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  1. Ding. The Man. The Myth. The Cunt.

    This one is for you, Ding, you dead cunt. May your passing from this world, face down in your chemical toilet, have been mercifully quick.
  2. Ding. The Man. The Myth. The Cunt.

    Fucking beautiful, I'm hooked. HBO, are you fucking watching?
  3. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Drew getting breathalysed on his way back from one of his tri-daily trip to farm foods lol
  4. Cromer on Lockdown

    Fuck off, I'm busy.
  5. Fox Hunting

    Quite right too, rules are rules afterall. I've had time to think about my actions and although I can't speak for Ed, I freely concede that you're certainly not a man to cross. Even Roops appears to be in awe of you and freely lets you have the run of the site, turning a blind eye through fear at your baiting of young Edward's family. It appears that a new age has dawned on the corner and you've bested the old guard in combat. As one who has fought Roops and lost, you have my ongoing admiration and respect as you continue to tell it like it is and break the rules. God bless you Stubbs, and long may uppity mods quake in fear of you. Never change.
  6. Fox Hunting

    Understood. Stubby, my apologies, there's clearly a difference.
  7. Cromer on Lockdown

    I find it completely astonishing how ill-prepared the local constabulary were on this one, Proper. Last week was Cromer carnival, probably the biggest event in the town's calendar, so you would imagine that the police presence would have been more visual than the alleged four coppers who were left to hold the fort on Saturday. Also, in a twist of irony, one of the official traveller sites that this scum used was directly next door and overlooked by the local police station, which in turn is overlooked by North Norfolk District Council. From talking to old colleagues at the L.A., it was clear that plenty of warning was given for the potential for trouble, yet no extra force was drafted in. Heads should roll, and maybe the residents of North Norfolk will look at this and realise that their Tory majority council are part of a party that allow situations like this to occur through their stringent cuts. Norman Lamb can suck my fucking cock.
  8. Ken Cheng

    I imagine that Stan Boardman and Bernard Manning are de rigueur at the Manky family's ancestral hovel. When you've finally exited the seventies 40 or so years after the rest of the country, you'll no doubt start waxing lyrical about the cutting edge humour of the Chuckle Brothers.
  9. Cromer on Lockdown

    A complete fucking farce. 17 pikeys putting the fear of God into a town of nigh on 8000 people. Shops and pubs closing in fear, and the four policemen on duty cowering at their station. Anyone would have thought that the beaches were being stormed by Viking raiders, the fucking faggot cunts.
  10. Fox Hunting

    I'd ask Stubby The Snitch to inform on you over this, but I suspect that he'd be wasting his breath. If you weren't such an interminable fucking wanker, it would almost be impressive how you continuously get away with making such references. What have you got on Roops?
  11. Cunts with freckles

  12. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    Job done, Ed, you're clique employee of the month x Stubby, you've been absolutely battered tonight, yet again. If your grand scheme of victory is posting angry, mindless, rattled drivel, then grassing and hiding behind Roops' skirts, you should chuck yourself in your own tired and clichéd wood chipper.
  13. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    The greatest thing about being Decimus, apart from being the funniest cunt on here, is that not only do I get the blame for all of the so called clique's unpopular activities, I also appropriate everything entertaining that's ever been said by you. Stubby, kill yourself™
  14. Theresa May - Still alive, aah well.....

    Jesus Christ. Somebody make me fucking laugh.