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  1. Cunts that glorify the Kray Twins' bullshit.

    Mind you, in them days you could leave your front doors open, I mean you still got burgled but at least the burglars had the decency not to take a dump on your axminster after clearing your two up two down of your meagre belongings. Didn't Ronnie used to give his mum flowers an that.

    I was doing much needed voluntary charity work in the third world Manky......the plight of those poor cunts in Salford is pitiful and credit should go to you northern turds for surviving in such squalor. I have the a suspicion that they, like yourself are too dense to feel any mental anguish despite the odds stacked against them.

    are you still fucking here you great pudding, here have some dots................................I know how much you............. like........em

    wishful thinking I am afraid Bubba.....no imaginary cancer or any other terminal illness here, although the corner got so boring awhile back that a period of self imposed exile was necessary to ride it out . Got a couple of Noms brewing when I get the chance over the next couple of days.

    its simply a matter of approach Bubba.......you forgot to mention that most of these orange robe wearing cunts are quite obviously homosexual as well being of a foreign persuasion which probably means they are here illegally. I suspect that most of them are claiming benefits and are out every night grooming underage troubled teenagers. George Harrison was a cunt.
  6. Overweight feminist filthbag

    Nonsense, these types usually have a pushbike to get around their client base......statistically lots of them are involved in accidents with automobiles, some sustain terrible brain injuries........take this Panzerwanker chap, he is obviously one of those statistics and now has lurid fantasies about large women and indeed is so brain dead that he has to keep reminding himself who he is by appending his name all the time.
  7. Pads with "wings"

    Fuck Off signed. Dodsey Swarm
  8. Driveby Woofers

    I see, so this Dodsey chap was from Dudley and I also live near Dudley, (Wolverhampton) you have worked out that I am indeed this cunt from the golden age of Cunts Corner. Remarkable powers of deduction. Well worked out, I am indeed Dodsey and so is my Wife. Luke Dodsey Swarm, yeah I like it...it kind of works.
  9. Donald trump

    A disappointing result and deeply worrying. Now, starts the process of denial when all that huff and puff about building walls paid for by the people its built against, opening closed factories and abandoned mineshafts against economic reason, bringing torture back into legality, banning people of any colour except white into the country, bombing the shit out of Syria even whilst repatriating the armed forces, and other nonsensical shite. Its going to be interesting to see what reasons are going to spew forth when the poor cunts who voted for this demand action rather than just platitudes. Democracy has spoken and should be respected but I cannot help feeling that there is someone somewhere already who hears buzzing voices in his head and is looking to buy a firearm to put a piece of lead into President Trumps strange shaped head.
  10. Driveby Woofers

    interesting...no really its genuinely more interesting than Pens stuff and actually makes more sense.
  11. Pads with "wings"

    yeah maybe...looks like it was during his being nailed period judging by the agonising grimace.
  12. Middle-aged womens' haircuts.

    its not personal Decs......but it is predictable, I take the piss out of Jacko and sure enough after a couple of hours of stewing old Frankie always pops up as his knight in shining armour. I actually time the dozy cunt now
  13. Middle-aged womens' haircuts.

    that's the spirit
  14. Middle-aged womens' haircuts.

    hello Jackie boy
  15. Middle-aged womens' haircuts.

    there also seems to be a certain type of stupid cunt who for some reason opts for bright snot coloured green hair.......despite pondering why someone should choose this colour scheme, I have still not come up with a feasible answer or reason. Do you suppose that they are so utterly dense that they think it might suit them.