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  1. Finish him Snatchy!
  2. So Manky, Panzerknacker and Gong Farmer?
  3. Punkape thinks this song is about Helicopter blades:
  4. Ahha, the old Morning Barnes Wallace. Damning stuff.
  5. Anal fissures. Jesus once told his desciples 'I will make you fissures of men'. Have you been feeling pious recently?
  6. If it wasn't for Acid we would never have had Hawkwind, so you have to consider both sides of the argument. Some of their early stuff is face-meltingly good.
  7. Says the guy that fucked off out of here quicker than a council house father.
  8. Met way too many cunts who decide after a couple of pints to 'revert back to their roots' or whatever and start talking in jibberish. Worst cunts are those that warn you in advance, with some bullshit caveat. "See when I'm with a few of my mates back home and we're down the pub, you wouldn't understand us!!!". So what? You're putting on an act for me now by making yourself comprehensible, or you can dial in your working class-ness to suit the ambiance? Fuck off! Cunts that pretend they have grimier origins than they truly do are deceitful self-hating wankers. When did being middle class become synonymous with self-hatred and trying to prove that you're the descendant of chimney sweeps or barrow boys? Worst cunts I've encountered for this are people from the Scottish Borders, Geordies and generally people from Oop North. Meet some twat from Peebles (a boring wee town full of grey old tories, Audi-driving autistic hill-walking types and rugby inbreds called 'Hogg') and they will use the fact that their great grandfather was a Clydebank Red as some excuse to ham up a terrible gritty Scottish accent once they've had a few pints of "Cally Eighty".
  9. Any relation of Cecil Rhodes or Cecil the Lion?
  10. Some of the girls in that article already look like their genes were drawn from a shallower well than is necessarily healthy. Tread carefully however. Much thought crime being committed in this thread.
  11. I see the BBC keep wheeling out Tim Henman at any opportunity. Given that he is the Eddie the Eagle of tennis I'm not sure why they feel he is qualified to speak on the subject. Never made it to the semi finals at Wimbledon but they act like he won the thing numerous times. Every summer throughout the '90s it felt like the whole country sat in silent observation for two weeks, or however long it took Henman to bomb out of Wimbledon. Anyway, Henman is a humourless geek like Brian Cox. Also like Brian Cox the BBC seem to think he is a fanny magnet.
  12. The Subway in Larkhall is painted black, because the green hue wasn't sitting well with the locals. No surrrrrrender!
  13. I have no problem generally with conservative politics, theories etc. People have their reasons. In the UK it seems that you have to love stilted public school weirdos like James Delingpole and Jacob Rees-Cunt, and conservatism is synonymous these smarmy inbred types.
  14. What equally gets on my tits are a bunch of prods making repeated insults toward The Pope/Rome/Kafflicks and revelling in the cold blooded murder of innocent people while using their unemployment benefit funded by decent people to buy their match tickets. A niche corner of Rangers fans is no better than the niche corner of Celtic fans. No Surrender, 'ra twelff' 1690, flegs, flutes and all that shite. Cunts unscrewing green traffic lights because they are 'too kafflick'. The bottom of the barrel on both sides. Fucking scum that Scotland could do without.
  15. No winners coming out of this Grenfell debacle. Long list of dead people, ineffectual council, pointless quangos, and endlessly chippy former residents (real or imagined). Every time I turn on the news I see some Jamaican Super Nanny shouting at some wee drip of a man slowly retreating into his shirt.