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  1. You are a boot-licking sycophantic poof cunt. Actually, even worse, you are a pretend boot-licking sycophantic poof cunt.
  2. The fact that this shit is in the news proves that we are still essentially forelock-tugging serf cunts. Why give a fuck about Pippa Middleton? Because her arse upstaged the royal wedding? Because us mug taxpayers are paying for the security at the gig? Because she's a wee bit chavvy round the edges? And her husband to be can't grow a proper beard.
  3. There might well be aliens. The supreme arrogance is to believe that they give any sort of shit about us or that we have any sort of handle on how they might operate. Various UFO cunts over the years have insisted that aliens simply use the same crappy technology that we do, communicate using the same language and are basically just weird little humans. Honestly, aliens probably did some sort of remote survey of the Earth, saw a bunch of retarded hairless monkeys sending photos of their genitalia to each other, burying their rubbish in holes in the ground and blowing each other up over pretend deities and thought "fuck that place". If they looked at America they would see 320 million sister-fucking retarded hairless monkeys who voted in favour of an illiterate, petulant 70 year old man with a trophy wife, nylon hair and a fake tan, cutting around in disgusting 1980s 'sack' suits with his four foot tie held together with tape. Again, said aliens probably said "fuck that".
  4. The outpouring of righteous chav outrage has been slightly entertaining, and about the only thing of merit about the passing of Ian Brady. Thick cunts suggesting that they should have tortured the location of "our Keith" from Brady just before he snuffed it. Given that they didn't have GPS back in the '60s I doubt Brady honestly remembered, so the notion of torturing a 79 year old man for new information seems pretty stupid. Besides people will come out with any old shite when tortured, more to appease their torturers than anything else. Brady was a weird cunt, but I think it would be better to understand why he did the things he did than to simply turn him into some mystical horror figure. Cheap public outpourings of rage are up there with cheap public outpourings of grief. None of you actually knew 'Our Lady' Diana, so you shouldn't be that upset. Likewise unless you are the family of Brady's victims then shut the hell up already, and get your own life in order.
  5. I once shagged a bird with a suspiciously shallow vagina.
  6. Is that somehow better? Still England, still full of cunts.
  7. Kefir for breakfast and pig's kneecaps for dinner. Fucking rough gig. I dated a Slovak girl for a while and her hands always smelt like garlic. I went to Slovakia only to discover all the smart cunts had pegged it over the border into the Czech Republic. Cunts in Slovakia considered ham a vegetarian product because it was 'thin meat'. Half the lads there walk around with the backs of their heads totally pan-flat. Maybe they leave them on their backs when they are babies? Fucking weird. A good meal there is chopped up carrots and turnips set into clear jelly, served with vinegar and freshly chopped raw onion. Maybe with a pint of buttermilk on the side. Then you go visit your host's old 'Babka' and she has a fucking pig in a shed in the garden and she makes you "Turkish coffee" with all the grounds in the bottom of the fucking cup, maybe with a shot of brandy in the bottom of the mug. If you seek booze then some cunt probably foraged some berries the previous week and took them down to the city petrochemical plant and had them turned into moonshine. In the Czech Republic you go down the corner shop, bang on the window, hand over a couple of hundred Krona and receive a refilled water bottle full of anonymous white wine that gets you smashed as fuck. I saw hunners of those shitty Skoda cars with the engines in the rear, like we had here in the early '90s. A desperate place, man.
  8. How short a memory you appear to possess, dear boy. Why, it was fewer than a a half-score of months ago that I pilloried the aforementioned Trainspotting on this very forum for its skewed and highly unrepresentative portrayal of the fine city of Edinburgh. Cunt, you're from Dartford. Dog racing, wife beating and fuck all else. Shut your English trap. Poof.
  9. Both Ape and Punkape don't consider it a real dalliance until a watch the size of a dinner tray has spend the previous half hour scarifying their respective prostate glands, the pair of delusional poof bastards.
  10. Drunk, rather than methadone. An English poof calling anybody tiresome is the real joke here. Lol
  11. Never, because they are white and don't have the ability to orchestrate terrorist attacks that make the best of our intelligence services look like fucking fools. If ISIS and cunts of that ilk wanted to come over here with a massive bomber aircraft then we could stave off an attack like that, Recruiting some thick savage cunt in prison, and getting him to nick a lorry and drive it into a crowd of folk is a piece of piss for them, and you can't really predict shit like that ahead of time.
  12. Listen to Tommy Robinson's interview with James Delingpole at some point. Robinson is a very interesting guy, if a bit a Walter Mitty drama Queen, crybaby and total chav. If he hadn't been hooligan trash for most of his formative years then people might take him more seriously. At the same time, he grew up in a socially deprived area and spent time in prison, and he has a very acute insider knowledge into Islamic extremism as a result. He goes to great lengths to point out that he isn't talking about all Muslims, but that isn't enough for the Guardian crowd, so the cunt will never win regardless of how correct he is. Poor guy.
  13. You're just jealous. You saved your pennies for a year and went down to Rotherham with half a tin of Kiwi Parade Gloss Brown streaked across your face, and they didn't let you into their gang. Jealous poof fucker.
  14. He's a grown adult cunt boasting about his toy helicopter hobby. The guy is clearly an insecure weirdo. As I said before, these boring Southern English cunts only know how to boast about how much their shitty toys cost them. Otherwise they are brain-dead emotionally stunted weirdos.