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  1. In other words you can trace your genetics back to a sticky mass splurged on the gas works wall... ....Dreamed a dream by the old canal .........I kissed my girl by the factory wall ...Dirty old town .......Dirty old town
  2. Interesting you went straight for the phallic imagery here, complete with a reference to the fictitious 'Algerian parsnip' which presumably plays deeply on some of your twisted noble savage and Mandingo fantasies. Shame.
  3. Is that the mantra you've adopted while living in Cheetham Hill?
  4. Just like how naturists are always the last folk you ever want to see naked, people that invade your personal space are always the last people you want to be that close to. Worst cunts are when you're at functions where food is served, and some halitosis cunt is spitting all over your food.
  5. Elton once sung "Hold Me Close Tiny Dancer". While he doesn't ever quantify the term 'tiny dancer' we can now reasonably deduce that he didn't mean bacteria. Hold it right there, tiny dancers.
  6. If that was a real thing I would have heard about it as I actually have connections in Edinburgh. Try harder.
  7. I saw some at the beach recently. They've been totally outpaced by Muslim women in hijabs.
  8. None more catholic. Ever notice that nuns drive shitty cars?
  9. Say what you like about her, but she's still got the her first tube of lipstick her mum got her for her 16th birthday, and its only a quarter used.
  10. Catholics, women and catholic women.
  11. What the fuck is tertiary AIDS? Third AIDS? Is this you pretending you had a classical education? The mask is slipping!
  12. The Greens are getting into bed with the SNP up here. A party that opposes fossil fuels shacking up with a party that wants to bankroll an entire country off the back of dwindling North Sea oil reserves it cannot negotiate a good price for. What could possibly go wrong?
  13. Oh shit, I better get changed.
  14. Is that the Green party conference.
  15. Oh I get it, you're a music lover eh? That's why you need fucking massive headphones to listen to music off your phone? Cunt. This fucking twat. I like music, but most of it is just pointless bleeps and bloops about shagging. Lets face it. There is a time and a place for listening to it, and that isn't while you are cutting about in public. Talking to some cunt like this wifey here and you never know when she's just going to slip those big retarded headphones on and start listening to shitty shitty music. Stupid, pointless music. And by having those stupid big headphones she's driving home the message that her pointless bleeps and bloops are superior to the bleeps and bloops you like listening to.