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  1. Skid Marks

    Professor Manky. Inventor of the brilliant 'Teflon Trollies©' Klingons will not cling on to your Primark grundies but will smear themselves all over your arse cheeks leaving your under crackers available for continuous use for months on end.
  2. Ken Cheng

    Manning is a legend in these parts. Boardman is a scouse cunt with no credibility in Manchester. That cultural powerhouse that is East Anglia leads by example. Gun toting farmers shooting burglars.. Pikey invasions. Anthropologists wetting themselves over genetic defects. We stand in awe.
  3. Ken Cheng

    I will win next year by shouting "Russell Brand is a cunt" and napalming his gonads. In all fairness, like any comedy, you have to wade through a lot of shire to find that golden nugget.
  4. Fox Hunting

    All you lot, bar the strange one, are siding with the National Trust. Aren't they the fuckers that tried to make their staff wear 'J'adore gay sex' badges?
  5. Eclipses R Us

    The Don can make the sun rise anywhere, at any time. With the power of his index finger and red button, he could make the sun rise at Pyongyang but the greedy, hungry cunts would probably eat the mushroom cloud.
  6. Cromer on Lockdown

    They had all fucked off to a gay bar.
  7. Cromer on Lockdown

    I had one of them 'Wheres Wally?' pictures. It was a photograph of a Norwich City home match. I found 8,611 Wally's and 428 Oldham Athletic fans.
  8. Sunday Trading Laws

    I had a difficult job trying to explain to Mrs Manky that buying 24 empty cans and coming home pissed after my shopping trip was just a strange coincidence.
  9. Coffee Shops

    If you study the etymology of the word 'sophistication', you will find its roots in the Latin words for lying. Cunts in Coffee shops are only lying to themselves thinking they are big and clever.
  10. Hepatitis E U sausage munchers

    Domestos: Kills all known Germans. My Dutch mate invented inflatable footwear. Sadly, he has now popped his clogs. Oh what jolly japes we can have with Johnny Foreigner. He is quite like us but not quite human.
  11. Cunts with freckles

    I went to a good school. It was approved.
  12. Cunts with freckles

    See. Told you I was a looker.
  13. Cunts with freckles

    In Liverpool there is a sizeable group known as,Chingroes. Part Chinese and part other, (I.e. Afrikaner). These cunts have ginger hair. In Manchester, I had ginger hair. Now it is grey. My freckles have faded so much I can almost deny being an ex ginger. Carole Decker. Florence Walsh. Manky McManky. Gerry Halliwell. Not all gingers are mongers.
  14. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    The kitchen is a mysterious domain into which I venture not. If all you faggots want to argue about women's work, I may as well fuck off to mumsnet. At least they are getting panned for bad language. Fucking gay boys.
  15. Female footy commentators

    3 posts. Do you have triple glazing, 3 cars and a third bollock. Good things come in 3's, third time lucky and fat cunt Neil has 3 braincells. Fuck off.