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  1. Are you on the the game this weekend as usual ?
  2. Show us your Tattoos Ape...... on second thoughts fuck off to Tesco to get your slop for the weekend. You working class wanker.....I bet you're a nailed on voter for Corbyn in the election too. Fuck off. lol.
  3. Was your husband a Gypsy too ?
  4. Disgraceful.Golf is so important. This is a dreadful nom but unsurprisingly it's from Ape who has tattoos and shops in Tesco.I shop at places where thankfully hoi-polloi like Ape are minimised by reassuringly expensive produce and site.Cunts like Ape wouldn't fit in on the contract-cleaning of the disabled toilets if the places I shop in. Fuck off.
  5. Reported..... abuse of family.
  6. Or saying Brexit with the Customs Union,continued Single Market and Freedom of movement is still Brexit.
  7. You have a dungeon at work ? Are you a warder at Al-Gruaib prison in Baghdad ?
  8. I hope you get Ebola and Measles from a Nigerian then quickly dissolve into a murky pool. lol.
  9. You should go to your beaks at the University and get yourself back in the halls of residence.
  10. He has AIDS as well.... lol.
  11. Your cavity is sold to anyone at Kings Cross..... lol.
  12. Have you fed your horse today ?
  13. I wouldn't use it myself.
  14. I actually quite like it. There's always some cunt moaning and groaning about bollocks or prevaricating about some perceived grievance where none exists.This phrase is a polite and dicreet way of moving things forward. I'm starting to tire of your input and ill thought out,silly nominations. I would like you to consider posting on another board or undertake some external imrovment training. Fuck off.