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  1. I smoked for twenty years. I have used one of these devices for almost eighteen months. Fucking fantastic things. One doesn't need a huge fuck off thing that burns more oil than my 20 year old boiler. I don't spend £10 a week now, whereas if I were on the benson's it would be a tenner per day. When I wake up in the morning I no longer cough and hack up dirty baron greenbacks that walk out of the sink on their own accord. Less snoring also, according to Mrs Beast. The health consequences at worse is an early death, no more or less severe than smoking cigarettes. I just wait for some cynical politician cunt to stick a large tax on the fucking thing to compensate their chums in the tobacco trade, who now have to up their game and exploit more peasants in shit hole countries to earn a tidy profit.
  2. Any woman with a tattoo is a low class moose.
  3. Another hypocritical so called Christian. If he was honest and true to his faith, he would say buggery is a sin . For what it's worth, he looks like and sounds like an effeminate cuckold. Queer cunt.
  4. Such a shame. I thought we were all friends here.
  5. I have a fine time banning, bollocking, censoring and reporting myself.
  6. Fuck me I need my eyes checked, I thought the title says "people who won't have a bit of minge".
  7. Fair comment. The Chinese give a large sum to African countries. They are all over the place exploiting the poor bastards.
  8. My knowledge of dressage extends as far as knowing that Roy Kinnear fucked it up back in 1988 and cost the British team the Gold medal in the 3 day eventing at the Seoul Olympics.
  9. This is the last throw of the dice for the remainers. We are in for 6 weeks of unmitigated fucking lies. This election poses more questions than answers. Who will be the next labour leader? How big will the tory majority be? How badly will Jimmy Krankie have it stuck up her? I hope that god squad cunt Farron is buggered to oblivion.
  10. I think this outcome was a foregone conclusion. A case of tightening the screw after the failed coup. I sat watching the evening news on Easter Day. Turks being fed their shit, North Koreans being fed their shit and no different for us, watching the fucking Queen going to church and Maggie May's easter homily. We are all mugged, just in a different style. I'd kill all the cunts.
  11. Cobblers. Good Friday is more sacred to roman catholics.
  12. My Auntie Hilda used to say abruptly, "bugger. I' ve dropped a stitch"
  13. It's all fucking foreign muck. Faux fucking plastic Mick's like myself do not have a gastroinstestinal system that can process this shite. Whatever happened to good old fashioned home cooking followed by a huge great dump the next day?
  14. All very savage. But are we any less so here in the UK plc turning a blind eye to this behaviour, in particular male genital mutilation.
  15. I tend to agree. During my time of having an interest in politics, the UK plc is a one party state. Years of Thatcherism unopposed, only beaten by her own party, then the transfer of power to a different form of Conservatism unopposed for 13 years, under Blair and latterly Brown, then a transfer to Liberal Conservatism. Socialism doesn't fit in and is simply not on the agenda.