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  1. That's FlidSpack attack!
  2. Come on wolf, Decs isn't THAT fucking thick?
  3. Not a hard decision considering the alternatives were the sturge or that DUP bloke Arlene. Forced cunniligus at the barrel of an armalite...
  4. Welcome back wolf, you've missed controversy and intrigue. Poor old Ricky boys cor-bin man crush has reached epic proportions and like any good commie sends those who don't agree to the gulags. Whatever you do don't call him a twat, especially here on Cunts Corner or you'll be off down the salt mines, punkape waiting for you and roops with the Misery style punishments. Worse than that, you might share a bunk with MC and have to listen to his constant stream of xenophobic, daily mail bullshit, the useless cunt.
  5. What do spackers use to stop their cows roaming away from unenclosed common land?
  6. Ex AB of C, lord Carey, has had to resign because it's come out that he ignored pleas from a woman who was vicar raped by some cunt, who on release from prison was allowed back to the same fucking church. She wrote to him when she found this out but was fobbed off and lied to. Carey should go to jail for this the paedo protecting, fairy worshiping nonce lover. And burn down Westminster Abby whilst we're at it with all the paedo priests inside. The lords work indeed
  7. We all remember the riots in lundon when the police rightly shot some gun totting scum bag pretending to be a set trippin' OG from the da hood of Compton causing all the bluds to trash the place making it even fucking worse than it was. A much small disturbance happen a few nights ago when scum bags of the same ilk kicked off after one of their bro's died "because of police brutality innit". Said little shits claimed serious injuries to head, neck and spine, a broken collar bone and bleeding on the brain. Well fuck me sideways, a post-mortem found no signs of these or any other injuries only packages in his throat, as yet unknown. So the twat died hiding drugs, serves him fucking right.
  8. A 21 year old man has been charged with abusing a 4 year old girl in Manchester today. WTF is going on! I hope the police kick fuck into him, break all his fingers and toes and crush his balls flat. This cunt should die in custody with nobody batting an eyelid.
  9. And you know this how? Kebab shop rape gang catch you after falling asleep waiting for a greasy doner?
  10. Punkers would be beside him self on this. All those young men and seamen! In reality the boot necks would tow him out to sea for a bit of GPMG practice
  11. I'm sure cor-bin will blame the Tory's for this
  12. I knew I could rely on an utter cunt like you!
  13. You're a stupid fucking twat who can't help a brain dump of the rabid shit contained within. Most will be able to refrain themselves from advocating full on genocide even if tongue in cheek. These comments will probably get this site up on the radar and shut down, luckily I sense a long spell in the cooler due to the fact you're a retarded, racist piece of dog shit who lacks basic common sense. Fuck off you pig shit thick cunt.
  14. To be fair scroters, most would share a bed with a geriatric, racist Greek or even Franks vile corpse than entertain a froggie between the sheets.
  15. Why is everyone being so fucking nice to each other? Do we need to ask permission to call one another a cunt these days and then state we weren't offended by said cunt calling us a cunt? It's almost like punters see our mods as humourless twats and we all know this can't be true. Ding obviously wants to avoid the cooler at all costs-maybe decs is waiting for him sharpening one of franks rib bones as a stabbing tool!