just after our election. Rutte's choosing his coalition partners based on his VVD manifesto which in part wants to take the Netherlands out of the euro zone and negotiate concessions regarding trade. Rutte thinks that Brexit has given the government leverage to force the reforms the Netherlands needs to continue the recovery we're experiencing. His opinion is that if Teresa May thinks that she can demand concessions from outside of the EU then it's only right that the Netherlands can demand concessions from inside of the EU. That's pretty much the general consensus within the EU at the moment, if the UK expect special treatment then why not everyone else? What EU directives do you think has lead to the older generation 'at least' feeling persecuted and hard done by? I asked my Brexit voting parents the very same question where they got the hump with me when they couldn't come up with an answer. What directive, rule or regulation don't you like that caused you to vote yourselves out of the EU? They couldn't name one, not one except for something to do with straight cucumbers and what colour their passports will be once they've left the EU, passports that they won't be using to visit Europe because Europe is dangerous, full of rapists and terrorists and you can't get a decent cupper.
  6. The Dutch are being pragmatic on the back of the EU commission's intentions to soften of the rules for remaining member states post Brexit, reforms that are now on the cards thanks to the UK, reforms that the UK could have achieved from being inside the tent pissing out and reforms that the other members states are now pushing for. The UK has never been a fully fledged member of the EU so it's hard see how that would ever had changed and could have been something to build on and taken further advantage of. To my knowledge no one else had a problem with the UK getting the best deal for it's self over the years as other states do the very same, negotiate with the other soveriegn countries and the commission for deals and concessions that suit the individual states, it's called democracy and sovereignty. So Mrs Roops. Where do you think that this prevalent persecution complex stems from regarding Brexit voters and why do you think that the EU and Europeans in general are seen and considered to be your enemy?
  7. Absolutely, and taking full advantage of there being no real alternative or opposition in UK politics at present.