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  1. "Spierdali goupieh chipa."
  2. Yes it is.
  3. He was always a self-important fucking gobshite.
  4. They should have kept the unexploded world war 2 bomb where it was. That might have made it a bit more interesting. College Cunts.
  5. The Gibralterns mostly voted to remain in the EU, so fuck em, let Spain have the scabby rock.
  6. "He was such a good boy, so good to his mum, salt of the earth, never hurt a fly." Police brutality blah fucking blah. Cunt
  7. Where? Ibiza?
  8. There's no end of these fucking retarded cunts. Dribbling spastics every last one of them.
  9. So who would win in a fight, Batman or Spiderman?
  10. Father Stone had the right idea.
  11. Fuck me, what a horror show. Fake news item surely?
  12. Hacksaw Ridge is a decent film, but most films nowadays are utter shite. Game of Thrones is excellent, make sure you watch it.
  13. This predictable fucking shit is upon us again. After all the moaning about black actors never getting awards, just watch Denzil Washington scoop top prize. I expect Lala Land will also get a few. Bunch of dumb Yank Cunts.
  14. Shit nom, kill yourself you soppy cunt.
  15. I'd like to stab Blair in the eye, the stupid fucking Cunt.