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  1. Cromer on Lockdown

    Talking with one of the attendants on the children's rides, he said a load of pikeys turned up, their kids got onto the rides without paying. The plod were called, but didn't get out of their cars and walk down the ramp to the front. Basically these Cunts did what they wanted. As you said, not enough police presence to question their conduct let alone stop it.
  2. Fox Hunting

    I thought there was only one Christopher Reeve.
  3. Cromer on Lockdown

    Sitting on Cromer beach at this moment. No pikeys. From talking to various local Cunts, they simply are not used to this sort of detritus landing on them. Back in sunny Essex we are used to these filthy fucking savages. That two bob cunt Norman Lamb and his totally inept contributions during this episode need to be held up to close scrutiny. Useless fence sitting cuckold.
  4. Sunday Trading Laws

    It would make for better living if big business was made to close every day late evening in compromise for longer hours on Sunday.
  5. Sunday Trading Laws

    Fair comment, the tits are being milked off most things. Maybe I am seeing things differently now I am in my mid 40's. When big supermarkets and the like started trading on Sundays it was in the early 90's, I did not give a shit about it, but now I have family I think a bit of time for each other might be of benefit for cohesion, rather than people spunking money they don't have. I have worked unsocial hours all my working life to provide a 24 hour service, it takes its toll on health and family life.
  6. Sunday Trading Laws

    On topic, I am not a fan of a 24 hour society. It encourages noise, cheap labour and fuckwits being out and about all fucking hours. I don't see it from a religious angle obviously, I just think all Cunts need to slow down a bit and tell business to shove their GDP up their bum pieces.
  7. Cunts with freckles

    I can relate to this Mr. Cuntspotter. I am in a hotel in Overstrand with the family and MIL. At breakfast this morning there was a lady a similar age to me with a humongous rack. I kept having to have a sneaky peep. Looked like a fine pair. All this sea air is making me more disturbed than usual.
  8. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Bill, you cantankerous fucking cunt. Deepcut barracks would be too good for you.
  9. Good Game , Good Game

    This man has always been given a good caning on this site. I thought he was alright. When Michael Parkinson did his last show on the BBC, he was one of the guests. So was that tax dodging kraut Boris Becker, whom Bruce had a few clever digs at. I did meet him, 20 plus years ago, more than once, in difficult circumstances for him. I found him well mannered, good humoured and not superior in any way. Yes, he may not have been exceptional at one thing, but all round entertainers are an extinct entity because their time in entertainment has passed. Instead we have celebrities who have no personality and would do absolutely anything for a quick few quid. Michael Barrymore is a cunt and doesn't have ashtrays in his house.
  10. Moroccan cunts

    Bunch of desperate, dirty cunts. Might take donkey's years off their lives, hopefully.
  11. Cunts who stand too close in queues

    I think some of these dirty cunts are using it as an opportunity to do some frotting. As a cunt with standards, when in cramped conditions on public transport or in a lift (even if Mrs Beast has not put-out for a few weeks) I would never seek to exploit the situation.
  12. The FlidSpack Game

    No, not that pension fiddling overboard red cunt.
  13. The FlidSpack Game

    Apologies if done already. Deceased Australian media mogul with a name that almost fits the criteria without alteration.
  14. The FlidSpack Game

    A cider? Mongbow?
  15. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV