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  1. Its the incontinence .. what a cunt
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  3. That is not a nice thing to say about Ape
  4. Your mouth
  5. I am a disabled pensioner and the battery is duff on my mobility scooter so I can't go out today Apey.
  6. Just thinking @Witheredscrote could you possibly copy and repost Ape's comment as you own and then I would be able to giggle at it
  7. Gosh .. if someone clever like Panzer, Ding or Punker's had said that it would have been funny!
  8. Coffins tend to be static, no need to dodge and weave to avoid them. Did you mean "coughing"?
  9. Yes .. the late shop does come in handy at times.
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  11. Yes .. its bank holiday weekend too so its double rates.
  12. Don't worry the ambulance is coming for you Minger's.
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  14. But you have no humour to be less.