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  1. Incarcerated for 36 days. A travesty of justice.

  2. I know it's not me, unless reporting one post in a year makes me a prolific grass. And to be honest I don't care if it is one of the others either, and I won't believe it anyway unless Roops can show evidence of it. Anyway, get your snitching hat on, I'm planning something big.
  3. As soon as Ding engages Google mode, a PM will go straight to Snatch regarding this comment. In three months time once the Harry and the Henderson's cunt has realised the implication of your comment, a grassing PM will head its way to straight to Admin. Before you know it, you and I will be top and tailing in a piss soaked cooler bunk bed trying to avoid Bill and his scat fetish.
  4. A picture is long overdue. Can you do us some sort of battle royale image with everybody kicking the fuck out of each other? I want Ding dressed as Compo from Last of The Summer Wine, Snatch as Piltdown Man and Withers as some sort of beret wearing Peter Sutcliffe type character. I don't even care if you make me a dwarf, just get it done.
  5. So bored that you keep replying. At least Ding appears to have engaged his brain and taken on my advice about ignoring me. You however will keep biting, on and on and on. My little Snitch monkey on a string, desperately bashing his keyboard in impotent rage as he attempts to formulate coherent arguments in his tiny, monkey brain. Grassing cunt.
  6. Think of the children, Drew.
  7. He's shit hot, isn't he? Fuck Quincy. Ev, you're in.
  8. Forgive me for going all Ding, ev, but I feel like a multi-quote is the best way to explain what is happening here. What you typed, with its clever word play, was indeed very funny. Unfortunately, young Snitcher here has neither the wit or intelligence to appreciate any sort of humour beyond fart jokes. His feeble attempt at buttering you up to take the heat off of him is almost as pathetic and desperate as his grassing antics.
  9. Your fucking dead.
  10. He doesn't need to, your constant denial sssssayssss it all. No good, grassing cunt.
  11. Is this you at yours? Try and engage the spell check function every now and again if your (yes your) basic education has left you scratching your brow ridge over basic grammar and spelling.
  12. Sssssilence Ssssssnitch, you ssssslithering grass.
  13. Shut up Snatch you stupid cunt, I was talking to the organ grinder. If I wanted to converse with a monkey, I'd go to the fucking zoo. I imagine that even the ape creatures of the Indus valley would have mastered the difference between your and you're after it had been pointed out to them for the 6785th time. Have a banana, you neanderthal cunt, the potassium might improve you I.Q.
  14. As much as it pains me to admit it, I've actually missed your input over the past week. That's in no way a compliment, it's just indicative of how fucking awful the rest of the content around here has been recently. I hope you get seriously ill before your return home and have been awfully lax with your holiday insurance.
  15. Fucking class, possibly your best yet. I'll be back to like it when my quota is replenished.