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  1. I heard that 'joke' about the tattoo on the throat at least 30 years ago Ape, tell the stupid cunt Pansy to fuck off. p.s: I am trying to build bridges with you. I admit not very hard, but I am trying. Have a lovely weekend caravanning.
  2. I imagine that is what your gynaecologist is thinking when he's working on your 'gearbox'
  3. Thank goodness Rick is here to protect and guide us.
  4. I knew I could rely on you to up the quality of this site. May I respectfully suggest you also do a 'Greatest Hits of CC' album, a sort of a singalongadingdongsong that we can all join in with.
  5. The Beast's intransigence is starving this site of unique talent. R.I.P. Frank Kleftiko
  6. I have noticed that
  7. Perhaps you could have a word with Donald next time you meet at Saint Andrews?
  8. Punkers, forget this shit nom. Devastating news coming out of South Korea. The U.S. Military are installing THAAD defence missiles on a GOLF COURSE in Lotte Seongju. Absolutely unforgivable. The local mayor is distraught but said ' it is what it is '.
  9. Ape, having admitted to being tattooed, would make your suggestion very apt.
  10. You live in a flat, you have neighbours. It must be very tiresome for you, and certainly alien to the likes of Punkers and myself. Fucking peasant.
  11. 4:15 appointment. That must be in a flat roof pub with some other low life spongers. The Benefit Agency closes its doors to the public at 4:00pm so you are not going there are you. Cunt.
  12. If I remember, it is very difficult to park nearby, so visitors have to walk more than 50 metres, so Eddie won't be patronizing this museum.
  13. There is always a queue, the trap hatch to the loft in the landing ceiling is very small and fat people keep getting stuck.
  14. Ignore the free loading turd
  15. You are very fortunate to even get a response from Eric, you must be one of the elite. I put up a great answer to ' a carry on star ', and no recognition. So fuck Eric and fuck FlidSpack.