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  1. I think dead bodies should be treated like any other sort of waste and tipped in a suitable receptacle and sent to landfill.....? hang on a, I think everyone should be cremated. Punkers and PissyPants can be (well) done before they've died if you like.
  2. Is there much competition from Romanians in your line of work?
  3. A good bit of travel advice for you there Eddie.
  4. I had all good intentions of going to the Anne Frank museum when I was in Amsterdam but ended up in the Sex Museum instead. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, I suppose.
  5. Fuck off you Felch Monkey. Howzatt.
  6. Naturally this doesn't apply how you would think to that horrible French muck they call cheese. If you drop some of that shit on your floor for longer than 5 seconds you have to use commercial cleaning methods to remove the bacteria from your floor. Vivre cunts.
  7. What? Having you as a grandson? Yes, I guess it was.
  8. Don't get me started on the space invaders that queue up behind you. I like to stand a comfortable distance behind the person in front and then there's either an old bastard that's kicking the back of your heels or some old dear shoving her shopping basket into that back of your knees. Fuck off you fucking cunts or the next queue you'll be standing in will be to introduce yourself to Lucifer somewhere really hot.
  9. You can stuff it up your shitty arse ............and it probably wouldn't taste any worse.
  10. He said golf so i doubt that it was 'your club', your fucking weightwatchers club for fat cunts who don't realise they still have a cock without a mirror in front of them. Skin!
  11. are you trying to tell us that Elton took a bite out of a spunk drizzled Mars bar?
  12. I'm interested to know what other names people can come up with for AIDS. I must say that 'bacterial infection' is playing it down somewhat.
  13. I used to know a girl called Marge. Marjorie P Roops. Dirty old slag went like a train and she was full of dirty suggestive advice that she just dished out to anyone that wanted the Daily Mirror
  14. you'll be perfectly safe if they're man eating spiders then. You fucking Manc child.
  15. Allotments are for no hopers who cannot afford a property with a decent sized garden. I have a vegetable patch in the grounds of my garden and therefore don't have to travel to some piece of waste ground with a load of ricketty sheds and old oil barrels to see a bunch of, mainly old, cunts trying to grow cress.