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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. By fucking buying them and opening the box and thinking.....fucking hell these car mats look like have been made by a couple of Russian prostitutes who have shaved their rat.....and fucking sewn them together using the cum of a thousand punters....obviously. If you bought some mat like this for your car you would think the same me they are shite !
  2. Nah.... it's all that spunk they keep swallowing that makes them puke. 10 pints of cum is enough for any gay cunt even Ape.
  3. Nah....they look like a couple of Russian prostitutes have shave their rat and sewn it all together with the cum of a thousand punters....
  4. I apologise's this shit US based predictive software that's making my spelling look like a fucking fat knuckled bible bashing mid west right wing neo nazi gun toting hill billy uneducated jock wrote it. I'm actually trying to type nice things
  5. Fuck me...this is actually funny you cunt
  6. He was a fucking terrorist...and a cunt...good nom
  7. Come on Ape.....if you are an older guy surely you can see the younger generation, particularly the girls are fucking fat cunts with mega bingos and tripple muffin tops. Compare them to the thin people of the 1970s before mc Donald's arrived. If you are a younger guy ape I pity you that you will no doubt be saddled with having to fuck a big fat sweaty rolly polly guy as your partner, possibly Russian, or Greek, but definitely a fat moon faced cunt poured into skinny jeans with a muzzy beard and sausage fingers for sticking up your arse. The world is fatter...fact.
  8. A cunt
  9. I was tying this shite sat naked with a cream eclair inserted in my arse masterbating furiously over a picture of Theresa May. Thought about wearing a 1940s tea dress but it's in the wash. Car mats turned up 8.50am on Monday morning! Wtf. That's 1.5 hours of the working week to get them to me from amazon where house in wales......what's coming of the world. Fucking lazy bastards.
  10. You sound like your avatar..... a fucking boring unfunny cunt with no friends.
  11. Can Americans read?
  12. Not if you fucking stand on one of the fucking bear trap three pin plugs on the floor bear foot at night. I'd rather be standing on a flimsy two pin Italian at three in the morning any night.
  13. Her fucking forehead looks like a tefal advert....ugly fucking bitch
  14. This is the little fucking piggies with their upper crust snouts in the pig tough of easy cash from our toils and labour. It's this kind of gross failing in society to reward the feckless cunts that has driven the ground swell of normal decent people to rise up and vote for shit like brexit, trump, scotzit. Osbourne like all the other establishment cunts if a whore to the highest bidder and doesn't even have the morals to keep his fucking greed quiet from the public eye. Everyone is getting revolted by this shit. I live what could be called a comfortable life in a nice part of the world, but I find this cunt and all his type fucking repulsive and do not vote for them. Unfortunately I fucking also hate the liberalist cunts with dreams of Eutopia equal caring sharing namsy pansy shit. Can't we just fucking sack this fucking lot off and simply vote laws thru by the power of online voting every Saturday night on a live interactive programme called "you are not cumming in". Possibly hosted by Paddy McGuiness and the rotting corpse of Cilla Black.
  15. I bought a set of car mats online from amazon on Friday afternoon. They had not arrive by Saturday lunchtime, I was fucking fuming. Those lazy cunts at amazon need to get a move on if they expect us customers to stay loyal to the online shopping experience. They are taking fucking liberties.