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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Members That Nominate Jack Shite.

    I thank you. Now turn over
  2. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    Knock at the door before entering..... I'm just climbing off you mum. Now what was that you were say again?
  3. Positives of brexit

    Also less noirs and kosovos coming in stealing our jobs and women. We can call ourselves British again and all other cunts are fucking immigrants and foreigners. Any cunt who fancies leaving, leave now. Europe is a fucked up cunts Palace........ Italy is a very sick dog we do not want to be tied to...... France has just voted in a weak limp wristed cunt on the back of him reforming things, which is exactly NOT what he will do or achieve. Germany will ultimately foot the bill for all the hangers on now the vast money pit of UK is not paying for everything......once the German people get fucked off with increased taxes, increased immigration and increased levys from Brussels to pay for everything...... at their next election they will fuck Merkle off and the Euro Palace will start to fall. They are all saying let's reform and pull together.....but that's not what will happen. Italy has absolutely no intentions of doing so......and will be the king slayer! Let's all trade with Brazil, India, China..... beats trading with Portugal, Lithuania and Greece....
  4. Acid Attacks.

    Don't go to Vienna...... it's fuck to fucking overflowing with gypsy Romanian types, Syrians, and Ukrainians. All looking to snatch your wallet, daughter, teeth if not set in properly. Fucking orrible shit fest of a place with 50 beggars to every tourist. Steaming gangs roam the street and up to 30 gang members target a street and hit it hard in 30 seconds fucking everyone over for their cash, watches, handbags. Then do a runner before the useless liberalist police turn up to give them a stern telling off, or offer them a room and warm food for then night. Brexit didn't come soon enough. Europe is going to get monumentally fucked over and we need to put the barbed wire and sandbags up asap. Went to Vienna three weeks ago to visit amate of mine ......what a fucking mess of a place. He wants to get out.
  5. Members That Nominate Jack Shite.

    Just as long as I can stop in the top bunk with you. 2 weeks in the cooler please.
  6. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    I'd send you a video...but only involves you sucking on a big gay dick. There are several on the inter web of you during your "curious" period. Don't worry you are not gay if you don't push back.
  7. Acid Attacks.

    Say it how it is Dr Q..... these acid attacks are the result of a social experiment by the Labour Party allowing millions of brutal thieving snidey cunts into the country. They are a bunch of fucking filthy Kosovo cunts and smelly brown swarthy types. Hopefully they get over to Wales sometime and pop a can of splash into Mrs Roops face....might make her wake up to the real world of immigrant cunt out there. Liberalist attitudes have allowed this type of fucking fertile cunts trick attacks to balloon out of control...... I can only suggest putting their heads under the wheel of a 40tonne truck and running them all over watching them pop like ugly brown spots.
  8. New Dr Who

    Thanks Decimus for getting in there before I did. Fucking PC black gay lezza shite indeed. And they will want equal pay with the cast of friends for each episode of Dr Who now that Emily Maitlis wants £1.8m a year for reading the news a couple of nights per week.
  9. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    I'm so sorry ......I'm suffering from not giving a fucking shit what you think at the moment....most unlike me. Apologies.
  10. Carpark Car Door Cunts

    Wipe your spastic window licking face then if it's slavering down the sunshine coach window ....you drivelling cunt.
  11. Birds want equal pay at BBC

    That fucking fugly Emily "I don't know if I would" Maitlis from Newsnight is complaining to the BBC that she only gets £150,000 per year for reading an autoque on Newsnight twice per week for about 45minutes work. Probably less than that actually with other people crapping on about their fucking important opinions or a decidedly left wing liberalist report on something taking up half the programme. So this skinny fucking news whore is up in arms that people like Gary Linaker get more than her. Well Emily, it's because you do fuck all and still get paid handsomely for it, and Gary gets paid for being a "celebrity". He and others like him are figure heads of programmes with tens of millions of viewers not only in Doncaster and Redditch, but all around the world. Whereas no fucker outside of Westminster and a few psuedo intellectual cunts ever bother to watch Newsnight. If she was so fuckin intelligent surely she would appreciate the simple demand and supply economies at work here. If she fails to see this, then it rather casts doubts as to Miss Maitlis being able to conduct a fuckin economic arguement with fatty from class ten who runs the tuck shop, never mind the chancellor. what next...those footballing lezzers demanding £200,000 a week to serve up that fucking wankfest of women's football that the BBC are trying to force down our throats as entertainment. I'd rather watch a bunch of crips and wheel chair cunts attempt to play football...... but that's already on channel 4. I can only suggest she gets on her kness and sucks off some old guys if she wants to earn more money. That's what Frank does.
  12. Carpark Car Door Cunts

    Fuckin hell Ape....I can't bare to say this but for fuckin once and I mean once I totally fucking agree with this nom. I have had two doors creased whilst parked at work. So now park out of way in corner away from main car park. The last time it happened I watched back the cctv and caught the fucker. Delivery van driver practically smashed the door open on his van repeatedly into my M3. confronted him, then sacked the cunt on the spot for opening his mouth. Had the pleasure of saying I hope you have a large mortgage kids and a wife to go home to with no pay packet. he threatened to scratch the M3. So I told him I would arrange for 3 black men to walk into his house one Saturday afternoon and scratch his kids faces with stanleys if he wanted to play that game. I have all his personal details he has none of mine. Go tell the Mrs that tonight see what she says. Now fuck off you cunt and don't be so fucking cheap. i stopped short of injecting him with aids as you suggest, but maybe we could send Frank round to do that with his filthy cock.
  13. Members That Nominate Jack Shite.

    I used to cover all bases of cuntishness, but the Welsh cunt admin collared me repeatedly for calling people cunts on cunts corner. Kept telling me I had to cool down as this is mums net.
  14. Golfing

    Who are you entering? Is spackman your new lover you fuckin queen?
  15. Golfing

    Ape I'd like to try a new anti snoring device on you.... it involves a pillow to the face, large pressure, and ultimately just prior to asfixiation I pull the trigger on a baretta 9mm in your face. Should stop any future snoring.