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  1. Child sex abuse enquiry

    It's not incest. You two woofers can do whatever you like. Cooo-eeee! Hiyaaaaa!
  2. Child sex abuse enquiry

    Kill him Wiz: kill him.
  3. Child sex abuse enquiry

    I'm sure he has, without having to re read any of the shit for evidence. Fuck knows, I need to take a shit and go to sleep.
  4. Child sex abuse enquiry

    Aha, that makes sense. He is sore about his step dad. What I said about the way he used to fancy his step dad- he wanted to suck his dick, because they both were big old queers. But that's fine, it's the 21st century and they were both consenting adults so nothing wrong with that, morally or legally, apart from it being a revolting shitfest, plus laughably pathetic on Dings part as his dirty man love was not returned. Instead, he got thrown out of home for being a worthless, snivelling little batty cunt.
  5. Child sex abuse enquiry

    Not really, but generally, his annoying '50s style of racism, plus the fucking multiquoting didn't help. More recently, I hadn't been on much for a few days but have done so now to find a most disconcerting assault on my person from his quarter. Ding! Desist, you foul cunt. Do you know no mercy?
  6. Sort your fucking acts out

    I'm not sure what you mean, but I fear either or both might be some faggoty slang for something revolting. Is that it?
  7. Sort your fucking acts out

    Does anyone? A questionable position, I'm not sure it's one for the cv.
  8. Sort your fucking acts out

    In truth, I was in deepest, foulest Glasgow at the weekend and am subsequently still fucked.
  9. Ex Prime Ministers

    I'm fine with him dying before fucking off, as long as someone can be bothered disposing of his shit smelling, greasy slag corpse.
  10. Pancake Day

    It's true, what you were about to say about the rancid old hooer.
  11. Child sex abuse enquiry

    Bubs. What is the meaning of this fucking backchat? Ding here biting at your shoulder like some sort of enraged, fliddy, kestrel controlling cunt.
  12. Ex Prime Ministers

    Little Dingy, listen here, you daft little fucker, you're truly awful beyond belief. In all your 7000 posts you have one gem crime watch video which was stunning, but alas, absolutely everything else is a total, total bag of shite. What do you think about that?
  13. Sort your fucking acts out

    There may be a correlation. What's your excuse?
  14. Sort your fucking acts out

    I'm afraid not, despite feeling driven to it by Ding and his God awful shite.
  15. Sort your fucking acts out

    Strangle the little twerp with it when you're done.