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  1. My Grandparents were deeply anti-Catholic; bigots basically. So you can imagine the shit storm when my Aunty married a ginger haired left footer with an Irish surname. Alas, it was before my birth, because I'd have loved to have witnessed that announcement. Anyhow, at my Nana's funeral they all turned up and started getting all Catholic with it during the service. Kneeling and seemingly uttering their own fucking prayers. The cheeky cunts. This was on the back of one of my uncles turning up at her hospice (10 gallons) and finding a photo of the pope on her side cabinet, whilst she lay their unconscious. As horrible as her views may have been, what gave anycunt the right to totally ignore them and attempt to what? Save her soul? And I'm almost certain it was my Catholic uncle's ring I found in her knickers that visiting time.
  2. My favourite film review was in some shitty regional newspaper or other. The review was for "The Man With The Golden Gun". It said: Christopher Lee has 3 nipples, Roger Moore one expression.
  3. Oh well done, essentially you've just parroted the "there's not enough money line". Congratulations on your economic orthodoxy. THERE'S LOADS OF THE STUFF. It's just concentrated in too few wallets. Please tell me you get that argument.
  4. The Emergency Services are out to serve people in an emergency.
  5. Stoned, but fair play, a fucking fucking fair fair point.
  6. The best Bond was the cunt who invented everycunt's favourite hairy non -European immigrant ie Paddington Bear. Although though the true genius was the cunt who did the Mr Men drawings. An untrained acid casualty, I'd fucking wager.
  8. There's enough cash about. We just need to take it off the cunts with most of it. It really is that simple. The smoke and mirrors that people like you fall for is the setting of people against each other. You probably think that the tax burden was lower under Thatcher, don't you? Or that her government got inflation under control? Or had low interest rates? Or had low unemployment....oh yeah, that's acknowledged. The Tory Party have convinced millions that tax is bad..... Shameful.
  9. And when Hollywood makes the film, we'll see Leanardo DiCrapio -playing Trump- press a button and smirk the word "Bingo!!"
  10. And you think that turning up at Broadmoor looking for a fight's a good idea? You must be fucking mental. They'll keep you there. After due legal process, obviously. We're not Saudis. Unless the Manchester bombing threads has moved on somewhat.
  11. I'm not sure what surveys you get asked to complete. If some wanker approached me with a clipboard and said "Excuse me Sir, Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Are You a cunt?" ....I'd be outraged. Anyway: Why deny the undeniable?
  12. Disappointed to discover that Artimus Pyle - erstwhile drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd is a convicted nonce. It's generally been shit celebs who've been touching kids wrong. His name should have warned us. That, and the fact that the band were named after a PE teacher. I don't know about everycunt else, but I'm convinced my Games Teacher had his eyeballs replaced by 2 fast shuttered cameras - he used to blink that quickly whilst insisting everycunt showered. "Yeah, mate, I agree it's appropriate to shower after one of your PE fucking lessons, but you're currently standing in for Mr Brownsword....a fucking art teacher. And no, I'll stick to the bowl of fucking fruit....... there's no chance of me painting your erect cock."
  13. It was more the suicide part of the process that I was referring to.
  14. Now isn't the time for reason, Rick. Now's the time for finger pointing and non-evidence based blame. Get with the fucking programme and vote for strength and stability; Vote Theresa!! I've already set fire to my neighbour's disabled parking badge. The Catholic cunt.
  15. I bet you couldn't.