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  1. You don't like sniffing coke and fucking hookers? So you are a poof after all. Very rock n roll.
  2. Alas, Frank, I shan't be clicking on it. The last time I clicked on a link of yours featuring a convicted nonce, I narrowly avoided a prison sentence. Good evening.
  3. What? That pile of husky shit she recorded and involved Stephen Fry in? Her follow up is called "50 Words For Frank". I reckon "arse" and "arsehole" should only count as one. Good Evening.
  4. These cunts must take bets amongst themselves. "I'll give you evens on that cunt coming out crying......and no I haven't read the Aids ridden cunt's file."
  5. Are you fucking mental? What about when she's on the blob? Running around biting everycunt's head instead of saving the world (or whatever it is Dr fucking Who does - I'm not 7 years of age, so have no idea). And she's from Yorkshire. "Ee bah gum, it's a ruddy dalek, our mam," isn't going to scare any fucker. Although a timelord who thinks they're right all the time could be an advantage.
  6. My name's not Asif. I'm not a pa..... person of Asian heritage.
  7. Oi, oi. At least he's fucking trying. More than Frank is. He's just trying.
  8. Anything to do with the word "coo"?
  9. I don't know how you managed to get a comment about pigeons pulled for racism (I think I can guess), but congratulations. Crows are black cunts.
  10. Wood pigeons are the aggressive bar room drunks of the bird world. They're forever squabbling with each other. The other week I saw one minding his own business with his back to to another one, positioned a good ten metres away. The cunt was staring daggers at the back of his head. He then hopped his way over and headbutted the cunt right in the back of his napper. I just wish one would do the same to Bill Oddie. (Or Bill Orifice, as my predictive text suggested).
  11. Yes, it is one of the better wines for disguising the taste of Rohypnol, isn't it?
  12. '79 - the year of the oldest vintage wine in my fridge. It's a Blue Nun; purchased from Hintons on Marton Road. Don't look for it - it's not there anymore.
  13. Certainly the owl's a fucking fraud. Their reputation for wisdom is ill deserved. They're actually as thick as fuck. Their flat mongy faces are a dead giveaway. However there are far bigger cunts to be found in the sky. Richard Branson for one. But in the world of birds the fucking cockerel is a far bigger cunt. Getting everycunt up at 4 in the fucking morning.......Spunkers will tell you. He's awoken most mornings with a cock going off in his ear.
  14. Turn on, tune in, fuck off. I'll stick to herb thanks.
  15. I'll give it a go. 1 cunt likes a comment = 1 like 2 cunts like a comment = 2 likes 3 cunts like a comment = 3 likes 5 cunts like a comment = 5 likes (not sure about 4 cunts liking a comment). Or, as is more likely: 3 cunts like a comment = 5 likes. 2 genuine likes and 3 from the like receiver's sock puppet accounts.