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  1. Fuck off, frank.
  2. Cefn. Fucking disgusting.
  3. I'll be Frank with you, unless you're being Frank with us?
  4. Smelly old northern cunt....
  5. Reported for thinking about child abuse.
  6. Those fucking ear plate things that leave the wearer looking like a droopy eared cunt.
  7. Skinny jeans. Fuck off.
  8. Interesting.....
  9. Fingers crossed.
  10. Every day when I first login, there's a small amount of time that I'm at my happiest. I don't see a single post from scrotes and the avatar of his ex wife, and I think to myself, "this is it, today's the day, he's finally kicked the imaginary bucket". Then I see one of his idiotic posts and my dreams are dashed and my day is ruined.
  11. Hopefully his imaginary nurse has given him an overdose of fabricated morphine and he'll be dead by sundown.
  12. Kill yourself.