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  1. If you're reading this, fuck off ding, you stupid dead cunt.
  2. Old Quincy's even charging him rent. Which makes qc a despicable, reptilian landlord, and ding, a stupid fucking cunt.
  3. Luke. No story/storey.
  4. Frank, you cruel cunt, please let him die with dignity, or do a "Charlie Gard", as it'll soon be known.
  5. Enjoy Pontins, fucking cry baby.
  6. Jesus fucking Christ.
  7. Storey? Idiot.
  8. You weren't there long?
  9. Barry Island?
  10. Same white linen suit? Fuck off.
  11. I seem to be the only cunt willing to keep this belting nom/nom'/nomination going. Toby.
  12. You are one seriously fucked up individual, but you've a touch of class. See you at Blenheim.
  13. How was your holiday?
  14. I'm glad he's dead, Black Hole Cunt.