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  1. Society needs protection from psychos like yourself who wish to become judge and jury for sex offenders then commit murder. A maniac like you should be interred with the offenders he wishes to torture and persecute.( obviously not on the same wing ). You're a low grade nutter.
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  11. You're being horribly working class again. I bet you voted for Corbyn........ as well as being a wannabe scoutmaster..... Lol.
  12. I think it's great that some of the Cuntscorner bum mafia have been rightfully barred. I was being victimised and pointed the finger...... lol.
  13. YMCA are a gay stereotype....just like you..,.. lol.
  14. Catholicism doesn't allow suicide. Sod off.
  15. You should meet and introduce yourself to the Admin team at Cuntscorner........