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  1. You fart sniffing cunt. Your humour matches hers, in that there isn't any.
  2. That's actually pretty funny panzer. Have a like.
  3. Yet more cerebral dynamite from the corners own Noam Chomsky and his muse there.
  4. Scintillating discussion boys. I can hardly wait for the next instalment.
  5. Following on from Wolfie's nom about cunt real estate agents, anyone who feels the need to advertise the maxim that money can't buy taste by wearing any watch bigger than 42mm across is similarly a cunt. Cunts getting around with fucking clocks on their wrists shit me to tears. Wake up to yourselves, for fucks sake.
  6. Smarmy two faced lying cunts. No other job requires you to lie to both sides at the same time. Plus they make a sickening amount of money off other peoples hard work, and cunt around in their sharp suits, big fucking watches, twat haircuts and flash cars. I despise the cunts as the talentless bullshitting duplicitous arsehats they are.
  7. cursing myself for wasting precious time reading this shit nom.
  8. What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Your case worker needs to adjust your dosage. With any luck, fatally. Nonsensical flog.
  9. Atrocious spelling and punctuation as always, but I agree with the sentiment. He looks a "proper" twat.
  10. No need to drag politics into this. Panzer and his lack of sense transcends even politics. The pointless fucknuckle
  11. I see you have added "unable to read instructions" to your growing resume. But you are at least trying, by posting multiple noms, as nonsensical as they are.
  12. What the fuck? Kim jong un makes more sense than this cunt.
  13. More pointless banality from our resident waste of time there.
  14. Fuck me dead, Punkers made me laugh. There's a like.
  15. Decs was at least funny. He gets the arse while complete nonsensical knob ends like panzer and punkape are tolerated. Why is that?