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  1. Don't you mean his friends hanging out of him? Not personally, this is one of the pictures he sent me through PM whilst trying to convince me he wasn't such a bad guy, odd little fellow isn't he.
  2. I imagine the spirit world has rules in place to stop any dyslexic ghosts trying to communicate via a ouija board.
  3. An intense euphoria maybe, but never shame.
  4. I'm just shocked you expect a Scouser to not lie through his teeth, or mention Hillsborough.
  5. I'm sure your Mr would be very appreciative if you gave it a crack. Ask Punk how he relaxes before hand, they call him Harry Houdini because he can make cocks dissappear and reappear at will, for some reason though they're always covered in sweetcorn upon return.
  6. Do you like it?
  7. Derived from the Latin - punkape dormit cum adipem nigra gallus.
  8. Fuck off you geriatric cunt.
  9. Sage advice, I wish I knew this before Manky introduced himself. The fat hypocritical cunts own recipes are a one way road to diabetes. His milkshake contains 39.4 grams or sugar, compare that to a can of coke 23 grams. When he looks like the pinnacle of health I may take notice, currently though he's an overweight lisping invalid who doesn't practice what he preaches, he's also southern. Ramsay is a cunt as well, but at least you're guaranteed not to have half a pint of saliva in your meal with him.
  10. Don't be so fucking narrow minded, maybe he likes it. Welcome to the site, I agree cunts like Bob Geldof, David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson and the like should keep their traps shut, the cunts haven't been in touch with reality for decades! Only a plaid wearing, crazy golf loving, Tesco frequenting Imbecile would be swayed by the opinion of an arse wipe celebrity any way. Who changed you're mind on Brexit @Punkape? I might as well open Pandoras cunt and unleash this turd on you early, gives you more time to acclimatise to his plebian ways.
  11. Decs was meant to get him waved through security, problem was he started to get a chubby when he thought of someone violating Bubs against his will for a change and let them carry on. Apparently they also found :- 2 Waterford Marquis Treviso Candle Holders. 1 Sky remote. 4 conkers still in shell. A half eaten hardback copy of war and peace. Eddies dentures. A bust of Frank circa 1992. A pristine 1983 Bucks Fizz greatest hits album. A few kendal mint cakes out of wrapper. The list truly goes on for miles, but this should give you a general idea, let's just say it took a fleet of skips to remove the contents.
  12. He was found to have 25kg of Heroin shoved up his dirt pipe wrapped very poorly in lidl carrier bags. Hope that clears up any confusion.
  13. That's 41 minutes too late in my opinion, the fucking ginger Irn Bru swilling cunt.
  14. This is some pretty decent trolling, good work Panzer you fucking mong.