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  1. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    It would be good on Mastermind however when asked "Occupation " you replied "Cunt Inspector".It would be like an IED going off at the BBC.........
  2. Fox Hunting

    He'll be on trial soon in the Algarve.... lol.
  3. Fox Hunting

    You're advocating torture and execution again. You should be in Broadmoor with Peter Sutcliffe.
  4. Fox Hunting

    More intriguing for you is whether Portugal still have the death penalty if you're found guilty.....,
  5. Fox Hunting

    You may have to stand trial if you're charged.....
  6. Fox Hunting

    How are the Police supposed to Police 30 or 40 men, women and children on horseback allegedly chasing a fox.....does that merit use of a Police helicopter for the day ? It's easier to police Millwall supporters. Fuck you and fuck off.
  7. Fox Hunting

    The vast majority of the hunting community work, create jobs, look after the countryside, pay their taxes and are hugely law abiding..........Then we have the "traveller" community...... You have no moral platform to object to anything. Are you still on the game ?
  8. Fox Hunting

    Their father wasn't interviewed by the Portuguese Police in the Algarve...
  9. Fox Hunting

    A friend of mine has a hat made out of a foxes pelt with the stuffed and preserved head of the fox fashioned as peak/central mounting. He often wears it to the races or one of the local point to points and it causes great hilarity.All his children hate foxes and love the hat.
  10. Fox Hunting

    King's cross for you no doubt....usual customers..
  11. Fox Hunting

    AIDS clinic for you today? lol.
  12. Fox Hunting

    You're beginning to sound like some supercilious and self-important game show host. Fuck off.
  13. Fox Hunting

    It's actually none of your business and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it anyway.I know many people involved in hunting and they are far from chinless wonders.They would all kick fuck out of an airfix model making creepy fuckwit such as yourself. I don't hunt myself but don't have an issue with eradication of vermin. Rat, fox same thing. The Police in Cheshire have indicated they have neither the time, nor man/ lesbian power to pursue this nonsense and they rightly prioritise more important "crime". Fuck off.
  14. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    As well as Admin you could be appointed as a Cunt Inspector for your local mosque to keep an eye on Female Genital Mutilation issues......
  15. Sunday Trading Laws

    What sort of glue do you use on your chopper ? lol. Peasant.