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  1. The least 'rock's bands ever....Deaf(sic) Leppard,Judas cunting Priest,Poison et al,Lemmy would turn in his firepit
  2. Check out the geezer from Shinedown,Brent someone? Got some fucking bellows on him
  3. If he goes for a spacker he'll have to get windscreen wipers fitted on the inside
  4. Hard to argue against Gillan and Plant but even Ozzy had his moments,Kiss are fucking wank.A real life Spinal Tap......Coverdale and Stevie Marriott in parts but RJD was the dogs testie
  5. I think you should put yourself up for leader of the EDL,not sure how they'd feel about a poof in charge but your sentiments fit
  6. Best voice in rock.....ever!
  7. They havn't lifted the lid off his coffin yet
  8. Just been awoken by the hum of an air conditioning unit here in my Florence apartment,ruined 9 hours of solid sleep,and I didn't shit the bed...result Buon giorno cunts
  9. I saw him last year in Birmingham,imagine if he was playing there when the Birmingham 6 got lively,it could have been him and I would have travelled all the way to the Genting arena last June to see a ghost.....or a Stargazer (Rainbow fans only)
  10. Close the fucking borders and every new tanned cunt that comes here should be tatooed with a fucking number across his forehead,a barcode if you like and then everytime he wants to buy something he is cross referenced and allowed it as long as he's been a good boy.If he hasn' t send the cunt back whence he came Might sound a bit like that Austrian Charlie chaplin lookalike cunt from the30's but if that's what it takes then Seig fucking heil,alternatively round all the cunts up and bring back the ducking stool,if they drown their ok,if they don't,burn the cunts
  11. Any party that now adds 'we will close our borders' to their manifesto even if it's the Greens or Monster Raving Loony Party gets my fucking vote. Enough is fucking ENOUGH!!
  12. And force fed their offspring
  13. There's a few inner city schools I'd like to take this cake in to
  14. Nope,still Timmy Mallet,take your meds you fucking hyper spacker