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  1. They are notional kids. I am actually barren of kinder. Devoid of brattage. Detest them.
  2. If I had 100 kids, I would leave them all alone in a room with exposed wiring, sharp edges and deep drops. Tastefully. decorated with Arsenic and Polonium wallpaper. And no lights.
  3. You mean the land that time forgot. I am not eligible for residence on The Hill as I am unable to trace my lineage back to Sind Province or Warsaw.
  4. I suspect Punkape has gone one up from bacterial infection and now has a Bactrian infection after being ridden by one too many camel jockeys.
  5. Homo's should have pink triangles tattooed on their foreheads so normal people are warned it isn't safe to go near them.
  6. Nowadays, the little darlings stuck on their laptops, tablets and games consoles aren't subject to the exposure to shite the same as us from the older generations. In my youth, falling out of a tree and nearly getting killed was a rite of passage to be undertaken thrice weekly. Getting lacerated knees covered in mud didn't merit 5 gallons of dettol, half a ton of Savlon and a week in intensive care. No wonder every cunt is a snowflake nowadays. Beat the 5 second rule, don't drop food on the floor. If you do eat it. Only faggots are scared of dying.
  7. The Vickers of Dibley wasn't a gun or a photocopier. It was a barrage balloon. Lenny Henry used to ride it from Travelodge to Travelodge hunting down Stan Boardmans Fokkers.
  8. Sorry. Wrong target. I meant to brutally savage Punky, in an intellectual sense only.
  9. One night soon, I am going to sneak into your golf club and move 'Kill myself immediately' to the top of your to-do list.
  10. Manc child. Excellent stuff. Put a bit of work into it and you could write a song for Nenah Cherry. We are tough around here. Even man eating tigers walk round in pairs.
  11. I don't have an allotment. My man cave in the back garden is done out to accurately resemble a junk filled shed. It may well be filled with dead prostitutes but I'm fucked if I'm going in looking because it is full of monstrous, venomous, probably man-eating spiders.
  12. I am with you there. I find that having no aims or ambition in life, no targets and no interest means I can embrace the cold and darkness in my non-existent future with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. Suicide, the soft fuckers way out.
  13. Bring the Boxheads in as well. Dambusters Day, D Day Day, 1966 World Cup Final Day, Sink the Bismarck Day. I could have a bank holiday for every day of the year and piss off every country without breaking into a sweat.
  14. I like Bank Holidays. I work them and get double time and a day in lieu. Win, win.
  15. Trafalgar Day, Agincourt Day and Waterloo Day would do for starters.