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  1. Evening Frank!  Cunt!

  2. I wasn't expecting that.
  3. Let's talk this over this evening, gyps. How about your usual slot just after midnight when you're banging into the walls? Drunk cunt.
  4. Does this one do comedy, tot? Fantastical rotation of avatars, otherwise I'm not sure if you have a purpose.
  5. Are you happy with your reinvention?
  6. Well.. you witless nonsensical yiddish fool, I singlehandedly lobbied the ombudsman, insisting all agents are well advised to amend their terms, ensuring that you and I are not held responsible for scuzzy tenants hanging themselves on roller blind pulleys.
  7. Come on, Alf.. somebody has to say it. After years of self-restraint with you chipping in now and then with a derek & clive quote and not much else, you finally found the balls to express yourself. There's no going back now, minkey.. thicko.
  8. I'm sorry gyps.. that was a nasty and unnecessary opener. Apart from the baby-brained Alf, you're the only punter here whose character depicts a true likeness of your real self. That's why I can put my hand on my heart and say that I don't fucking like you.
  9. Listen to yourself, Alf. You've been in this mess for weeks. Stop for crying out loud.
  10. You coming down that cooler chute, head first arse-over-tit in your beige poly three-piece, was a sight to be seen. Thank god it was 48 hours.. you boring fucking cunt.
  11. It's fucking dire, Nocti. Dire. Pathetic autistic dribble from old redundant cunts with less humour than your average 2 year-old toddler playing with venetian blind pullys. Look at Alf. Fucking hell.
  12. Great, thanks Snatch.. appreciated. Good work on decs by the way. I hope he's permanently banned.
  13. No I've turned things around and I'm here to stay. Embrace brother Frank, minkey.. you need me.
  14. I suppose you did, Alf. But Christ, it was hard to witness such a pathetic display from a man I once nearly admired. I'm going to attack bubble this evening. Stay tuned.
  15. Fucking hell, Alf.. I've really missed you. What happened back there with my mate Punk? You came out of that looking like a trembly-kneed fucking train wreck. Weak idiot.