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  1. Geoffrey Boycott - Black And White Minstrel

    Nice one Geoffrey, a middle finger to the PC brigade, although i do think he can be an amazing cuntbrain at times, i still like the cunt as he speaks his mind. He is probably right anyway to be fair. Knighthoods are for cunts.
  2. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Early days but it looks like England will run through the Windies with little trouble, can't think of any top class players they have at the moment, Roston Chase is probably their best player but still shouldn't be any problems.
  3. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    Who asked you , Bill you fucking weedy dumbass, you're as smart as an arab in a pig farm..NOW OFF YOU FUCK.
  4. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The Windies shouldn't be a problem, just a few warm up games for the Aussie's. I hope Haseeb gets the nod as he looks like he could be test quality, only 20 and already has something about him and will only learn and get better the more he is in the side.
  5. Fat, Ugly, English Slags - In Bikinis

    Get off the internet and enjoy your holiday you daft cunt, go and take some pictures of all the hot topless cunt buckets and post them here for all the bedsit virgins to thrash their 2 inch cocks at. Bubba and Bill will love it.
  6. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Can't agree with you on the Jennings debate Pecker, any top quality test batsman will average over 40 even on bowler friendly pitches and besides he has played on good batting wickets and still done next to fuck all, time for him to fuck off and learn his trade better, then maybe come back into the fold. Nothing against Steve Smith...well apart from him being a kangaroo shagger , he is a top quality player at the top of his game. Need to get at that cuntbrain as soon as he steps to the wicket, but Warner is an outright top class cuntbreed who needs to have his smug bonce caved in with a victorian iron then have his kneecaps smashed with my new prototype flaying claw hammer, followed up with a jolly good whack to his cunthead with my medieval maul.
  7. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    West Indies won't be no challenge if we are on our game.
  8. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Jennings is a useless cunt, don't know why he is in the side. the cuntbrain only averages 35 in first class cricket in 89 games (piss poor for an opener) time to ditch the pile of shit. I would bring hales back at five and i hope Root stays at four, can't think of any test quality openers to partner Cook which is a bit worrying. The middle order is sound enough and the bowing attack is top drawer. Roland Jones looks like a test player to add to the already quality bowing with Anderson, Broad, Stokes, Woakes and Ali. Give Westley and Malan a couple more games to see if they're up to it but going by their first class averages...i don't reckon they will be. My 12 would be Cook, Westley, malan, Root, Hales, Stokes, Bairstow, Ali, Woakes, Roland Jones, Broad, Anderson. and possibly Jos Butler in the mix along with Rashid.
  9. life- like child sex dolls

    The colors suit you...MoronBrain..
  10. life- like child sex dolls

    Listen up cuntbrain, get this in your bag of shit head..YOU ARE WORTHLESS !!
  11. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Fuck off Bill, you fucking wet fanny. You would be better off playing tiddlywanks with the destitutes at your local butt slamming bar. Go and do one you isolated turd farmer.
  12. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Done and dusted, fucking good thumping they took...SA shitcunts.
  13. life- like child sex dolls

    What a fucking dumbass stupid cunt ridden idea, this won't prevent fuck all, if someone wants to find a child to have sex with...do these muppets really think this will help eh !! Just another lame brained leftie idea, a rapist don't stop at blow up dolls, a serial killer don't stop at animals, do the fucking maths you thick cuntbreeds. I might add this, i never stopped at toy hammers. All this will do is show future cunts who aren't born yet, that this is normal...FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! Fender777 your friendly neighbourhood hammer smasher.
  14. Sudden Cravings

    As far as i am concerned Blair is no.1 on my cuntdar so mind your own fucking business, the migrant gate was opened many years back during the 60's you dozy old fossil...Cameron and his like are only puppets used by the hidden hand. Blair on the other hand, i have an extreme dislike for, so don't come between me and my wet dream. One more thing, don't be calling me no dopey cunt or i will come and butter your muff.
  15. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    42,213 days..how many seconds is that ..?