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  1. The only "small lunch under canvas" you will be consuming will be some opportunistic homo's cock under a tarp out the back of the catering tent. You will find the hoi polloi actually watch the golf, rather than playing with balls and a shaft like you. You really are an A grade diamond tipped fuckstick.
  2. Radler? Never heard of it. They must only into the homosexual market. Drink up Drew.
  3. Not my cup of tea, 'Baws. However....
  4. I wish we had them here. My cousin lived in Cambridge and the cunt used to text me photos of him and his mates sitting on Jesus Green in the sun, drinking pints of Buntingford. Sink piss in a park here and you will end up burnt to a crisp, arrested, beat up or all three.
  5. Try the "reverse kanga". This involves sitting on the throne facing the sistern. See if this helps. Failing that, move to the states, where the bogs start off full and you can deliver a breech otter safe in the knowledge there can be no marks. Total water birth.
  6. Have you ever tried anal, punkers? Something other than your usual passive position?
  7. I wonder if Frank has props that can portray a useless heap of unfunny shit. You might get a ride in a Pagoda.
  8. I simply can't wait.
  9. I have not been around long enough to understand the sheer pointlessness of applescruff. Can someone enlighten me?
  10. This is why I like Frank.
  11. Some enterprising cunt needs to come up with "chopper dust". I can't remember what a blow job is.
  12. The appearance of you, for a start. Make this miscarriage of fallopian pecking order your first priority, Frank.
  13. Fortunately you frogs have a long and illustrious back catalogue of comedy to fall back on.
  14. I see Frank is back. The man everyone loves to hate, but I for one find his contributions amusing.
  15. It is called the furry cup, CB. English is a wonderful language.