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  1. Packages in his throat? Not another cunt moonlighting as a Deliveroo driver whilst still signing on, no doubt. I hope my new fidget spinner wasn't in one of the packages as it still hasn't arrived. Cunt!
  2. They do say "Smoking kills". Following this, I'm inclined to think they may be correct.
  3. Obviously there's no requirement to parallel park on a suicide mission then. Fucking clever bastards.
  4. Has he been bought up in an environment without any British values by any chance? Just eliminating various possibilities from my enquiries you understand as some of those folk from the East like them younger.
  5. Exactly what Scrotes said. Fuck off Pen, you're boring everyone.
  6. If I wanted to listen to a load of shit music in the open air I'd go and see the Sally Army in the local park on Sunday afternoon. It's free and there's some proper bogs.
  7. U2 The B Sides. Really, you can buy a whole album of shit cobbled together tracks that originally wasn't good enough to be a track release in its own right. Well if it's by that pretentious cunt Bono, I'll have a hundred. Fuck on.
  8. You stupid cunt. You need another third of an RPM and it would probably sound good (but I very much fucking doubt it)
  9. I have, I've just had my kitchen floor redone and it looks the dogs.
  10. If I hear of any noncing religious cunts round my manor then I'll be arranging a one-to-one for them with the big boss. Fucking vile, power hungry cunts. Kill them all.
  11. Yes, but where will it all stop and, does Gary really need all those buttons on a fucking cardigan?
  12. my next holiday is booked on the Virgin Galactic and in the meantime I might try North Korea.
  13. Ironically, everyone would have survived if the Grenfell tower had been clad in asbestos, and the stupid cunt on the 4th floor hadn't overstocked his fridge freezer with shit from Farmfoods
  14. And so it commences. The stupid fucking, ignorant Fuckwit that is John Clancy, the labour fucking moronite has an opportunity to inappropriately spend taxpayers money - something labour leaders are unusually adept at - by installing sprinklers in all of Birmingham 213 tower blocks. He seems to think £31 million will do it???? Ha Ha Ha. Makes me wonder where they'll get the other £75million from, even if it were achievable.
  15. Oh fuck. No, I've changed my mind.