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  1. Are you cruising for a bit of Punky cock?
  2. You are a thinking cunts cunt. A reference standard cunt. I think we should contact the French cunts in charge of measurement and get the SI unit of cuntishness defined as the 'rev' in your honour.
  3. Arse licking wanker. Who the fuck do you think you are? Some kind of CC sage giving advice to one of his understudies? Shameless creep.
  4. Never, in all human history, has less of a fuck been given about something than I give about you, your posts and your opinions.
  5. Wow - you really know how pen a cutting insult, don't you?
  6. Good one, you half eaten, maggot infested elephant afterbirth.
  7. Your words won't penetrate the chobham armour that encases the vacuum where normal folk have brains. As you say, there's a sad cunt responsible for this abomination, who is either a tireless comedian or, more likely, a stupid fucking wanker.
  8. Silence, you vile piece of scum.
  9. A pretty naive expectation considering the type of people that inhabit this forum, the name and purpose of this forum, and your prior knowledge of the way things roll on here. Why not man up and just admit that you lost your rag and acted foolishly?
  10. You're completely incapable of controlling the drivel you post, aren't you?
  11. The only thing I'd like to see you fit in is a fucking coffin.
  12. Rick has a special keyboard....
  13. If I could be bothered I could prove that you go on about "toy planes" an awful lot more than me.