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  1. The Book Of The Dead

    Life sentence? Fucking joke that is.
  2. Ding. The Man. The Myth. The Cunt.

    And he expects people to read his drivel?
  3. Cromer on Lockdown

    Still having little digs at TMS I see. Pathetic fucking idiot.
  4. Ken Cheng

    Proof, if needed, that these cunts are still telling the same joke they heard in junior school.
  5. Cromer on Lockdown

    Maybe these fox hunting cunts could be used to hunt and kill pikeys.
  6. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Your used to dealing with cunts.
  7. Ken Cheng

    I see humour is dead and buried in Edinburgh. Much like some of the cunts on here should be.
  8. The Book Of The Dead

    Are those in the cooler classed as dead or just badly maimed?
  9. Fox Hunting

    I detest these cunts as well as any animal cruelty. They call it a sport which means it's ok, like grouse shooting badger baiting etc. The Royal family partake in grouse shooting and in the past fox hunting. That makes it ok? Does it fuck. Fuck all these cunts and I hope they catch all sorts of incurable diseases from dead animals and Punkapes arse.
  10. Public Libraries

    And a footballist.
  11. Cunts with freckles

    Oh dear blubber,not you as well. Posting videos as a reply. I never thought that you would also copy Frank but it seems he's cloned you as well.
  12. Cunts with freckles

  13. Eclipses R Us

    I should think there will be a lot of after hours "shopping" being done while the owners are looking at the lack of sun.
  14. Jerry Lewis

    Surely that's classed as racism.