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  1. Punkers? back on topic, at school I was working for a greengrocers for beer money, opened a box of bananas in the shed and a spider the size of my hand came out of it, don't think Usain Bolt could have caught me that day, big black fucker with orange bands on its arms and legs.... the spider that is...
  2. Not K D Lang?
  3. Where's that? Anywhere near Uranus?
  4. The only people who will actually benefit from 4 more bank holidays are the chavs unemployed and wetherspoons for another Mad Mondays takings... ..oh, and the coppers who get overtime chasing the cunts down the high street...
  5. No, please see above...
  6. He doesn't care if the beetroot is halal, kosher or communist, he'll shove it up there whatever, don't even take the earth off or the tops...
  7. You daft fucking cunt. Neither do I. One of the FaceFuck comments... Hmmm... stationary car? Flags? Yeah, big kudos...
  8. And that was just the men... that cunt who was supposed to be in charge of the FF was a right twat, gave away secrets left, right and centre. It got so bad the UK, US and Commie top brass stopped inviting him to the war meetings and kept him out of anything cos the cunt couldnt be trusted, some evidence of the cunt being in contact with the krauts so he could waltz into the top job in France if we didn't manage kick them out for him... fucking tosser.
  9. there's the Cougar model on the bottom right, a few of those should be good for the local bike club parking
  10. You mis-spelt "I am" No, but he thinks he's listening to Om from Pluto on them...
  11. There's a cunt round here with massive £100+ headphones... plugged into one of those shitty fake walkman TAPE players. Yes a tape deck, and a crap version, with £100 phones....
  12. ..complete with Coldplay and U2 sub-sections... Ask punkers, while he's at work, he must put the cash somewhere for a while until his pimp turns up to collect...?
  13. You jealous? oh sorry no, you bite a lot of cock don't you?
  14. My windoze shuts down by just pressing the power button... it's because it's called The Power Button...