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  1. Show your correct IP address or leave.
  2. Fuck confidentiality..... we've got you.
  3. The worst for hitting the grass button is that fucking cunt The Beast.
  4. I'm absolutely devastated.
  5. I crawled back to my hovel this evening after a hard days labour at the sweat shop, log in here and I almost threw the lap top out of the fucking window. The content I have read posted here and the reaction of too many (to someone who is seeking attention) is fucking awful. I have removed the BA cabin crew thread and the cunting through lyric thread. This site is for nominating cunts we don't like and debates/discussions about cunts we don't like. Humorous or serious I don't mind either. It's not hard to understand. There are some intelligent and very funny contributors on this site. Looking in from the outside tonight, one wouldn't have thought this. If I have to read another lyric/rhyme/poem about homosexual proclivities I think I will need to take the entire contents of my dosette box, slash my wrists, call 999 and return to the place I just left under section 136 of the mental health act.
  6. Nobody gives a fuck.
  7. As many of you know, when the moderating was left to myself and Mr Cuntspotter, my laissez faire approach allowed too much explicit content to remain and we were advised to remove certain types of contributions if we still wanted to remain live. I do contribute to other sites, more mainstream, where many of the discussions and debates hosted here would not last long before being chopped. I enjoy the discussions and the assorted views that I read, (this was the main reason for my membership here 6 years ago). I want debate and discussion, whether I agree with the points put or not. Mrs Roops and Rick_B do not remove things simply because they disagree with the sentiment. I don't make the laws relating to decency and hate that exist in the UK plc and I leave it to Mrs Roops and Rick_B's longer experience of moderating to decide what is acceptable. I deal with the finances with my co-owner, (which Mrs Roops and Rick_B do not see) so there can be no conflict of contributors buying favours. As for the baby doll with claret and nails, I am personally a bit desensitised to this sort of thing having seen dead children in my profession , so I don't find the doll offensive, as with many of the things that get removed, but there are limits to what our licence permits acceptable. Mrs Roops and Rick_B have no say in this, so please don't direct your ire towards them. If our licence gets pulled, nobody will host us and that will be it.
  8. Looks like to me the festival has started.
  9. An old CC classic
  10. I don't foresee cuntery becoming obsolete.
  11. Genius. You've answered your own question.
  12. "Anything to do with the site being for sale by any chance?" That bit, sorry I had to explain.
  13. Stay off the drugs son.
  14. One thing you will agree with. The fella on the violin at 7 seconds in, Francois Hollande.
  15. I agree. We are all here for our own different reasons and all view points should be allowed to be heard, provided they are within the rules.