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  1. Female footy commentators

    Sort it out Neil you stupid fucking perverted cunt.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/RKaL3hE.jpg
  3. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Not to mention vulcanised rubber, and ribbed plastic.
  4. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Get a room guys. Don't forget the guns.
  5. Good Game , Good Game

    Brought a tear to my eye that did, Baws. I feel like I could've been reading the tags on his flower bouquets for a minute there.
  6. Crackerjack cunts

    I hope this site has enough fucking bandwidth for the answer to that.
  7. Good Game , Good Game

    Cue, not only the limitless celebrity anecdotes, but also all the people who claim he had wandering hands and chin 'back in the day'. RIP to him I say. He was an odd shaped fucker, probably farted dust, and was about as funny as root canal treatment, but at least he wasn't a complete and utter cunt.
  8. Bring back Eddie

    He's still on here by proxy anyway, on account of being able to share the screen of a Korean knock-off iphone, with a certain FA Cup headed cholesterol-hoarding ham planet at their chippendale themed car wash.
  9. The Jam Rag Ad I've Just Watched

    Now I can't shake the thought of 4 billion women all dropping clots at the same time. That's the post-lunch wank sorted.
  10. Moroccan cunts

    He knows about it because he rode the poor fucking thing over there. The gang of kids only shagged it after they heard somebody shout "That Donkey has a right proper cunt on it!"
  11. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    Spice Girls re-union.
  12. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    That's a bit rich coming from a Scot. The reason why Scandinavian birds are so nice looking is because the Vikings left all the fat, ugly cunts up there.
  13. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I reckon about four.
  14. Donald trump

    Get a fucking avatar, then have a shandy bass with a toilet duck chaser. You fucking low-rent spastic.
  15. Mornin...

    No, it's not that. I'd recognise that smell anywhere.