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  1. Back in the mid 1960s we had two highly advanced aircraft. TRS2 that was already flying under test and the P1154 which was a supersonic version of Harrier that was fairly close to the build and test stage. Both were abandoned .. the stories were that Lord Mountbatten did not like them. We did of course do well with the harriers but the order for the american built alternative to TSR2 the F111 was eventually cancelled.
  2. Backalong there was an old man who lived in my village who had lost the bottom part of his right leg when he was caught in a gin trap overnight when he was out poaching for rabbits.
  3. This is a wicked nom .. they were simply crowd funding petrol.
  4. On my arsebook list of friends is a quite witty muslim lady of Pakistani extraction, in er early 40s and quite pretty, she as two teenaged sons. Her hubby fucked off to Pakistan several years ago and married another woman there after doing a "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee". I have actually met her and my guess is that in another world she could quickly find another husband. However she is stuck in her muslim faith following the rituals and at a dead end .. she does work full time. But I would be little surprised if one or both of her sons get trapped in this jihadist shit. Her faith utterly fucks her up.
  5. Fundamental Islam is the perfect fruitcake set of beliefs, just as long as you are totally convinced (as so many of them are) it is a win, win situation, follow the rules and you go to paradise .. indeed death is the best option especially if you kill some infidels on the way out.
  6. Life is genuinly cheap in these type of societies. Most families have lost children (who have gone to paradise.. they really do believe this shit), they just have plenty of children and family members to spare. One of the south african moslems I knew explained this to me .. mothers are actually delighted that their children have "gone to allah".
  7. The odd thing is that we have reached an impasse regarding dealing with the several moslem practices that do not fit into our society, yet we seem to have no difficulty visibly dealing with some of the pagan practices indulged in by people of african and caribean and other origins.
  8. One story I read about was during the 1980s a supply of food was shipped to Somalia, when one of the relief worked thought that one or two of the better fed locals looked as if they were going to snaffle some of the food for themselves he joked "be careful some of it might contain pig meat". The local went back to report to some chief or whatever and they refused to accept the shipment.
  9. We had a few moslems on the railway at Crewe 3 of them were Pakistani and would not touch anything that was Haram the other two were South African asian moslems and they seemed to eat anything regardless of whether it contained pork or not.
  10. During the late 1970s one of the UN agencies supplied Iraq with a large amount of wheat seed. The seed had a pink coloured pesticide dressing. The supply was clearly marked for sowing only and not for human consumption.This did not stop the daft cunts in one town from deciding to miss the sowing stage out and to grind the wheat seed into a nice pink flour. The flour was then baked into bread with a nice pink bloom .. as a result of people eating this bread several dozen people died and hundreds more became seriously ill. At the following inquiry the blame was put on the people being poorly educated.
  11. Is your new property in Bellend?
  12. Don't you like my hijab?
  13. I'd like to see you getting an airing .. by falling out of a plane at 15,000 feet without a parachute