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  1. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    If any of Admin were appointed as Cunt Inspector, all they would need is a fucking good mirror.
  2. Cromer on Lockdown

    Exactly right. Now if it were you, pissed out of your skull, running and ranting, up and down the promenade, they would have locked down all of East Angrier. Quite justified too in my opinion...
  3. Fox Hunting

    Forget the Algarve, he should be on trial here for boring the shit out of us by starting that FlidSpack shit. What a balsa wood bore...lol
  4. Fox Hunting

    I am sure that Ape would let the police use his Augusta Westland AW 139 model helicopter if that helps at all. lol fuck off
  5. Fox Hunting

    Ape probably hunts foxes with a scale model Apache helicopter............ lol
  6. Sunday Trading Laws

    Toy helicopter, how fucking dare you. They are very difficult to fly, I have recently got interested in this pursuit, and I can assure you that you have to be reasonably intelligent to fly them. That's why Ape keeps crashing his. lol Fuck off.
  7. Cunts with freckles

    I've been lying low Bubba, I stupidly trod on the forbidden lawn. Very few things frighten me, but upsetting members of TMS is not advisable, I can assure you, what a bunch of ruthless cunts they are. A weeks vacation in the 3rd arrondissement, Marseille would be a doddle by comparison.
  8. Cunts with freckles

    The only reason I have signed in is because I have been 'parked' next to Decimus on the members' board for 4 days. Somehow it made me feel unclean. Big bollocks, in your case, more like complete bollocks you grassing cunt.
  9. Frank's memorial preparations

    Will you stop being a good friend of mine, you and I have nothing in common, and quite frankly everything you post on here has a taint about it. If I am ever in need of friends, I will seek them on TMS. They all love me over there, especially Snatch.
  10. Frank's memorial preparations

    Decs warned me about you Stibbly, I am on my guard. Rapier wit indeed.
  11. The Great Train Robbery

    I have just opened a new bar of soap Decs
  12. The Great Train Robbery

    Not a bad nom Punkers, but putting that to one side, have you seen the way I am being attacked by members of TMS forum. In my first week on there I put up a brilliant comment about the Two Fat Ladies fisting each other, got the famous ' Comment of the week award', the other 5 members got jealous, and my membership was cancelled. Closed shop indeed. I bet none of them play golf either. Dopey cunts. Regards.
  13. Frank's memorial preparations

    Can't be bothered, poor old Philo has his bong permanently shoved up his arse. Delusions of grandeur, 'My site' indeed. 6 regular posters on a closed forum, there is more life in your knob. Mission accomplished. Fuck off
  14. The Great Train Robbery

    None of your business you nosey cunt.
  15. Frank's memorial preparations

    You two faced cunt. After all the campaigning I did to get you released, all the abuse I received after resurrecting your old noms, you treat me like this. Mind you, at least you are open about it, not like some of the dope smoking, Bratwurst scoffing wankers on the other 'closed' site. More dog shit through your letter box for you me lad. I should OF known better.