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  1. Parkour. Thick gravy loving cunt.
  2. Could you promote the idea of euthanasia to him?
  3. You can use that for the remix on the b-side (Skin 'ead Eddie's Remix)
  4. Ding eats in the bedsit on his own In the only town he's ever known He'll die there, geriatric and alone But he's made up his mind take the caravan to Skegness one last time
  5. Caps lock and italics? You're losing it snatch, and quickly. Sad to see really.
  6. At least I'm not getting to either of you eh? Forget about it if you can, calm down and enjoy your flindus crispy pancakes in front of the telly at the halfway house together lads.
  7. I can assure you that, if it wasn't for the rules of this forum, I'd lay the accusations on much thicker too. You, Eric and 'eavens are the three most thin skinned, snivelling little runts this site has seen in quite some time.
  8. I make huge personal sacrifices for the greater good. I'm a bit of a martyr in that respect. And very modest too.
  9. Listening to thick cunts like you has slowly dulled my critical faculties. What's yours? Dodgy beef during the 1990s I reckon.
  10. No, you're right. I shouldn't have abused this nom so early on. The subject matter is so fascinating and appealing to the broad majority that it would of garnered weeks of topical debate, intelligent discourse and friendly disagreement. You're not the worst on here, but that's really not much consolation given the current standards. Up your game or fuck off.
  11. Do you just give your likes out because you think someone more informed might find it funny?
  12. PunkApe has to shove an industrial sized plug up his arse these days. Incontinence pads wouldn't last 5 minutes the amount of leakage pouring out of his hideous anus.
  13. Ah right not surprising I'd never heard of this. Fucking mugs.
  14. I've never seen someone do this. What is the benefit? Some kind of VAT scam or coupon obsessed pikeys? Or do you just live next to a mental home for OCD sufferers?
  15. I've been working on Operation Yewtree so my exposure to your utter filth has been strictly professional.