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  1. Probably not new but let's say you are, welcome mong chops. The best advice i can give you is this, place your cuntbrained head on the block as i feel the urge to cave it go and do one..CUNTBREED.
  2. It's a circus scrote, i'm just waiting for the politics to actually that should be a fucking good laugh a minute.
  3. Ukip wasn't on the cuntcard they gave me, i would have voted for them but had to settle for the BNP , CON, LAB or LD...can you guess who i voted for Edward..?
  4. First you're wrong, muslims and Islam walk hand in hand, so to state that muslims are not our enemy is very foolish, now we all know not all muslims are bad but Islam is their religion and muslims practice it therefore (Islamist extremists) which are MUSLIMS are our enenmy, it's not very difficult to understand that when you think with some common sense but for the sake of a difference of opinion, we shall say Islam is our enemy because that's where all the hate and acts of terror come from, here is what i believe to be the only alternative and solution, the religion of war which is islam was created by a rambling nutcase who thought god spoke to him, as most religions are. I say religion of war because since the start of the seventh century that's what it has achieved with no reforms only perverse interpretations but make no mistake Islam is a religion of war, you can always check your history books for the evidence. Now all the foreign policies in the world won't solve it, haven't done that yet in all the centuries since it started and won't now. The only way to solve the problem is to have a complete reform of the whole religion from within, there are muslim imam's who are currently trying to achieve this impossible feat but sadly lack enough support from governments around the world, i might add that i'm not convinced that western intervention in muslim countries and terrorist groups are even linked, i say this because if you go by the history of the religion where no lessons have ever been learned then you come to the conclusion that it was only a matter of time before another major episode like what's going on would happen without any or little intervention. There are some lovely muslims out there, there has to be with a muslim population of 1. 6 billion world wide. In every religion you will always have decent people but the problem comes from their islamic scriptures which opens the gateway for many interpretations that bad people in the muslim world will use as a war cry, if you haven't read any of the quran then i suggest you do, it's interesting to say the least. Reform within is the only way to stop this, yes we can deport, close down the mosques, don't let any more in the country and kill millions of them but that won't solve the long term problems, it never has done, reform the whole religion from within is the only way and hopefully one day that can happen.
  5. You do talk some right poo, stab yourself in the throat several times just to make sure.....oh please fuck off you stupid headed mong brain.
  6. Imagine a cuntry run by Abbot..You would have a better chance with Abbott and Costello or even Russ fucking Abbott, it's a limitless well of cunts.
  7. He is talking from his bumhole and doing what all politicians do..lying BADLY.
  8. No idea what you're on about but it made me laugh.
  9. These brave people are out there, they just need a louder voice, here is another one.
  10. What the fuck are you on about you giant moron, nothing i have said is racist you daft cuntbundle, i dislike a culture, so fucking what. It's my choice to dislike any culture and i don't like Islamic culture for many reasons (fuck all to do with race) that one out for yourself dimwit.
  11. Looks familiar, good at water sports this one.
  12. I'm still about hammering and pulverising bone and flesh. I have been on holiday to a nuns convent, teaching them anal fisting.
  13. Gibberish pathetic pansy knackered. Fuck off.
  14. This cunterbrain is getting nominated again for this useless piece of cunt thinking. No, we won't be borrowing, a bank will give us the money and we will obviously pay them back over time with a little bit on top for their trouble, but we won't be borrowing anything. Kind of looks like borrowing to me Jeremy, you useless pavement pizza, this cuntbreed could even turn out to be worse than fuckwit Blair, and that's saying something.
  15. I remember the riots you speak of although i was young, i remember them very well along with the skinhead revival at the time. My point was that blacks from the west indies fit in to our culture and are not a real problem, i don't see any of them bombing and running over people in trucks in the name of some rambling nutter who wrote a book several centuries ago. As for the crusades, that's still going on only it's done under a flag of democracy, when any cunbrain with at least half a working brain cell knows it's all about controlling the oil. Every religion has many flaws which leave it open to interpretation which could go either way, depending on if you're a good or bad person. Bad people will use it to their own purposes, that's why we have wars (all connected to religion at some point)..good people will use it to better themselves and help those around them. Now if there exists an all loving god and he/she created a religion, surely there would be no room for interpretation. Thou shalt not kill should be on every page and no other text around it , followed by rules for clean living and spiritual guidance. That way there can be no mistake and followers can't use religion as an excuse to kill innocent people.