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  1. Fox Hunting

    What kind words. The CC penal system had obviously had a reforming effect upon you. I do admit my light hearted banter with Eduardo did go too far a few weeks back, but I've learned from the experience and will formally apologise to the flabby cunt in due course. As for our uppity mods, I can't speak highly enough about them. I fully expect to be asked to join them shortly to go with the free pass I have.
  2. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Thank you for your informative reply as I've never visited Spain lest the canaries 25 years ago. I ceed to your encyclopaedic knowledge of the homo areas of the costa del scumbag. You're punkape and a claim my 5 pesetas
  3. Fox Hunting

    Apology accepted, now fuck off, I wouldn't want to report you after you usual 10 posts before you loose the plot, again. I can't say the same for runty bubba though as I've already reported every post he's made in the last 24 hours.
  4. Fox Hunting

    Correct. And hen harriers, goshawks, golden eagles, sea eagles, basically anything with tooth and claw that's protected by law and dares to look at a "game" animal. The natural balance of our countryside is fucked thanks to the landed gents who see it as their killing ground. Fuck them all. Wood-chip the cunts and use it as food for endangered carnivores
  5. Fox Hunting

    If she hops over the water, panzy baby will smash her back doors no doubt, he's always at it. If she puts on a false beard and called herself Steve, punkape will happily back scuttle away until he goes for a tea bag and finds only beef curtains
  6. Fox Hunting

    I'd put these cunt stains in the same bracket as the sad fuckers who shoot grouse. Cunts with more sense than money waddling up a hillside with 10 grands worth of gun, kit and clothes to blast an easy target in huge numbers because the inbred gamekeepers have killed everything that might eat them, often illegally. This itself will be outlawed in 20 years.
  7. Fox Hunting

    The issue of fox control via this crap in laughable: more foxes are killed on our roads in 1 day than all these spastics could chase to death in a year. The class system and the amazing concentration of wealth and land have allowed this to still continue, illegally but ignored. Our ancestors managed to kill all the bigger wildlife century's ago and the fox is next in line. Fucking cunts, hope they all fall off their horses and become paralysed vegetables.
  8. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Spanish cops have shot the cunt dead, and about bloody time to. Why the fuck are these wankers targeting Spain anyway, I didn't think they had many Muslims?
  9. The FlidSpack Game

    Fuck off and get your own rat
  10. Cromer on Lockdown

    Travellers are the scum of the earth and should all be gassed along with their packs of pitbulls and emaciated horses. If every Irish halfbreed shanty town in the country was raided how many human slaves and millions of pounds of stollen and illegal shit would be found? Burn them all.
  11. Sunday Trading Laws

    How many varieties of chopper have been up your shitter tonight?
  12. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Work shy, bog trotting gobshite Stubbington Peckerwood the 1st
  13. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    Not really.....
  14. The FlidSpack Game

    Then why don't you give the post a like then you fucking selfish, weird cunt?
  15. Sunday Trading Laws

    Stupid cunt. Go back to your books on child killers and gay porn