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  1. I thought this worthy of a like, Mrs. If no other fucker did.
  2. Apologies, Mr Wolfie, but the above pile of shite wasn't necessarily aimed at you.
  3. Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, To see a fine lady upon a white horse; Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, She shall have music wherever she goes. When I was sang this as a kid I had a picture of wild moorlands with a crossroads, a finger sign-post and horses. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that in reality the place is busy with shops, houses, cars and traffic lights. What a fucking cunt.
  4. Have you danced the Dark Morris?
  5. Mrs Dilber from A Christmas Carol, over the bannister. I swear she'd take it up the wrong 'un.
  6. 'Learned'? Frank's the best one on here.
  7. Seeing that your own wife has a pair of bollocks dangling from his fat gusset, I suppose you would think like that.
  8. Too late! Mrs H has already done this, this afternoon.. ..and it wasn't all my blood nor was it by my ankles.
  9. If you are that unlucky then don't ring the cunts at all. They will no doubt get in touch with you....eventually.
  10. I do hope I have not upset your sensibilities too much Luke, regarding eating toast on the bog. I'd have thought that seeing Wolverhampton is one such bog you'd have been used to it. Derek Dougan was a cunt. There, that's telling you.
  11. The toilet bowl had blood in it again this morning. Not because I split Mrs H with my humongous nob or because Punkape had rogered me all night with a Bam dildo. It was because Mrs H had forgot to flush away the blob again, bless her. But it did put me off my marmite on toast whilst I was having a shit this morning. (And before any of you fuckers start, I researched 'dildos' especially for this nom)
  12. All very well and good but listen to these cunts and most of them have cockney or northern accents. The dumb yokel equivalent to the professional protester. Fucking wankers.
  13. And Alfie Noakes is a cunt.