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  1. It was him,this was in the car park
  2. I am constantly reminded I have a cock when I tread on it I think Punkers might have played at Cromer,the cleaning lady reported back that she had to mop up a brown tinged spunk trail leading from the changing rooms out to a Range Rover
  3. I hope you havn't been to my club,we dont have 'not sure' toilet between the ladies and gents,mind you getting your cock out in a field is something that you do on a regular basis anyway. Fore!
  4. Punkape has an NVQ...if that means Now Very Queer,
  5. I buried a few stiffuns' there
  6. I had one once,I noticed over a period of time the ground level rising,turns out a mystery figure was sneeking in and putting top soil on it......the plot thickens I'm er all....oh fuck off
  7. Theres no such thing,only weak minded people that cant handle their current situation.Don't fucking get me started on depressed teenagers.....lazy,workshy cunts
  8. My uncle Harry had wooden legs,one day his timber cottage caught fire,the fire brigade were able to save his house but poor old uncle Harry was burnt to the ground. I'm ere all month
  9. Have you ever tried cashing in a winning g lottery ticket with one of these cunts?.They do not want to part with money that's for sure,one cunt even asked me if I'd bought the ticket from him as he wasn't going to pay out if I hadn't.
  10. We have too many bank holidays as it is,waste of fucking time trying to get anywhere cos Wayne and waynetta and their chavvy little cunts are out either shopping or feeding their fat fucking faces with burgers and cola,places of interest are packed full of people that have overpaid to see whatever the fuck it is.What about bosses that have to pay already workshy cunts for a day of no production?.Corbyn certainly is a weapons grade cuntstick if he thinks this will get him votes but the sad truth is that it probably will.
  11. Apparently his family were waiting outside theatre and asked "How long will he be?".."not quite as long as he was" said the nurse I'm ere all week
  12. I think your real name is Richard Head,it has left a mental scar that has resulted in you being like you are,that or Paul Skinback
  13. My mate lost both his legs when he was a teenager,last week he got thrown out of a nightclub for arseing about Fuck off
  14. He could always sell his shoe and trainer collection
  15. He'd have been safe if he had written 'Punkape is not gay' in pen all over his body,no fucker could swallow that!