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  1. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    That's about right, I managed to buy some before the supermarket closed at 8pm because I'm not a fucking idiot that forgets the opening times.
  2. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    And you would respond Bloo Funder pilot. Child.
  3. Skid Marks

    Cash a Giro? ? It's BACS transferred straight into the tax efficient Jersey account nowadays you advanced Welsh retard.
  4. Cromer on Lockdown

    Do a fucking Grenfell on their shitty chromed caravans. I reckon.
  5. Skid Marks

    i bet you still shove a finger or two up his arse when he's balls deep in you though, you filthy whore.
  6. Ken Cheng

    webbed feet and hands aren't genetic defects. Evolutionally they're just preparing for when Norfolk floods.
  7. Fox Hunting

    I think Punky hates foxes because their faces look like a little ginger muff, and we all know how much that cock muncher hates muff.
  8. Fox Hunting

    I'd like to see that stupid fucking bint from the Foxy Bingo ads get ripped to shreds by dogs.
  9. Sunday Trading Laws

    your milkman is better than the lazy cunt who delivers mine then.
  10. Sunday Trading Laws

    For being a moaning, whining cunt?? and an unhealthy interest in Airfix and Tamiya kits. Does the model shop close at 4 aswell? Lol
  11. Eclipses R Us

    We're they tartan and stunk of Absynth?
  12. Eclipses R Us

    The question is, have they booked Bonnie Tyler for a performance.
  13. Sunday Trading Laws

    Just fucking tell him Home Bargains and Farm Foods shuts at 4pm aswell.
  14. Sunday Trading Laws

    Thanks Ape. I love you. Hic! Fucking twat.
  15. Sunday Trading Laws

    Your attempt at irony is too subtle, can I suggest you just stick to humour.