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  1. Good nom, Eddie. I had one cunt at work get up in my grille all the time, and luckily I had just had a can of chipotle tuna. I did a silent burp, blew I subtlety in his direction,and viola. Never again.
  2. These were the dunny lurkers. Pretty rare to see one in the house though. When shithouses were outside however..... My son and his mate, (both 9) were fucking around outside last summer in the backyard and said they found a redback under a brick they picked up. They came inside and told me, to which I replied "bollocks you did", but went to have a look, and sure enough. We are taught to be aware from a young age out here, spiders are dangerous, but you have to be unlucky or stupid to be bitten. We tend to be a litte blasé about them. Snakes are a different matter though, they are quick, aggressive, and can strike from a distance. We stay well away from those fuckers!
  3. It's just a huntsman. These fuckers greet me when bring firewood in from the shed....
  4. English is sometimes a challenge for us down here. All that oxygen deprivation sitting in filthy hulks on the Thames did us no favours. Not to mention the weevil hard tack and rancid water on the journey out. Having said that, the shit in your hat line made me laugh.
  5. who is it then, big shot?
  6. Nice to see you back Frank.
  7. Nice slippers Adolf.
  8. or you cunts blasting the shit out of most of south Australia
  9. Change the record or make it funny, Stubby.
  10. English is a wonderful language, Terence. Cum shrapnel from a faring faggots arsehole....... Bravo!
  11. Our foreign aid policy needs a fucking good looking at too. Why should socially and technically advanced nations work their arses off just so backward cunts can keep living in the stone age. All the foreign aid in the world will not drag Afghanistan or Somalia into the modern age.
  12. How could any reasonable woman resist such an offer Terry. But it appears they do. Not everyone likes steak, I suppose.
  13. Spackdau Ballet?
  14. I think the Vikings took all the good looking ones 1000 years ago, and this is what is left.... Christ, they are better out here on average, and we are all sun ravaged convicts.
  15. I was referring to his audience. He must be slightly smarter and with fewer scruples.