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  1. Fascinating. Now, whilst you're in a helpful mood, could you do me a favour and let me know which mixture of caustic cleaning products you'd need to combine to form a lethal cocktail? Trial and error by self-consumption is your quickest way to finding the right answer. Cheers.
  2. The woman was obviously looking for a far less painful release from the world after spotting the roadsign and realising she was on A1, heading "oop north". The only thing the soppy cunt did wrong was not ploughing into the back of the lorry in front of her and ending her life. I hope the stupid cunt still has to go up ding's way, serves her right. Shut up, ding.
  3. It's entirely plausible, if the driver is both 'driving' a Tonka toy, and off their tits on smack and cheap whizz.
  4. Thankfully I've never sat in an Astra or a Focus, but the offer of a coffee is genuine. I could even take you for lunch in the 5th floor restaurant, I'll put it on my account, but you'll have to pretend to be interested in board markers and mouse mats if anyone walks past, I don't want them thinking I'm abusing my position by entertaining a car dealership salesperson simply in order to get into her pants, there's got to appear to be something in it for me. Your demisting pad needs replacing, @Eddie could probably hook you up. *we could just fuck, if you like?
  5. Superb, maybe next time you're passing you'd like to pop in for a coffee*? My office is on the 4th floor, but be a dear and give me a heads up, I might be out closing the deal on a rather large order of microfibre dusters. A man's got to eat, and all that. *an actual coffee, no funny business.
  6. snatch, you retarded little toad, you have my sincerest apologies for such a lacklustre return, work has been absurd of late. I'm certain that your tedious life requires you to live vicariously through others so I'll give you a little update. The £4m contract has progressed nicely to the stage of dotting the p's and crossing the z's, whilst I'm currently in the process of ensuring my organisation passes due diligence for a purchaser audit having been asked to tender for another contract that'll probably come in at just shy of £3m a year. I won't bother you with the details of EU Procurement rules, suffice to say it's probably a smidge more complicated than when you have to complete a stock check on the catering trolley for great western trains. By the way, do they trust you to use a biro now, or are you still on crayons? Speak soon, my friend. Bubba
  7. This seems like the best nom going at the moment, good to see everyone getting along and the corner returning to its original intention of cunting those in the public eye. Keep up the good work, folks.
  8. Idiot.
  9. If this is the quality of cunting the site now offers, you may be right. Your lack of wit and humour has contributed greatly to the slow death of CC. I was as surprised as you to find a Frenchman have much of an impact on anything other than an atrocious, lingering smell and a goose's arsehole. I'll pop in now and again just to see RK and Eric destroying you, but until then, Adieu (and fingers crossed the cancer finishes you off soon).
  10. Yes. That, and Harley-ownership wet dreams are the identifiers. Still, it could be worse, he could be French.
  11. Okay, your absolutely right.
  12. Is your keyboard broken, or are you just being intentionally stupid? The only thing that kept me going inside was becoming a member of the prison library and bettering myself, have you ever thought of learning to read and write properly? @Mrs Roops, my angel, if I may be so bold, do you think the instant assault by snatch and withers could be labelled a vendetta? I would include stubby pecker in this, gang attack, but if I did, you'd probably be asking yourself exactly who the no-mark idiot was. Decs sends his best by the way, Bill continues his vow of silence, Quince is doing well on the rehab programme, but frank still can't dance.
  13. I was happy to turn over a new leaf, but the mixture of getting ripped in the exercise yard, a rather nasty trip on prison crack and that disgusting French fuck logging in instantly and trying to hurt my feelings have left me no option.
  14. Eric, everyone in the cooler is great, thanks for asking. I'm going to have to get back to you with more details as withers has put a big fucking target on his back, and I'm going to destroy him. And then use snatch and ding to mop up the blood, spunk and tears. Speak soon. The Saviour of CC.
  15. Correct, rick, this was a case of mistaken identity. The police were after his pesky brother, Dennis. MIKE fucking D returns.