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  1. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    You missed out half of Africa, which is full of the spastics.
  2. The Jam Rag Ad I've Just Watched

    She married him too, the twat.
  3. Bruce Forsyth

    I wonder if the Syrup will get its own burial.
  4. Bruce Forsyth

    I hope you're all happy that the 1 last true entertainer is dead.
  5. New Dr Who

    Well done the p.c.bollocks BBC. What a bunch of fucking cunts. Time to stop paying the licence fee to these piss-taking wankers.
  6. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    I want Teresa May to go on TV and say to this bitch cunt, to fuck off and die. Nothing less will do.
  7. Cardinal Pell.

    He's a Catholic priest, of course he's fucking guilty.
  8. Darwin awards, Pakistan style

    I must be a really cruel cunt for laughing at the news report of this tragedy.
  9. Turks have always been fucking spastics. Nothing new about this twat leader.
  10. Mosques in the UK

    Karma is a cunt.
  11. Bull-running bastards

    Some silly cunt Matador has been gored to death, after tripping on his cloak. Kebabs all round you twatty cunts.
  12. Grenfell Tower

    Towering fucking inferno. What a cunt.
  13. Cunts who vote Labour

    It was good to see Krankie squirming in the interviews afterwards.?
  14. The only thing worse than a right-winger is a fucking Labour supporter, oh and a Liberal cunt.
  15. Anyone Who Drives A Micra

    The new Micra actually looks pretty good, a lot trendier.