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  1. The only fucking swords you like are pork swords, you irritating twat.
  2. Should have waited until they were at 30,000 feet and then ejected the fucker.
  3. Shouldn't that be a chip on EACH shoulder? Otherwise it's just one fucking long chip.
  4. I see that fucking arse-wipe Corbyn has now piped up and said that the US should not have attacked without UN backing. You stupid cunt, the war has been going on for six years and the UN have done fuck all about so far so I don't know why you think they are going to suddenly leap into action. It's actually the UN's fault it's got to this stage anyway. Fucking hell, If he had a second brain fitted wouldn't it feel lonely?
  5. We have had a due democratic process and despite all this these stupid fuckers are STILL throwing their toys out of the pram you could argue that are actually protesting AGAINST democracy.
  6. I have no intention of being a clever twat, or indeed, a moron on here. However, I do know that 'dont' is spelt 'don't' and that I learned when I was at school that a sentence usually ends with a full stop you stupid fucking cunt.
  7. One might ask you the same question, you stupid fucking cunt.
  8. I hate publicity seeking cunts like Harperson who make these allegations after the accused is dead and so can't defend themselves. This stupid bitch cunt is making these allegations just to promote her forthcoming 'memoirs'. Fuck me, what a fucking interesting read that will be - you would really have to be a monumental cunt to buy that.
  9. Only if you live there
  10. Probably because they know you
  11. Should have used an iron fist in an iron glove and given the stupid cunt something to really cry about.
  12. Apparently this stupid fucking classless cow got herself so shitfaced at Gran Canaria airport she was videoed rolling around on the ground in her kacks (thank fuck she was wearing some). She has since defended herself by saying,"I think what you’re seeing there is pretty well behaved compared to a lot of mothers I know who go out on a regular basis getting drunk." Un fucking believable and what a role model to her five children. She really should have been smothered at birth or at the very least, instantly sterilized. There is something very, very wrong with this country when talentless piles of puke like her can gain 'celebrity' status.
  13. From the look of the fucking cunt I think the animals abused him