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  1. It's all total horse shit. When you snuff it our fresh corpse should be chucked in the sea to enrich the marine environment and recycle our molecules like what be happening for 4 billion years. I personally would like to be left in the woods and my decomposition studied with cameras filming the foxes and flesh Beatles turning me into new life. But far away from Cheshire mind, lest punkers stumbles across me a defiles my cadaver
  2. Piss poor effort to "ape" punkers, pardon the pun. Copying his 100% predictable, snotty, babyish comments almost word for word is fucking pathetic. You need to up your game, if possible, and start cunting not copying and being a punk & panzy clingon
  3. Punk song for Red Sea pedestrians
  4. That's the spirit lad! I knew you had it in you: you can take the boy out of the loony bit but can't take the loony out of the boy 'eavens. Nurse ratchet was a cunt.
  5. Apeloid on the left, possibly manky on the right, his bike at least
  6. Pull yer fucking finger out more like. We haven't had a gibbering, tranquilliser come down fuelled rant from you in ages. I fear the latest round of electro shock treatments at your funny farm might have turned you normal. Can't you have a good pop at the mods for entertainments sake?
  7. Your interest in our mutual friend has him cumming into his favourite wank sock, just think on that one pen
  8. p.s. quiet down the docks tonight? jamahl will be most upset so get ready for a combined spit fist roasting and getting the shit knocked out of you, you pathetic, snivelling, toady, cry baby little cunt.
  9. Your constant, cutting put downs are most cruel you heartless cuntbreed. I suggest you post another, up you're own arse nom regarding the fantasy world you've created for yourself to escape the pointless drudgery of your pathetic life. Try golf, Catholic Church, drinking and driving and oiks who don't have a set of lobster forks for a change.
  10. Repeating the mass cuntings handed out to you by all and sundry, but nowhere near as funny, is a very poor show punkly, up your game for fucks sake. You're better than this
  11. Ahh, the golden days of wank mags, found discarded and soiled in every lay-by. It's all to easy now with pornhub and youporn, that reminds me....
  12. Back on topic: with punkers and panzys new found love for each other I suggest a big tub of marge on hand for when you meet up. For the cheese a cucumber sandwiches of course. If pen decides to join in and make it a ménage a trois better get two tubs to lube up her leathery old flaps
  13. Alright, drop dead in 10 years. Instantly. Does that work for you, pedantic wanker?
  14. Please fuck off, you're in the wrong place. Go and join the Govan branch of the wet pants society or grow a pair and start cunting the things that make your piss boil
  15. Cuntbreeds the lot of 'em. I'm already laughing at the diabolical health problems that'll be unearthed from these things in years to come. Hopefully infertility from the day you start and instant death in about 10 years.