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  1. It is a footballers pub,if that footballer is Justin Fashanu!
  2. Never been in there,do I assume from your question it's a pub where the stools are placed upside down so the regulars can enjoy sitting on them?.I thought the one at the bottom of Ketts Hill was the bendy one,that and the Compleat Angler. .
  3. No,you're safe....I'll ring ahead for you so they can get the flid ramps out
  4. It is my niece too but she can still fuck off
  5. Blackpool has plenty of Weatherspoons with Wi-Fi,you'll be fine
  6. Of course he fucking loves you,you're the fucking mug that picks up his dirty,stinking,steaming pile of shit wherever he chooses to drop it.We live in a world where people care more about these four-legged fucking flea bag shit pits than they do fellow man and for that reason they can fuck off (mind you,ive been to Lincolnshire and there's even a few dogs id prefer to spend time with rather than some of those scummy cunts,family included)
  7. Someone should really tell Frank that using the Woolwich Ferry is NOT classed as owning a Yacht
  8. In an appropriate tribute I'd like to dance on its fucking grave
  9. Unfortunately it is a normal cock/fanny union,I say unfortunately because it means the cunts will probably spit out more cunts in the near future
  10. As if a family wedding 'aint bad enough the cunts have had the cheek to put on the invite 'as we've lived together for two years we dont need any presents so cash towards our honeymoon would be great'......Fuck off you poncing cunts!
  11. You really are a your own mind.
  12. Was it on a mane road? Fuck off
  13. Dirty couple of cunts
  14. Where do i sign?
  15. Cheer up,why the mong face?