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  1. He'll be expecting the red carpet and a fanfare when he does come back. The snivelling little wanker.
  2. Blubba will be wanking himself stupid after reading this.
  3. With Phil being a Greek he's still claiming their pension money.
  4. I doubt we have the same opinion.
  5. Your answer says it all.
  6. Whereas most British parents are delighted that their children have "gone to school".
  7. Wrong.It was about the reaction to Rick banning people because they called him a twat. Stop twisting things every time your wrong about something.
  8. It's the old romantic in me.
  9. Great fun if your colour blind and short sighted. Or are you calling Bill a black man.
  10. I'll give it my best shot.
  11. Chicken shit.
  12. Is this where we get to call you a twat?
  13. Explain.
  14. So fucking what. The whole thing was about Rick crying about being called a twat. Sending 2 people to the cooler for it was the reason why others made comments,which neither you or Rick have quoted,just my comment in which I never called him a twat. So he has a difference of opinion and gets slagged off for it. Is he the only one? No he isn't. There have been plenty of others who have joined this site without insulting others but they get insulted and I don't see you running to their rescue. Rick said himself elsewhere that after a few posts then it's fair game. You yourself said "slagging each other off is an incidental by-product". Well boo hoo,Ricks gets it as well as we all do. I don't see Admin crying when he gets called a cunt or coolering people for it. If you want to cut out any posts that contain any slagging of each other off and cooler those concerned do it,there will be only you two left. One other thing,in future let him answer for himself.
  15. I'm beginning to believe this isn't an act. If it is an act he's either very good at keeping the character constant or so fucking sad he's got fuck all else in his life. I'm guessing the latter.