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  1. I must be a really cruel cunt for laughing at the news report of this tragedy.
  2. Turks have always been fucking spastics. Nothing new about this twat leader.
  3. Karma is a cunt.
  4. Some silly cunt Matador has been gored to death, after tripping on his cloak. Kebabs all round you twatty cunts.
  5. Towering fucking inferno. What a cunt.
  6. It was good to see Krankie squirming in the interviews afterwards.?
  7. The only thing worse than a right-winger is a fucking Labour supporter, oh and a Liberal cunt.
  8. The new Micra actually looks pretty good, a lot trendier.
  9. I can confirm, the horse I backed at Epsom last week is definitely a cunt.
  10. So this fucking oxygen thief wants to return to politics. Why can't he just kill himself, the lying shitcunt?
  11. "Spierdali goupieh chipa."
  12. Yes it is.
  13. He was always a self-important fucking gobshite.
  14. They should have kept the unexploded world war 2 bomb where it was. That might have made it a bit more interesting. College Cunts.
  15. The Gibralterns mostly voted to remain in the EU, so fuck em, let Spain have the scabby rock.