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  1. If Hitler wasn't available, any cock would suffice.
  2. Rev, I concede that you, Ratty, Baws and Mrs Roops are true masters of cuntery, but Pen has always always been a boring, dried up, sea hag smelling of stale piss and soiled Tenas.
  3. Obviously, he developed an addiction to inhaling petrol fumes, because he turned into a right fucking mong.
  4. Indeed. His Bangladeshi lady boy can't take another buggering. The anal tears from yesterday haven't healed yet.
  5. Bill's a lively character. However, after spending so much time in the cooler, will he be the same, or has the experience changed him forever? We may never know.
  6. You have also made the case for public executions, lynch mobs, and persecution of kiddie fiddlers in their own front gardens. Good work! The cunt deserves to be bludgeoned with heavy tool handles and rocks!
  8. His compassion for the human condition is a burning pyre!
  9. Calm yourself, Stubbsy! If you can't laugh at a thick as pig shit cunt too stupid to overcome an urge to smoke whilst stealing petrol from a crashed tanker, who can you laugh at?
  10. You soft cunt!
  11. I laughed until I pissed myself when I saw it! It's not racist to see nature culling the herd of the stupid and weak. Think I might go see if any footage in on YT yet, and watch it again!
  12. Lawyers are like nuclear weapons; they have theirs, so I have mine, and once you use them, you bugger everything!
  13. It was his brother George who did the cottaging in the family.
  14. It appears I must double my efforts to be considered an even bigger cunt than I am already! I thought I was a bit more secure in my role as a despicable fucking cunt.