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  1. Good one. I'm sure the witch will like it.
  2. Two hilarious posts, both "liked" by Punkape. If ever his level of sheer stupidity was in doubt, I hope this serves to confirm it. Fuck off.
  3. What's a flids favourite high performance SUV?
  4. Do you ever do anything else during the day other than churn out humourless, mindless, endless drivel on here?
  5. I've told you once already today - fuck off back to your cauldron.
  6. Two avatarless, humourless wankers. Fuck off.
  7. Look who I found a picture of.....
  8. I'll try, but there's a lot of soppy cunts on CC....
  9. Fuck off back to stirring your cauldron, you vile hag.
  10. Shut the fuck up, get off your phone and get back to shelf stacking, you frightful little creep. Lol. Fuck off.
  11. Whereas you are pointless and dreary. You are what you are. Fuck off.
  12. I prefer to simply call you a fuckimg stupid fucking cunt. Lol. Fuck off.
  13. What an amazing coincidence. Wouldn't it be really bizarre if he also had herpes (note spelling, you illiterate wanker)?
  14. Who's the bee-faced wanker in your avatar? I actually imagine you to look like it. Fucking poof.
  15. Oh I see. But you like it when others use it? Does "it is what it is" give you the fucking 'orn? Fuck off.