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  1. 300cc Scooters.......... with 2 dashcams..

    Best you work around the semicolon bubba. Stupid.
  2. Quincy

    It's Quincy. I miss him.
  3. I can imagine your skinny old wrinkled pilates arse pootling around in a modern classic. Boring whore.
  4. Quincy

  5. Quincy

    I don't have a daughter, ape.
  6. Quincy

    I lead such a great life, Bubble.. I really do. dance with me.
  7. Quincy

    I've looked through all that stubby shit. How can someone with such little depth manage to attract your attention. Is everything ok at home?
  8. Quincy

    HMO dwellers don't tend to socialise in her circle. I don't know how I'd react if she brought home a black boy.
  9. Christian names that automatically make a person a cunt

    What do you want?
  10. That's so true. Eric said something derogatory towards me the other day, and I retorted with 'rattled' when I so desperately wanted to say something awful about his poor wife.
  11. Quincy

    The Stubby sap reminds me a little of Snatch, without the heart. I'm in a foul mood, Pud. Ollyboro's been posting some shit about the speed limit, and I can't stand him. I absolutely detest the man. You won't believe this, but I queued for over seven hours with my daughter and her soppy mates to get into Boomtown.
  12. Quincy

    Cooo-eeee! Hiyaaaaa! Yellow tie wearing mute.