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  1. Fox Hunting

    The mentality of these utter fuckwits is mystifying. They wake wake up and say to themselves, "today, I think I'll meet with the lads at the equestrian club, and taunt and chase a terrified, defenceless animal, then butcher it mercilessly, smear it's blood on my cheek and proclaim total dominion over the entire animal kingdom, reinforcing my insecure lacking sense of manhood!" I want them all dead...nay, I DEMAND their extermination with extreme prejudice!
  2. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    That;s SIR Informer to you, Panzy, baby!
  3. Jerry Lewis

    Go have a look you lazy cunt! How the fuck would I know what your shit stabbing live ins feet look like? Stupid cunt.
  4. Jerry Lewis

    It's a club foot as well.
  5. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Reported for derailing the topic. Youre finished here. Stupid fucking cunt.
  6. Eclipses R Us

    If we're all very lucky, the stupid fucking Mong cunts will destroy their retinas watching the thing and saying what miracles the sky fairy provides.
  7. The FlidSpack Game

    Yet they've been handed the reigns to the Star Wars brand and have no trouble depicting millions of innocent deaths from planetoid sized space stations able to destroy entire worlds, or light saber wielding psychopaths. Hypocritical cunts.
  8. Jerry Lewis

    Another example of wasted genetic life. Fucking chipped tooth, cock grinding anti-vaxxing stupid cunt. I want him dead.
  9. The FlidSpack Game

    That's the one. Character names such as tar babies, Little Black Sambo, Uncle Remus...all told a story from black slave POV, but the PC brigade organized and buggered a great family film.
  10. The FlidSpack Game

    The dopey cunts won't release it in any medium now. Too "racially charged" they claim. Blazing Saddles was released some 40 years after. Disney needs to be nuked, I'm afraid!
  11. Jerry Lewis

    There are certain circumstances where pancreatic cancer could be funny....Punky getting it would be fucking hilarious!
  12. The FlidSpack Game

    The cunt!
  13. The FlidSpack Game

    Tard Target
  14. The FlidSpack Game

    A tard's favourite Disney film?
  15. The FlidSpack Game

    A mongs favourite Steven Seagal film?