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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Spoilt it now
  2. Burn them all down, separate the families, take then to remote parts of the country on massed trains and liquidate them...... oh no that's already been done... hasn't it?
  3. Perfection!!! That will be read at his obituary
  4. Every year on holiday...I get the same old story from some boring co kan ee cunt that he woz at skool wiv the Krays...... if that was true they had 63,000 kids in there fucking class! Cunts the lot of em.
  5. Let me know what road he uses on his commute....I will flatten the cunt.
  6. Hurrrah....punkape!!! You finally said something funny and enjoyable as a cunt. Well done, now keep it up. I knew you had it in you. Don't spoil it now stay focussed on the topics not the people.
  7. Ha ha.... that's you best one yet. cunt
  8. Wonkeyscrote...who gives a fuck
  9. You really do not know how "to" construct a sentence don't you.....fucking Ape
  10. The full Lloyds advert had thee two gay fucking each other up the arse and being joined in bed by the well hung fucking black horse !!!
  11. Ape, weatherscrote, Mrs Roops....ohhhh the list is endless
  12. Did you do CAPITAL letters today at nursery school? Well done
  13. Sleaford mods were the best band
  14. You would fit in then
  15. Ape...wouldn't understand this joke. Because ITS FUNNY !!! Unlike anything he says.