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  1. I believe the disturbance that the police attended was the culprit getting seven shades kicked out of him.
  2. It is an investment for the country. Many craftsmen will finish their careers patching up Buck House. H M the Q's personal wealth is negligible. It is eclipsed by some cunt writing books about four-eyed spotty wizards and probably Lenny Henry.
  3. It is beautiful and we will have 2 of them. Half of the reason for building them is to keep a shit load of ship builders in work. They are prestigious as fuck and will help me to rebuild my empire. Rule Britannia ya cynical cunts.
  4. If you work on the principle of not shitting on your own doorstep, we find that half a mile away is an area where people who went to London but were 'voluntarily' relocated' to Manchester are to be found in large numbers. There are also plenty of indigenous feral kids in the area so the options are wide open. Whoever did it, I would shoot the cunt, his parents, friends and his neighbours. Fucking twat.
  5. Turkey is the gateway to Europe for lots of the shit of the world. The fucking place needs nuking 10 times. My prediction is that we will have trouble with Turkey on a large scale. Weren't they trying to foment unrest in Holland and Germany earlier this year?. That Erdogan is dangerous and needs to be stopped via a big red button in HMS Superb.
  6. That is a figure 11
  7. And flattened Manchester City Centre. Best improvement programme in history. Nobody killed and we got the Commonwealth Games out of sympathy. No time for the cunts though, despite that lucky break.
  8. I must agree with you. Never did like the Irish and nothing will ever change that. Ever.
  9. Only if they can ride a bike. I don't wear Lucra, its for faggots.
  10. They hit England when they were getting fucked over in Ulster. There were a few occasions when PIRA could have been eliminated. Do you think they went into the peace treaty from a position of strength?
  11. The good old days. When men were men. The problem is not with the populace but with the leaders. I am ashamed to be led by such useless cunts. Back in the 70s, if you fucked about in N. Ireland, the list of organisations hunting you read like an explosion in an Alphabetti Spaghetti factory. It took you 18 months to learn who was who. Some of the things that went on would cause our modern leaders to have a breakdown. But it worked in the end.
  12. He was on the wrong side or else he would have been given one of Saint Tony's special get out of jail free cards. Guilty or innocent, I wouldn't like to be in his shoes. The Bogtrotters seem to bear the odd grudge
  13. The countries in pink are ones that the lefties claim we invaded whereas the truth is that we civilised them. Their cuisine is now English food by cultural appropriation. If we want it to be. Fuck t!he French crap.
  14. Should have matched the cunts through a shower, through weight-watchers and into a job centre for benefit fraud investigation. Add in a coat of looking at by the immigration people and the 2 still standing could carry on to topple the government. Wankers.
  15. I love all English food. Before you say Pasta isn't English, why has it got an English name, it is written in Black and White in the Oxford English Dictionary.