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  1. Lord. it came out. Abbey. worshipping. Lord's. Stubby, have you 'special needs', or are you just a thicko? Fuck off lol
  2. And even more intelligent people can't be arsed. Fuck off.
  3. He's extremely entertaining. Yes, about as entertaining as a 1973 Morecambe & Wise Christmas show, I hoped he was dead, the self centred arrogant cunt.
  4. Come up? I always thought that the West Country was as low as one could get
  5. He would have seen you off whilst taking a shit. A master of his craft.
  6. Bill refuses to participate Proper, he has self respect. The way he was persecuted by the mods was disgraceful. Personally though, I didn't like the little trouble making cunt, I hope he's dead.
  7. I don't begrudge the old girl, she deserves every penny she gets. For 70 years she has had to share a bed with a fucking Greek. I should imagine it is worse than sleeping with a French person.
  8. Note to mods: I found this highly amusing ( well for a Ding post anyway ), and am in no way hurt by his comments regarding my wife. Rick, feel free to be offended on my behalf.
  9. The mentally unstable tosser comes on here, and talks like he owns the place.
  10. I don't Moaningmental cunt.
  11. For what it's worth Snatchers, I think The Beast is a complete bell end. As for old Spotter, that cunt doesn't know how to sit on a bog pan properly. Bastards the lot of them
  12. So being a prize cunt runs in your family then?
  13. Yes, but that would only be worthwhile if Rick was attending. Ask the pilot to sight in on a pink tent, with a prick sitting beside it, eating muesli
  14. What is it about those who practice law, what makes so many of them arrogant cunts. Today at 2.00pm I am completing the purchase of property here. The Notaire dealing with it is a pompous tosser. At 1.55pm I will be slipping my right hand down the inside of my pants, and stroking my sweaty ring piece. Always the one for formality, he will duly shake my hand upon arrival. I can then sit in his office for an hour, controlling my boredom by laughing inwardly. My wife says I should seek help.
  15. You fucking stupid cunt.