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  1. Give us a pint of best with it as well.. And sausages! Notionally, but in reality completely not secular, the division between the sunni's and shias was horrendous, hence the practice of giving the minority the power to hold back the majority.
  2. They'd get the army out and teargas or watercannon the fucking lot, peaceful or not. Apathy isn't the necessarily the problem, there's far too much racist card shit gets pulled if anyone dares to organise something like this, even if you got something going the police would ban it before it got started blaming possible tensions.
  3. It's funny how a bunch of supposedly normal muslims can march through the streets of English towns and cities and demand that women all cover themselves up, we all convert to Islam and the UK converts to Sharia Law whether we like it or not, but whitey cannot march and tell all muslims to obey the laws of the land they are living in and get their tits out. No, it's not funny, it's fucking sick.
  4. No doubt this nom will end up pulled or edited, but here's my tuppence... Hang and ban the cunts.
  5. Cheeky cunt, as if they'd refuse me!!!
  6. That's one of the best plans I've heard this year, but then again I have seen most of the Party Political Broadcasts so you've got fuckall competition.. More to the point, which uncle ends up with them in his yard... Anyway, CC Govt..... giz a job, go'an, giz a job...
  7. I know, but he winds these cunts up something rotten, I might have to rethink the woodchipper list... a black non-binary 4ft astronaut...
  8. I've been to several places they were, and I've been over them moors so it could have been me.. what do you mean I wasn't even born then? Yeah, he missed getting hanged by a few months.
  9. One of the main problems with this shit, except for cunts who are offended on someone else' behalf, is that all these arseholes want is to be special and unique... Here's the news, you're the same as everyone else, you're a cunt. I'm rather worried about something here, I've agreed with Piers Morgan again...
  10. Can I bring my video camera?
  11. If the team scored 300 in total they'd all be given a fucking knighthood... useless cunts. Apple, fuck off.
  12. Typical fucking students, I bet it was because they're all veggies or vegans, not a decent carving knife or steak knife in sight! In Yorkshire we don't have african doctors, you should have put the hose on him, all that coal dust coming off and he'd be white as a sheet. I'm feeling all left out again, no cunt PMs me, not since Billy tried to threaten me with a laggy band and some lollipop sticks...
  13. You're wrong, Punkers ingests that stuff through the other end, and shite comes out of his gob instead.
  14. I'd probably rather shag you and take my chances with some penicillin I found in the GPs carpark... Both arms then?
  15. She can feel a bit purple if she likes....