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  1. Fox Hunting

    He straps his wrists to his rigid cock.
  2. Bruce Forsyth

    Nobody could accuse Brucie of being chinless.
  3. Fox Hunting

    I have never been on the game but you seem to be fond of the "game" Fuck Off lol
  4. Fox Hunting

    But you were Fuck Off lol
  5. Fox Hunting

    The "point to points " being Manchester Piccadilly Station to Canal Street. Fuck Off lol
  6. Fox Hunting

    I hate London .. it is a puffs place. Fuck Off
  7. Ken Cheng

    Tim Vine won it in 2014 with "I decided to sell my Hoover... well it was just collecting dust."
  8. Fox Hunting

    The irony is that these dopey cunts are once again shooting the Pine Marten .. The one animal that has been proven to eliminate grey squirrels and thus help restore the red squirrel population on the basis that they also take game birds.
  9. The Book Of The Dead

    Catwoman, Benny, Flinty, Drew Peacock, Judge Twit, London M, The Colonel and his abusers to name but a few.
  10. Why is Judgetwi so shy?

    Poor Drew Peacock .. The swede who turned into a turnip
  11. People who rent vans to Arab types

    The real classic was when Catwoman used to get Judge gagging for breath.
  12. Public Libraries

    He also liked to have an "hog" between his thighs and liked Westward Ho!
  13. Public Libraries

    As in an "Notel"?
  14. Public Libraries

    Classic Judge .. who was a Nazi cunt.
  15. Public Libraries

    Classic Ding