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  1. Not that you see many "survivors" anymore, JT. It's like they've given up. Gloria Gaynor was the last one. She'd have gone down well in Auschwitz.
  2. (Time for my annual Easter joke - slightly amended) I've had a traditional Easter. We nailed a Jew up.* *We couldn't find a Jew so we went with a cunt sporting a beard. There's hundreds of those about. He turned out to be a Muslim called Isa ibn Maryam.
  3. Well done. Well spotted. Well noticed. Well appreciated. Punkape is a cunt. Also in the news: Frank is a psychopath, Judge is a poof and a homosexual and a whoopsie, Pen is fucking mental........But well spotted about Cuntface being a cuntfaced cunt with a cunt stuck to his cunt of a face.
  4. I can imagine Spunkers, dressed in his half-mast Farahs, scuffed plastic brogues and 100% polyester blazer with amateurishly sown on old school badge, stood at the returns desk of Bargain Madness, or Homo Bargains. Underneath his arm he has the cheap plastic statuette of Michaelangelo's David he bought because he thought it would give him a bit of class. His reason for returning it is because the cock's too small.
  5. Certainly Hollis being the only cunt to win a VC on D Day is evidence of a degree of hardness (settle down Spunkers - I mean hard as in fighting), but that's nothing compared to his bravery after the war. He was mental enough to run a pub in North fucking Ormesby. Although he never spoke about his exploits local nobheads would turn up looking to fight the great war hero and would be promptly carried out after running into one of Stan's haymakers. They really don't make them like Stan anymore. The goofy cunt.
  6. David Stirling attended Ampleforth College, Spunkers. Ampleforth has made the news recently for reasons close to your heart. Oh, and Stanley fucking Hollis would have kicked Stirling's cunt right in.
  7. The hardest cunt in World War 2 was Stanley fucking Hollis. And he definitely wasn't a public schoolboy cock socket.
  8. Have a word with Baws, he might have tracked down Cuntwad's wedding video.
  9. I've never understood this whole aspiring to smell like the celebrity who's got their name on the fucking bottle of scent. Why the fuck would anycunt wish to smell like Kim fucking Kardashian? ie fat arses and spunk; Liz fucking Taylor - formaldehyde and spunk; Victoria fucking Beckham - bones and spunk; Jade fucking Goody - cancer and spunk; Cheryl fucking Tweedy Cole Fernandez Vagina - spunk and spunk. Personally this urban cool cat about town is more than happy to continue sashaying through the crowds emitting the natural aromas of fresh cock sweat (my own) and stale dog gleet.
  10. How many of them did you fuck?
  11. The Frankie and Benny's near me succeeded in getting a zero hygiene rating a few months ago. That's some achievement considering there are assorted kebab shops in Boro boasting 3 stars whose owners serve their house fucking specials whilst masturbating on a rickety commode.
  12. Before she died, or after she was found?
  13. I can only imagine that the cunts who like getting sat down first have a penchant for having people's arses and genitalia at eye level. Spunkers loves the experience so much he's planning on sawing his legs off.
  14. No, I can't imagine excrement garnished with 57 varieties of sperm being particularly pleasant.
  15. So you're blaming the Prophet and brown skin? A bold, if borderline racist statement.