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  1. Incorrect, Pen. A dullard such as yourself could never do the job correctly alone. I merely stated that professionals, who would assist you in making sure it was done right, were waiting for you to check in. You are an especially thick swamp donkey, aren't you?
  2. You really are quite thick and easy. With Frank out of the picture, you're now clinging to arse nuggets like Punky for back up. Dignitas still has a suite reserved for you.
  3. You've mentioned some of the places you shop, and the disabled toilets all have glory holes. Your work, I presume?
  4. A not as vulgar term used in place of ring piece, rusty balloon knot, shit chute, back door, wrong ;un, etc... Are you certain Mr. Estrada played no part in your divorce? Did you ex ever display an odd interest in styling hair, interior design or an excessive fascination with men's fashions? Did he develop a tell tale lisp in his speech with a tendency to over pronounce his "S's" Did he ever behave like Punkape?
  5. Add the Olympics for Twits, and you have my fave three. International Hide and Seek, the Marathon of Incontinence, 200m Freestyle for non swimmers....classic!!
  6. Given the current numbers of illiterate fucking cunts in this country, and I offer Punkape and Frank as prime examples, we should probably be grateful that SOMEBODY is doing some homework.
  7. I would guess he'd do precisely order to get to your husband's chocolate starfish.
  8. Just like ALL of your noms. Gormless idiot!
  9. I find it used most often by cunts who are horribly wrong about something, and haven't the bollocks to admit it!
  10. Don't slate yourself too seriously, Cap'n. I've read many biographies on old Albert. But, by all means, enjoy a fag or two, and some fresh air, sounds a right plan to me.
  11. His missus had to tie his shoes, you are aware of that, yes?
  12. Pen has always had a bad habit of falling in with the wrong kind of cunt.
  13. I'm sure I'll be cunted for this, but the same can be said for any tobacco user. Weak willed, uneducated, bedsit dwelling shit cunts.
  14. Are you absolutely certain it's not just Frank having a row with all of his ID's?
  15. The five second rule I thought would be mentioned is that of when Punkape pulls his cock out of the altar boy, he has five seconds to get it into his mouth before the pirest enters and takes over.