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  1. The cooler door has opened. @Bill Stickers, you are at liberty to post if you so wish.
  2. Fuck me. You should see the hidden content.
  3. These people are untreatable. Chemical castration doesn't work either. The bigger distance between them and children, the better. If that means gaol, so be it.
  4. Why would I not leave this up when you know my views on all things god?
  5. As I have stated on previous occasions. The Irish in the North of Ireland didn't like the occupying force. They did something about it. Not too sure the encroaching muslim problem in the UK plc will meet this type of opposition.
  6. Decs a good poster? Yes. But fucking thick for not realising Ding was not going to cave-in. With someone like Decs, if it wasn't Ding, it would be someone else. MikeD, was completely innocuous, but left because of incessant unwarranted abuse from Decs and Bill. I could quite easily allow all of them back on. Within hours there will be fifty plus posts and the content will be as before. Then they will be banned again. There isn't any point to it. Einstein and all that caper "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
  7. The activities of this denomination of christianity are pretty much similar to roman catholics. Conceal the actions of the perpetrator, move him on. Then it is business as usual, in all respects.
  8. They cause too much discord. Reading through page after page of the same juvenile insults and the desire to defecate in others' mouths is tiresome.
  9. My Uncle Jack had fingers like tree trunks. He would be the last person the gas man would ask to apply cricoid pressure.
  10. Good luck with that...........after they have cut your thick fucking head off. On the other hand...........
  11. And such barbarian culture is not wanted in the UK plc by the majority. One country, one rule of law.
  12. That's a bit grandiose. FGM goes on quite unopposed.
  13. It's just how I see the current problems UK plc has with muslims playing out. Any counter narrative can't be successful if they bring another religion into the argument. Also associations with right wing loons will only give licence to the political class to stereotype and marginalise it, (or simply put) sweep it under the carpet.
  14. No proof whatsoever. Does one really need it? This sort of group is just causing an obstruction and usually followed by right wing fascists who have been spouting the same old bollocks the last 40 years. They didn't start the current problems with muslims, but they didn't prevent it or stop it from spreading. Nothing new from these fuckwits that is going to solve the impending crisis.
  15. You think a few low IQ bigots with their christian patrols is going to sort out the muslim terrorist problem we have in UK plc?