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  1. ...... I'm only sleeping ....3 minutes of absolute musical genius and clarity
  2. I think, "Fred West", and the word "versatile" pops into my head.
  3. Fuck it... let's build an ark and decide who can't come in.
  4. I thought you were talking about the Catholic Church then... for the briefest of moments.
  5. The world can be a confusing place.
  6. Yes but you can always rely on it for the early morning alarm call.
  7. Leek broth... breakfast of champions!
  8. I can see that showing you all my wedding album was a fucking huge mistake!
  9. I've been married to him for years!
  10. I'm sat reading this on an iPad in the shithouse of a holiday inn in Chester... see what my life has been reduced to? You cunts!
  11. Isn't that what poor people do?
  12. When Rick tesdesko (is that how you spell it?) was selling his Les Paul, I put in a bid..... no fucking chance.
  13. A man has to have a hobby.
  14. Sorry lads ....